Sincere Love | Theodore Nott

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(when you read the baby talking, try talking in a baby voice😭)

I groan as the alarm clock blares in my ear, slamming my hand over it to make it shut up. I rub my eyes as I sit up, I hear little knocks from the door and I smile before saying 'come in'.

I smile as Theo comes on my bed and hugs me tightly.

"Hi little man, you hungry?" I ask he nods his head rapidly. I pick him up and walk downstairs.

I place Theo in his high chair as I on the stove to make some pancakes for us.

"Your birthday is soon, what do you want to do?" I ask.

"Party!" He says happily.

"Well obviously, but what type of party?" I laugh.


"Superhero? Done," I say kissing his head.

The doorbells rings and I pick up my phone to check the cameras, I see that it's just Pansy so I walk to the door and open it, she comes in and sits beside Theo.

"Hey buddy," she says holding her hand in a fist and he high-fives it making us chuckle.

"What are we doing for Theo's birthday?" Pansy asks.

"He wants a superhero party," I say.

"Superhero? Which superhero do you want to dress up as?"

"Captain America!" He smiles while showing Pansy his captain America toy.

"I'm more team Iron Man, but captain America it is."

I place three plates down and put pancakes onto them.


"Tomorrow marks 3 years that he's been gone," I sob into Pansy's chest as she holds me in my bed.

"It's okay, stop crying," she whispers while caressing my back.

"I don't know how much more pain I can take Pansy, some people will say 'it's been 3 years, you should get over him' but I can't Pansy, as much as I try, no man can replace him."

"I know, but stop crying Piper, I know he's watching over you."

"Mommy?" I hear Theo say from the door.

I quickly wipe my tears as Pansy opens the door so he can come in, he comes in the bed and sits on my lap.

"Why aren't you sleeping baby?"

"I couldn't, can I sleep here?" He asks.

"Of course baby," I say and he cuddles up beside me.

"I'm going to go, you going to be okay?" Pansy asks.

"I'll be okay," I smile and she kisses both me and Theo's forehead before leaving.

Soon enough I hear Theo's little snores coming from beside me, I smile and tuck him in before going downstairs.

I pour myself a glass of wine as I look at a picture of me and Theo.

"You fucking jerk," I say.

"You broke your fucking promise, we were supposed to have a real wedding, we were supposed to get our happily ever after. I told you, I fucking told you not to go, but your stubborn ass didn't want to listen to me."

I laugh at myself and put the picture down, resting my head on my arms as I fall asleep on the couch.
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