Sincere Love | Theodore Nott

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I pack a bag for Theo and drop him off at my moms house, wanting just a day for myself. It was the weekend and it was Saturday morning, I sigh as I plop myself on the couch, turning the tv on to some random movie. I get myself a wine bottle and a glass, pouring a glass for me.

I go on my phone and go to my camera roll, looking at all the pictures of Theodore and me.

I know it was a cliche to name my kid after his dad who died, but I didn't want to name him anything else.

"You bastard," I say looking at picture of him.

"He looks just like you, the only thing he has from me is my eyes and hair, everything else is just like you." I say.

"Why couldn't you just listen to me? Just for that one time? I hate you," I laugh.

"I could never hate you. I need you Theo, please. Just give me a sign. Just something, I can't do this, not anymore. I've stayed so strong for our son but I don't know how much longer I can keep going," I cry as I drink straight from the bottle.

"Every time he asks 'do I have a dad?' I have to make an excuse for you, I'm so fucking tired baby. Just come back, please." I cry.

Then the doorbell rings, I quickly wipe my tears and go to open it. I open it but don't see anyone there, I look around but no ones in sight. I roll my eyes and close my door, going back to the couch. I turn the tv off and just stare at pictures of me and him.

Then the doorbell rings once again, I roll my eyes and go to open it. Yet again no one is there. I huff and sit down again, I chug the bottle down until another ring comes from the door.

I get up from the couch and open the door.

"Stop fucking ding-dong-ditchi-" I say but quickly stop when I see someone standing there.

I look up and gasp as I take a step back, no.

He smiles happily as I look at him in horror, he comes in and closes the door.

"Hi my love," he says. His voice got deeper.

"Theo? How the fuck are you here? You're not here, no you're not. I'm drunk, or I'm sleeping," I ramble to myself.

"I'm here, I'm not dead."

I just stare at him, and before I know it my hand collided with his cheek, making him stumble back as he holds his cheek.

"How the fuck are you not dead?!" I yell at him.

"Are you not happy to see me?"

"Happy? Happy?! I thought you were dead! For three fucking years! How the fuck are you back!"

"I missed you, every single day for the last three years. I did it to protect you," he says taking a step closer to me but I back up. "Piper?"

"Get the fuck out," I say.

"What?" He asks, I look up at him and see that his face is filled with sadness.

"Get the fuck out of my house! You fucking bastard!" I yell as I punch his chest but he doesn't budge.

"Piper, calm down."

"Calm down?! I'm not going to fucking calm down! I want you to leave! And I don't want to see you!" I say and he waits a few seconds before sighing and leaving.

I lock the door and slide down it, you would've thought I'd he happy to see him. But what the fuck?
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