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Chapter 2

It was refreshing to meet all these old faces and Levy has just then realized how much he missed home.

“Look over there. Recognize him?” Sam asks handing him a beer as he dips his head towards a young man that was dancing around the fire.

Levy frowns staring hard and a smile and a surprised look adorned his face, “Caleb?” He chuckles.

“The one and only.” Sam confirms pulling Levy by his jacket with him towards the fire causing Levy to bump into someone that barely budged at the contact.

“Oh sit! My bad man. Sorry.” Levy offers looking up at a tall man that hovered a little over him.

The young man offers him no mind and simply walks over to a group of people on the other side of the fire.

Levy frowns as he follows Sam towards their dancing friend.

“Is that? Levy?” Caleb’s eyes widened as he stops dancing.

“You are still a terrible dancer.” Levy laughs pulling his friend into a hug.

“My god! It’s so good to see you. You look amazing!”

“Yeah you too. I can’t believe am back here.” Levy looks around at the old familiar faces.

“Yeah man. Everything’s the same. Wait till you meet everyone in school next week.” Caleb pats him on the shoulder.

Levy’s mind blanked out for a moment from the conversation with his friends as his eyes darts to the group of people he doesn’t seem to remember.

“Hey you okay?” Sam grabs his shoulder.

“Yeah...who are they? New pack members?” Levy asks his eyes fixated on the boy he has bumped into a while ago and his crew.

“Oh them. Those are the mermans. Their clan joined us in vanquishing the rogues back then and the alpha formed an alliance with them. Some of them choose to stay on our territory. Their clan is just few towns away. You will be seeing more of them in school.”Caleb informs.

Levy hums, “and who is that?” He points with curiosity at the tall young man that was sipping his beer as he stares in the distance.

“That will be Ezekiel. Don’t mess with him.” Sam warns.

“Why? He looks harmless.” Levy smirks internally.

“He doesn’t talk much and you definitely don’t wanna get into a fight with him.”

“Why would I wanna fight him anyway.” Levy chuckles lightly.

“Am just saying. And he is a friend of the Alpha by the way.” Sam adds.

Interesting. Levy watches the man as though he was a rare piece of art displayed in a museum.

Levy managed to sneak back into the house unseen by his grandparents.

Levy isn’t a morning person and a hangover in addition wasn’t helping when he had to get ready to go with his family to be formally introduced back to the Alpha.

“Remember not to stare at him in the eyes. Be polite and submissive.” Grandma advices as they wait in the big hall in the Alpha’s courthouse.

The door swung open and the aura of dominance takes over the room as the guests could feel their wolves bow in submission at the presence of their Alpha. They watch with surprise when they noticed the Alpha looked much younger than what they were expecting.

They bowed slightly as the Alpha stands before them.

“Finally good to have you home.” The man speaks with gentleness but yet a hint of authority in his voice that causes Megan to blush and look away which makes the Alpha smile at her softly.

“Thank you Alpha. Sorry it took us so long.” Grandpa apologies.

“I understand, Andrew. These might be your grandchildren I presume?” The Alpha asks watching between the two young people.

“Yes Alpha.” Grandma smiles brightly.

“You might be Megan.” The Alpha cocks his head slightly at her as she looks away with a taint of blush on her cheeks.

“And Levy.”

“Hey Axel.” Levy grins.

“That’s Alpha to you, young man.” Grandpa scolds as he glares at him.

Alpha Axel chuckles walking up to Levy’s face, “still so naughty. Welcome home buddy.” Axel pulls him into a hug as the two young men laugh and pats each other on the back under the surprise eyes of Levy’s family.

“So Alpha huh?” Levy asks as they break off the hug.

“I could tell from your faces you weren’t expecting me. My dad passed away 2 years ago and as his eldest, the title and duties were bestowed upon me.” Axel speaks looking at them.

“Am so sorry, man. Rogues?” Levy asks.

“Naaah. Old age I guess....” Axel replies walking to his seat, “to welcome you back, we shall go celebrating tonight with the pack in the gathering hall.” He offers as he sits down.

“That’s generous of you Alpha.” Grandpa thanks with a bow.

“See you tonight Axel.” Levy grins at his friend but quickly stops when grandma glares at him, “I mean thank you, Alpha.” He offers politely earning a laugh from the Alpha that waves them off.

Axel watched Levy grow up alongside with his little brother Conal, and the memories of them misbehaving around the pack and getting punished by the Alpha hasn’t left his mind. Those two along with Sam and Caleb were a handful while growing up and seeing Levy today, tells Axel to be ready for anything when those boys reunites. But he was proud of the young man his little brother has become and he is sure Conal will keep the rest of his friends in check.
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