I claim you [BxB]🔞 {on Hold}

Chapter 4

Levy tried everything he could to get Megan to reveal her mate’s identity but the young girl has refused. Levy understands why she wouldn’t want their grandmother to find out just yet. They will start planning a wedding the very second they hear of it and Megan has just turned 18.

We are definitely not letting them know for now.

School starts today and just like those years before, Sam was waiting outside of his house for Levy. Megan tagged along as they meet up with Caleb.

“We should go to the Alpha’s house and get Conal.” Levy announces taking the lead.

“Levy? I will meet you guys back at school. I will join the girls over there.” Megan speaks quickly as she runs across the street to the group of girls on their way to classes.

“Is she okay?” Sam asks as the boys looks over at the group of girls chatting.

“Girls stuff am guessing. Let’s just go.” Levy shrugs walking away.

“Conal!?” Levy calls upon arriving into the Alpha’s home.

“Coming!” Conal yells back as he runs down the rest of the stairs to meet up with his friends.

“Where is Meg?” Conal quickly asks looking behind them.

“Meg?” Levy frowns, “her name is Megan. What the hell is wrong with you guys? She is like your little sister.”

Conal chuckles, “am just asking. Relax.”

The boys heard a commotion behind them and they turn around to find Axel and Ezekiel out of breath and sweaty in only sweatpants and Levy didn’t waste time racking his eyes over Ezekiel’s well defined muscles and toned abs and slowly his eyes moves up to his face and they lock with Ezekiel’s deep blue orbits causing him to frown at Levy.

“You boys ready?” Axel asks putting on a shirt and throws one at Ezekiel.

“Yeah Ax. We will see you later.” Conal speaks as he makes a move to walk out only to be pulled back by Levy.

“Is that your friend you were telling me about?” Levy asks with a soft smile.

“Oh right. This is Ezekiel. He is a friend of the family. And Ezekiel this is Levy.” Conal introduces.

Caleb and Sam shakes their head as they wonder what game their friend is playing at.

“It’s nice to meet you. You don’t smell like a wolf.” Levy speaks walking towards Ezekiel as the latter puts on his shirt and his expression remains the same as he looks at Levy with no emotion on his face.

“You smell like....” Levy breathes with his eyes closed, “the sea.” He adds opening his eyes with a smile.

“Nice sense of smell.” Ezekiel groans with annoyance walking pass him into the house and Levy felt his pulse racing when Ezekiel’s arm brushed against his.

“We should really go if we don’t want to be late. See you later, Alpha.” Sam greets as he walks out of the house followed by his friends, “what the hell was that? You already know he is a merman. What was all that for?” He whispers at Levy as they walk ahead of their two friends.

“I needed a proper introduction. And now he will remember me.” Levy grins at his friend.

“Why do you need him to remember you?” Sam whispers with frustration.

“You will see.” Levy pats him on the shoulder as his mind plays lots of scenarios in which it was only him and Ezekiel in all of them as Ezekiel takes him in every way possible.

First day inside a werewolf school was nothing but eventful. The lessons were thought by the elders and the healers of the pack. Half of the pack is now just young people after the rogues attack and they are all in the right of passage class. According to the head of the elders, the moon goddess will appear on the next full moon and bless the young ones that were of age that’s from 18 years old.

Levy has recently turned 20 years and heard the Alpha’s call and couldn’t fight it. It was time to come back home and within the few days of returning, he thinks he has found a reason to stay. Ezekiel.

The boys made plans after school to meet at the old tavern to get drunk and Levy was hoping to meet Ezekiel in one of those places.

“Why are you still climbing out of your window?” Levy asks in a whisper as he watches his friend jump to his feet.

“We can’t all have amazing grandparents.” Sam replies as he dust off his shirt, “If you must know my parents found out about the party in the woods and I am grounded again.” Sam shakes his head.

“Let’s just go before we wake my grandparents and I get grounded too.” Levy laughs.

The four young men arrived at the tavern that strangely was filled with their classmates obviously not caring about classes the next day either.

“Who are those two?” Levy watches a couples making out on a table.

“They are crazy. That’s Alex and Melanie.” Sam says.

“They look like fun.” Levy chuckles gulping his beer as he moves away from his friends towards the fun couple only to halt his steps as his sense of smell heightens.

“Ezekiel!” Levy calls happily as he rushes to the bar where Ezekiel sits on a stool with a beer in hand.

“I didn’t expect to see you here.” Levy smiles brightly.

“I should be saying that. What are you doing here? Don’t you have class tomorrow?” Ezekiel asks without looking at him.

“Am used to it.” Levy grins.

Ezekiel humms sipping on his beer still not looking at him.

“Do you want to maybe go somewhere else? Like your place?” Levy asks placing his hand on Ezekiel’s shoulder and that got him a reaction from Ezekiel as he looks at Levy’s hand with a frown.

“Am good right here.” Ezekiel stares at him and back to his hand on his shoulder and Levy nods retreating his hand slowly.

“You know...I thought you will be fun or whatever. I guess I was wrong.” Levy speaks disappointed.

“We both have very different opinions on what’s considered fun. Am having fun right here.” Ezekiel groans turning his back to him.

Levy angrily walks away towards his precious destination where he only had to say hello and introduce himself for the couple to pull him in between them as they sandwich him and Levy angrily takes Alex’s lips in a hard kiss while Melanie kisses all over his neck. As lust and passion takes over his body all he could think about was Ezekiel as he looks over at the bar and he was no longer there.

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