I claim you [BxB]🔞 {on Hold}

Chapter 5

At school the next day during lunch hour Levy couldn’t help but feel eyes on him. He looks up from his plate to find even his friends looking at him with questioning eyes.

“That’s seriously creepy. What the hell is going on? Is it just me or the whole school is watching me?” He asks while he looks around the lunch hall and catches few peeping toms staring at him, “Will someone tell me what’s going on?”

“Did you go home with those crazy two yesterday?” Sam finally asks drooping his spoon back on the table.

“Who?” Levy stares at them confused.

“Alex and Melanie. The last time we saw you, you were sucking faces with them and we didn’t even see you leave.” Sam clarifies.

“Oh.” Levy relaxes, “is that why everyone is looking at me like that?”

“It’s a small town Levy. It seems you have become popular over night.” Conal grins.

“Well I’ve always been different.” Levy laughs, “anyways...yes. I went home with them. I am sorry I did not inform you before leaving.”

His friends eyes bugs out at his confession.

“You did!?” Caleb asks quickly.

“Are you into boys!?” Sam moves closer.

“How does it even work with three people?” Conal asks as his three friends shoots him a look of surprise.

“You have got to be kidding me.” Levy laughs at Conal’s confused face, “you have, no you need to live a little, Conal.” He adds as he shakes his head, “and you two. Am into everyone.” He says confidently taking the bottle of water to his lips.

“What about your mate?” Caleb asks.

“What about them?” Levy shrugs, “I never really gave it a thought and until then, I need to have fun.”

“I wish I could think like you.” Caleb shakes his head digging into his plate.

“Conal? Something wrong?” Levy asks as he sense his friend was rather uncomfortable with their conversation.

“No...it’s nothing. I will tell you some other time.”

Levy nods as he looks at him. Was Conal finding him disgusting? He doesn’t want to be friends anymore? Well he couldn’t force him. Levy has always been himself and he isn’t planning on changing to please his friends.

Classes were finally over for the day and Levy decided to take a walk on the football field as he waits for his friends while they use the men’s room.

He places both his hands in his pockets and strolls around when he hears a voice he recognizes.

He walks behind the stalls and finds Megan standing in front of two boys.

“This isn’t funny.” Megan frowns at the boys in front of her.

“Come on beautiful, we are just playing around. We are here to properly welcome you home.” One of the boys smirks as he steps forward grabbing Megan’s backpack and Levy growls from behind them causing them to jump and turn around.

“Who made you the welcoming committee? The Alpha?” Levy growls as his eyes turns shade and his teeth elongate.

“Levy calm down.” Megan begs walking around the boys to her brother to place her hand his chest to stop him.

“Let him come. He doesn’t stand a chance against us.” One of the boys states stepping forward.

“I think he can take you both while I watch.” A voice behind them gets their attention as they turn around and their smirks die.

“We don’t care if you are the Alpha’s brother. Am not afraid of you.” One of them with a shaky voice glares at Conal as he slowly walks up to them.

“Well you should be. I might forgive you and look the other way if you were just being boys and teasing a girl but by law am free to tear you to shreds if you dared lay a finger on my mate.” Conal bares his teeth at them as their wolves wine at the dominance of Conal’s wolf.

“We are sorry. We didn’t know.” They beg and Conal with one last hard look, dips his head to the side giving them the sign to get lost.

Levy pushes Megan to the side as he growls in Conal’s face, “your what?”

“Levy calm down please.” Megan tries pulling him back.

“I tried telling you. I am sorry you are finding out like this.” Conal speaks watching Megan sweetly while she blushes looking away.

“Megan go home.” Levy orders.

“But Levy...”


Megan walks away leaving the two men staring at each as though they were in a battle.

“She is my sister.” Levy states the obvious.

“And she is my mate.” Conal confirms.

“She is just 18 man! It’s too soon!” Levy groans gripping his hair.

“And I know that. Do you think am in a hurry to tie her down even though the mate bond is asking for it? I haven’t even told Axel. I know he will order her to move in with us and everything.”

“He sounds like my grandparents.” Levy sighs.

Conal chuckles, “listen we will keep this between us for now. I don’t want her to feel pressured.”

“It’s actually a relief that you are thinking the same way.” Levy nods.

“Am just happy I found her.” Conal smiles brightly, “who knew right?”

Levy sighs as he stares his friend hard, “listen, as much as this is going to be freaking awkward, am glad it’s you. And let me warn you, I don’t care if you are the alpha’s bloodline. I will rip your throat out if I ever see her shedding a tear because of you. I mean it.” Levy warns without blinking.

“You have my word.” Conal promises.

“Good. Let’s go find those two.” Levy picks his bag from the ground and walks out of the school premises with his friend.

Levy was sitting in the backyard on the swing when Megan came looking for him.

“Levy? Are you okay?” She asks.

“Am fine Megan. You should go to bed.” Levy continues swinging himself back and forth.

“Am sorry I didn’t tell you. I didn’t want you to overreact because he is your friend.”

Levy stops the swing and stands up, “we are practically the same age me and the boys but Conal was always the mature one even as a child. Am happy it’s him.” He offers Megan a smile which she returns.

“Thank you for not telling them.” Megan motions to the house referring to their grandparents.

“Conal thinks the same thing. We should give you two some time to get to know each other before telling them.”

Megan blushes causing her brother to chuckle.

“Come on. Let’s get back inside.”
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