Sincere Love | Theodore Nott

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"Who's your parents?" I ask her.

"My mommy is on vacation and my daddy is over there," she says pointing to a tall dark man with a buzz cut.

"Don't you two want to go play?" I ask and they nod before running around.

"Hi, I'm Piper," I say as I wake up to the dad.

"I'm Logan, Nicki's dad," he says shaking my hand.

"I know, Theo came up to me and was like 'look it's my best friend!'" I laugh. "So just thought I'd say hi."

"I'm glad that you did," he smiles.

"Nicki told me that her mother was on vacation? Where's she go?" I ask.

"She's not actually on vacation, she passed away while she was giving birth," he says looking down at his drink.

"Oh I'm so sorry, Theo's father actually passed away before he was born too, so I know how you feel," I say trying to be comforting.

"Do you smoke?" He asks.

"Smoke? Cigarettes or weed?"

"Either," he shrugs.

"Yeah, why you want to smoke right now?"

"Might as well?" He says and I laugh but nod.

"Alright hold on," I say then walk away to Pansy.

"Pansy, do you mind watching Theo for a sec? I met Nicki's dad and we're going to go smoke really quickly," I say and she nods. I walk back to Logan and we walk outside.

Call me a bad parent but I need to release some stress, and smoking helps with that.

He lights it up as I wrap my arms around my self.

"You cold?" He asks before blowing the smoke out.

"A little yeah, I'm going to go get a jacket," I say and get ready to walk but he grabs my hand before I could.

"Take mine," he says then takes his blazer off and puts it on my shoulders.

"Thanks," I smile taking the spliff from him.

"How'd he die?" He asks.

"Wrong place wrong time," I shrug.

"Does Theo have a step-father?" He asks.

"No, I don't plan on it though, it feels weird having another man in his life when he doesn't even know his father. What about you? Nicki got a step-mom yet?"

"Not yet, I want her to have a mother figure but I don't just want to bring in a random lady to my house and to my daughter, and she treats her like shit. I want a women who treats Nicki as her own, you know?" I pass it to him.

"Yeah, that's what I wanted for the first few months, I didn't think I'd be able to raise him on my own but I got through it. I had my siblings, my mom, his fathers parents, but his father is always in Italy."

"Lucky, I only had me and my sister," he shrugs giving the spliff to me.

"Nicki seems perfect, seems like a really nice girl," I smile.

"She is, I never thought I'd succeed at the whole 'single dad' act," he says.

I laugh and we just stay in silence, not an awkward silence though, it was anything but awkward. I look in the distance and I see a person walking closer to our house, but they stop walking and turn around before running off.

That was weird, it's not like party is that big. There was only 5 kids and their parents, we had to have the party at an Airbnb because if we had it at my house the kids would wonder off and find my weapons.

They don't even know our actual last name, we told the school Theo goes to that our last name is Becker. Just incase they search us up.
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