Sincere Love | Theodore Nott

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"Can you watch him for tonight? Theo wants to work shit out," I say to Pansy.

"Of course, but I want to talk to him first," she says going upstairs to see Theo playing with TJ.

"Theo can you come here for a second?" Pansy asks.

"Hey!" TJ whines.

"It's only for a bit, you can have him later I promise," Pansy says.

Theo kisses TJ's head before walking outside to the hallway with us, closing the door behind him.

"Nice to see you aga-" Pansy interrupts him by slapping him across his face.

"Ow," he says holding his cheek.

"That's what you get," she says and I chuckle.

"This is funny to you?" Theo asks and I nod.

"I missed you!" Pansy exclaims before hugging him.

"So bipolar," Theo chuckles hugging her back.

The door bell rings so I walk downstairs to open it, the door opens to a man, a few inches taller than me.

"Can I help you?"

"Are you Piper Parkinson?"

"Uh yes?"

Before another word was spoken I heard a gunshot, ringing sounds full my ears. I look down to see blood gushing out of my stomach. I look back up to see the man driving off.

I hear faint voices, I turn around and see everyone coming down the stairs. I fall to the ground as my vision starts getting black spots.

I feel hands on my face and voices talking but I can't make them out. Then before I know it, everything goes black.


This can't be happening, I just got her back and she's already got shot? Tears fall down my face as I watch Piper, on the hospital bed. I don't know what I would do if I lost Piper, if I do, then this time it's forever.

Sniffling I walk outside to Pansy and Athena.

"Is she okay?" Athena asks.

"She's in a coma, they don't know if she'll wake up," I say and I try to hold my tears back but I can't.

"I can't lose her, not again." I cry and Athena hugs me.

"It's okay Theo, she's a strong girl. You know this."

"I know but I just need her to wake up."

"She will," she smiles.

I look down at my shoes, upset I wasn't downstairs with her. I hear a feminine laugh come from in front of the waiting room. I look up and immediately hold my gun up, Pansy does the same.

"What are you doing here?" I ask.

"What? We couldn't pay a visit to our old friends?"

"We aren't 'old friends'," I say.

"Oh c'mon, don't be so stuck up Nott, we just wanted to send our condolences to Piper."

"Why? Tell me right now or I blow both of your brains out." I speak firmly.

"Alright fine, we need your help."

I laugh loudly.

"You want my help? Wow, that's surprising."

"We don't want your help Theo, we need your help."

"With what?"

"It's all going under, we need an alliance, we wouldn't be asking if it wasn't important."

"How important?"

"It's the reason why Piper is in a coma right now," Celia says.
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