I claim you [BxB]🔞 {on Hold}

Chapter 6

The full moon is few weeks away and the alpha is putting all the young pups under training and more classes.

Levy and the rest of his friends and pack members were in the Alpha’s yard sparing when the Alpha comes in accompanied by Ezekiel as the young men were sparing.

Levy stops and walks up to them with a mischievous look, “am really curious. How fast does a fish run to be able to keep up with a wolf?” He crosses his arms over his chest flexing his muscles in the process.

Sam gasps nudging him in the rib.

Axel chuckles, “Ezekiel runs as fast as he swims.” He states while the latter supports an unbothered look as he stares at the young men in front of them.

“Ah I see. Maybe we should go swimming together sometime. And by swimming I mean skinny dipping.” Levy smirks taking a step forward causing Ezekiel to raise an eyebrow at him.

“I am not sure you can keep up.” Ezekiel throws him an indifferent look.

“I will be the judge of that.” Levy smirks, “that’s if that’s okay with your boyfriend.” He adds giving the Alpha a quick glance as his friends gasp and he sends Conal into a laughing fist and the Alpha to simply shake his head, “am sorry Axel but you two seem way too close for just friends.” Levy adds unafraid as he locks eyes with Ezekiel that smirks at his remark.

“If I didn’t know any better I will think you are jealous.” Ezekiel taunts while stepping forward causing Levy to blush a little and ready to get a come back at him but Axel cuts in.

“That’s enough.” Axel chuckles, “if you must know, you little prick...” he laughs, “your Alpha has a mate already. I am sure you know her. Elsa.”

Levy looks away from Ezekiel’s deep blue pools, “Elsa? The healer? I remember her. Beautiful silver hair and a_”

“_I will advise you to stop right there before you make any inappropriate comments about your Alpha’s mate. Your Luna.” Axel warns with a stern look.

“Sorry Alpha.” Levy raises his hands in surrender with a smile.

“The interesting question is what do you want with my friend?” Axel smirks throwing a hand over Ezekiel’s shoulder as he looks at Levy that was grinning at them.

“I think he is pretty hot.” Levy shrugs taking in the sight of Ezekiel once more while his friends gasps and laugh.

“You should save that kind of talk for your mate, little pup.” Ezekiel smirks.

“There is more where that came from.” Levy smirks back.

“Okay that’s enough. Levy, you spare with Ezekiel.” Axel announces with amusement, “Conal you are with me. Sam and Caleb, over there. Let’s get to it!” He orders clapping his hands as they get in position.

Levy was giddy with excitement as he chuckles when he notices Ezekiel’s displeased look.

“Don’t look so disappointed, babe. Am sure we will have fun.” Levy husks loosing focus as Ezekiel groans and kicks him off his feet and he lands on his back on the hard ground and Ezekiel quickly jumps on top of him with his fist up in Levy’s face but he pauses.

Levy raises his hand slowly stretching it towards Ezekiel’s face which the latter quickly grabs in a tight grip as he glares down at Levy.

“I never minded a little pain.” Levy smiles while Ezekiel inspects his face with an expression Levy couldn’t decipher.

“Will you two get back to it!? We don’t have all morning.” Axel barks.

Ezekiel jumps to his feet as Levy stretches his hand to him.

“You won’t help me up?” Levy whispers with a taunting smile upon seeing Ezekiel’s hesitating face.
He sighs pulling him up to his feet.

“I am so happy the weekend is finally here.” Caleb announces as the young men walk together into the tavern.

“Why didn’t you invite Ezekiel to join us?” Levy accuses glaring at Conal.

“I don’t have to invite him, Levy. He is practically here every night.” Conal chuckles, “seriously, what do you want from him?”

“Isn’t it obvious? I find him very attractive and I am sure we could have some fun if he just gives in already.” Levy declares while sitting down on a stool by the counter.

“You should just give up. Ezekiel is a hard nut to crack.” Conal shakes his head.

“I don’t easily back down. Let me find him tonight and you might be telling a different story.” Levy speaks with confidence.

Conal left the boys after a few beers and it will appear Levy was loosing hope since Ezekiel was in no show tonight. Levy and his other three friends were pretty wasted but Levy wasn’t in the mood to spend the night alone. He scans through the bar for any shapeshifter ready to have a good time and it didn’t take him that long to notice a young man sitting alone at a table and smiling over at him.

As they make their way out of the tavern with a hand around each other’s shoulders, Levy bumps into someone that was walking into the bar.

Levy groans at the impact and snaps his head towards the person, “Ezekiel?” His eyes beams with surprise, “I have been looking for you all n_”

“_goodnight Levy.” Ezekiel frowns at him and stares down at the man on Levy’s arm.

Levy tries to stop him but he walks away.

“You are friends with Ezekiel?” The young man asks Levy with a raised brow.

“Not as much as I would want to. You know him?” Levy asks as they walk away from the bar.

“Instead of talking about him, why don’t we do this instead?” The young man grins pulling Levy into his arms and kisses him softly. Levy chuckles into the kiss.

This is definitely the distraction I need.
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