Sincere Love | Theodore Nott

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I smile as I take Theo out of the car, holding his hand as he walks beside me. We walk up to Pansy's door and knock on it waiting.

"Are you excited to see Auntie Pansy?" I ask as I spin Theo around.

"Auntie!" He says happily.

The door opens and I look to see Pansy but her makeup is smudged all around her eyes and her eyes are red and puffy. Like she's been crying.

"Pansy? What happened?" I ask as I close the door and put Theo in the living room as we sit in the kitchen.

"She broke up with me," she cries.

"Kayla? She did?"

"She said she doesn't want to be involved with me anymore, or the mafia. She's leaving forever, she's moving to London," she sobs into my chest.

"But why? She's been with us for 12 years, why would she leave all of a sudden?"

"I don't know! Am I really that ugly?"

"What! No! You're not ugly Pansy, she probably had a change of heart and didn't want to be involved with illegal shit," I shrug.

"Mommy? Can I go to the backyard?" Theo asks pulling on my shirt.

"You want to go to the pool?" I ask as I hold him in my lap but he goes into Pansy's lap and wipes her tears.

"Why you crying?" He asks pouting.

"It's nothing, you want to play in the pool?" Pansy asks spreading a smile across her face.

"Pool!" He beams.

"Let's go get your swim trunks," I say and we walk upstairs to our room in her house.

I stayed here for 8 months after I found out Theo died, I couldn't be at the house anymore, not when it's filled with memories of him. And it would've been to big for two people anyways, I moved out of the house and bought a house that was perfect for just me and Theo. I gave all of Theo's stuff to his mom, we still talk and she adores her grandchild.

After Theo is in his swim trunks I get ready myself into a two piece. We leave the room and go outside and Pansy's already there, I put Theo into a floaty and let him swim around but no too far from me and Pansy.

"Now what?" She asks as she pushes the water around.

"What do you mean?"

"What am I going to do?"

"Wait it out, I guess, that's what I've been doing," I shrug.


"This is really nice Piper," Theodore's mother smiles at me.

"Thank you," I smile back.

"I'm sure Theo's watching over us, he would be really happy to see where you've come," she says.

Before I can say anything all the kids run to me and start yelling:



"Should we cut the cake right now?" I ask and Theodore's mom nods and walks with me to the cake.

"Thank you everyone for coming, Theo is finally three!" I say as I stand behind the table with the cake in front of us.

"Ready Theo?" I ask and he nods rapidly. He blows out his candles after closing his eyes and thinking for a second.

I put my hand over his hand on the knife as it cuts into the cake, Theo starts jumping up and down as I put cake onto a plate for him. I call Ella over and she cuts a slice of the chocolate cake for all the kids and any of the parents who want it.

"Look mommy! This is Nicki! She's my bestfriend," Theo says eagerly as he holds hand with a darkskin little girl.

"Hi Nicki, it's nice to meet you," I smile and she shakes my hand.
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