Sincere Love | Theodore Nott

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"Great, he's here," I mutter as I get up from the couch, walking to the door. I open it and there stands Theodore with flowers in his hands.

"Flowers? Really?" I ask crossing my arms.

"Yes really," he shoves the flowers into my hands. "Where's the little guy?" He walks in.

"In his room," I say, getting a vase for the flowers.

"Can I go up there?"

"No, I'll bring him down," I sat and walk upstairs to get Theo.

"Theo, there's someone here who wants to meet you, is that okay?" I ask bending down to his height, moving strands of his hair behind his ear.

"Who?" He asks curiously.

"He's going to say who he is, let's go?" I ask and he nods.

I sigh and stand up beside Theo, holding his hand and walking downstairs. Theodore sits on the couch with his back turned towards us, I sigh for the hundredth time today and walk to the couch in front of him and sitting down.

"What's your name?" Theo slurs.

"My name is the same name as yours," Theodore smiles.

"Really? Did you copy me?" Theo asks.

"No but as a matter of fact, you copied my name." Theo looks up at me.

"Why did you name me the same name as that man?"

"He'll explain to you while I go make lunch, yeah? Yeah," I say and walk to the kitchen.


I watch as Piper walks away, her curves have gotten fuller, her hair is longer and now she has bangs. Holy fuck, she's hotter then I remember.

"Why do we have the same name?"

"I'm your dad, your mom thought that I passed away so she named you after me to keep my memory alive I guess," I say.

"You're my dad?" I nod and he jumps into my arms.

"Why did mommy think you were dead?" He asks tilting his head at me.

"It's a long story, hopefully I can explain it to you when your older," I smile and we walk to the kitchen where Piper is.

"Mommy, is he really daddy?"

"Yes he is," she smiles at him, picking him up.

"So you're going to have two Theo's now!" He smiles and I chuckle.

"Yeah.. we need to figure that out," Piper sighs.

"We could call him TJ? You know, Theo junior," I say.

"Do you like TJ?" Piper asks him and he nods. "TJ it is."

TJ smiles and goes to play with his toys, Piper goes back to cooking. I walk up behind her and hug her.

"Theo, he's right there and we're not together."

"Why not? He knows I'm his dad, so he'd think we're together anyways. We can work it out."

"But can we?" She asks turning around. "Can we fix it? You were gone for three years."

"We can, let me take you out tonight. Please?"

"What about TJ? It feels so weird to call him that," she chuckles.

"Pansy can watch him, or my mom, or your mom, even your brother."

"My brother went to Germany for a little, since he rules the mafia now."

"But we still have three options." She looks up at me for a minute.

"Fine," she groans.
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