I claim you [BxB]🔞 {on Hold}

Chapter 3

The gathering wall was crawling with the whole pack and few different species of shapeshifters as the Alpha introduces his returned pack members to the pack.

Levy couldn’t wait to get away from them and join his friends.

“Damn! Megan looks good. Was she always this beautiful?” Caleb stares over at Megan that was engaged in a conversation with a few female members of the pack.

“Keep looking at her like that and I will pluck your eyes out.” Levy pats him on the shoulder with a cold look.

“Where is Conal by the way?” Levy asks looking around as his eyes lands on his childhood friend that stood beside the Alpha and a familiar figure as Levy remembers the merman from the party in the woods.

“What’s he doing here?” Levy asks his eyes on Ezekiel.

“I told you earlier he is a friend of the Alpha and if you look around you will see it’s not just a party for wolves. A lot has changed since, man.” Sam explains looking at his friends.

Levy didn’t care who was at the party but something inside him didn’t like the idea of the merman being so close to the Alpha.

“Look who finally decided to come back.” Conal greets crossing his arms over his chest as he stares down at Levy with a frown.

“Look everyone. It’s the Alpha’s little shitty brother.” Levy grins.

“You little prick.” Conal laughs pulling him into a hug.

“Glad to have you back.”

“I can not believe you’ve gotten taller than me.” Levy laughs staring at his friend.

“Alpha genes I guess.” Conal shrugs with a laugh.

“Who was that you were talking to?” Levy asks nonchalantly as he looks over Conal’s shoulder to watch Ezekiel.

“A friend. I should introduce you. He is a cool guy.” Conal offers.

Please do. Levy grins to himself.

“I say let’s drink first. We will have time for introduction in a few days at school.” Caleb argues.

He really doesn’t know when to shut up.

“You are right. I feel like the gang is finally complete with Levy back home. We should drink to that.” Conal agrees as they walk towards the large table with drinks.

I will just have to find a way to introduce myself then.

Few bottles of beers in and Levy was still trying to find a way to escape from his friends and go speak to Ezekiel that was glued to his spot right beside the Alpha as they talk.

Someone thugs on Levy’s shirt hard taking his attention away from the merman. He follows the hand and sighs, “what is it Megan?”

“Can you take me home? I don’t feel so good.” She speaks low.

“What’s wrong? Did you drink!? You know you are not allowed to.” Levy scolds.

“Just take me home please.”

Levy knows his sister rarely says please and he could tell whatever this is it has to be serious.

“Should I get grandma?” Levy asks softly as he looks around for his grandparents.

“No. I just need to lay down.” She shakes her head.

Levy nods placing the bottle of beer back on the table only to notice Conal staring at Megan.

“Oh for god sakes how many of my friends do I have to kill so you all stop looking at my sister like that?” Levy places his hands on his waist as he glares at Conal while the other two laugh.

“Am sorry I was staring....Megan right?” Conal asks looking at her intently while Megan looks away nervously.

“Yes she is Megan and we are leaving. I will see you guys tomorrow.” Levy pulls on his sister’s arm and makes his way out of the gathering hall not before throwing one last look at Ezekiel that happened to look back as their eyes lock causing Levy to smile mischievously.

Megan became much reserved since that night and that got everyone worried. Levy noticed his sister barely talking back at him these days and he decided he has to do what big brothers do and talk to her.

He takes a deep breath and takes a seat beside her on the patio as he plays with her phone.

“You know I still remember when you broke your wrist right over there?” Levy speaks calmly as he points to the stairs leading to the patio.

Megan looks up from her phone with a chuckle, “you cried more than I did.” She looks at him with a smile.

“That’s right.” Levy nods, “we may not get along well all the time but I promise I will always be there for you, protect you and you should know I feel hurt when you are.”

Megan looks at her brother as he speaks sincerely.

“So am going to ask you once again the question we’ve all been asking you for the past couple of days. What happened that night? Did something say or do something to you? Because I don’t care that we just moved back here. I will tear their limbs off.” Levy groans.

Megan places her hand gently on his knee to calm him down, “nothing like that happened. And I will tell you if you promise not to tell grandma and grandpa. I will tell them when am ready.”

Levy takes her hand as he nods, “I promise. Just tell me.”

Megan closes her eyes as she takes a deep breath, “I found my mate that night.”

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