To Love Again - The Psychic Trilogy Book 1


Back at the Med-Lab:

Clark had finished helping emergency crews on the freeway when he got the call from Kara letting him know that Jane’s REM sleep had ended, and was now being brought out of sedation and that he should hurry. He arrived in minutes and watched as Jane was still being unhooked from the monitoring equipment and was slowly helped to a sitting position. She was still a bit drowsy, but as she raised her eyes and saw him, she knew he could read her thoughts, and her eyes filled with tears, but she roughly dashed them away. It can’t end this way; I won’t let it.

He sighed as he watched the emotions play out on her face, then spoke briefly to his friends that he would let them know about the dream after he had a chance to talk to her privately. He came over to Jane then, picked her up and brought her to his private quarters.

Jane tried to hold it in as she held him tightly around the neck. “Jonny?”

“Don’t say anything,” Clark whispered as he held her tightly to him.

She closed her eyes, did as he asked, and burrowed her head underneath his chin holding him close.

After closing the door to his quarters, he tried to lay her on the bed, but she refused to let him go. “Please don’t leave me,” Jane begged as the dream was still so fresh in her mind.

“I’m right here,” he said and tried to smile as he sat down next to her and took her hand. “You can tell me about the dream when you’re ready.”

“I’ll never be ready,” she whispered her meaning clear then closed her eyes trying to stem the flow of tears.

His heart constricted but he didn’t show any reaction. “So the dream was the same as before?”

She nodded unable to say it.

He sighed and tried to be upbeat. “We’ll figure something out.” He squeezed her hand. “We won’t give up hope, alright, Jane?”

“I’ll try not to,” she managed to say but the tears were hovering waiting to fall.

“Everything is going to be alright.” She didn’t look as if she believed him. “Come here,” he said and pulled her up off the bed easily and held her close on his lap. He took a shuddering breath as he stroked her hair and back as he felt her relax somewhat. “Are you ready to tell me now about the dream?”

She held him close never wanting to let go. “Alright, I’ll try.”

“Good girl, go ahead,” he said and held her tightly to him.

She took a deep breath and told him what she saw. “My dream from six months ago and the sedative-induced dream were pretty much the same, but Supergirl and Martian Manhunter were also there, and I also saw your enemy for the first time. Everything was a blur to me for a few moments and then I saw him, the man who wanted to kill everyone. He was hovering in the sky arms wide, bright lights were all around him, and he was laughing hysterically. You and Supergirl were wearing clothing I’d never seen before, protective garments of some kind, I think, I’m not sure, but then everything happened so quickly. I remember screaming but of course, I could do nothing but watch.”

“Then what happened?” He encouraged her. “You’re doing fine.”

She couldn’t say it as she stared at him. “I can’t,” she whimpered, covered her eyes, and then burst into tears.

“Shush, its okay; its okay.” Clark held her close and stroked her hair and thought about what she had told him. Is it possible to defeat this foe with protective clothing? Is that the answer? He rocked her for a little while and then realized she was getting sleepy, probably because the sedatives were still in her system. He laid her back down on the bed, removed her shoes, stroked her hair again, kissed her forehead, and she was asleep within moments. He sat down next to her watching her and wondered what had happened in her dream after she had screamed.

A few minutes passed and Clark’s mind wandered back to his first encounter with Neutron at the power plant and the effect the kryptonite had on his body. He remembered how different it had been from green kryptonite and then it dawned on him. It must have been blue kryptonite for me to loose my powers so suddenly. It took longer with green kryptonite. Jane’s revelations about protective clothing would definitely have to be considered at this point. He decided to call STAR Labs and have their suits ready for him and Kara. Now, they needed to plan their attack.

He continued watching Jane for a few more minutes. I’ll question her when she awakens, but I can’t leave her side until she wakes up again. I don’t want her to be alone again.

Not ever.


Clark couldn’t forget about her dream either, but that was the way of life, you live and then you die. He closed his eyes and thought about those two words … life and death and then he had an epiphany. I have to live my life while I’m here, find the courage to make the most of the time I’m given. Clark continued to watch her sleep for a little while longer. It was getting late and almost time for the League’s last meeting before they would confront Neutron and Power Boy. Before he realized what was happening, Clark had approached the bed, leaned down and laid down beside her. He stroked her hair and then he kissed her cheek. This may be the only time we’ll have, but I need her now more than ever.

“Jonny?” Jane whispered then she opened her eyes and smiled. A safe and happy place surrounded her, but as she watched his face for a moment she frowned as if reading his mind. “Is it time to go?”

He didn’t answer her but his lips wandered across her cheek to her ear as he murmured to her. “Don’t think about anything … but this,” he said and kissed her sweet lips slanting his mouth over hers over and over again.

Jane kissed him back as her arms came around his shoulders to pull him closer to her. He left her arms for a minute, but she could not help but watch him. She swallowed hard as she watched him undress. He was a magnificent specimen of manhood. He returned to the bed and helped her undress slowly revealing her well-toned body, long legs, beautiful breasts, but it was her eyes that beckoned to him right from the start. She had to touch him as her hands were all over his powerful chest and arms stroking him and demanding a response from him. His lips claimed hers then, his hands sought out her body and as their limbs entwined their hearts came together as well.

Clark was lost and wondered again how this had happened so quickly, how she had managed to burn though all his defenses and determination not to get involved with another human woman, but he was involved, so involved that he couldn’t think of anything but being with her and inside her, and then it was inside of her and it felt wonderful.

“Are you alright? Am I hurting you?” He murmured in her ear kissing it softly.

In answer, she took his face between her palms and kissed him and then he began to move and it was amazing for both of them. She surrendered to him completely as she raised her arms and legs to pull him closer which wasn’t close enough. And then his passion led her rapidly toward that crest and he was with her every step of the way as they came together, both crying out their pleasure.

After a few minutes and their breathing had slowed, Jane was so quiet that Clark pulled her chin up so she would look at him then he knew what she was thinking.

“Jane, look at me.” She slowly opened her eyes but she had to bite her lip to keep from crying. “Now listen and listen carefully, nothing is going to happen to me.” Silence followed that statement. “Jane?”

She gathered herself together to be strong for him. “I pray you’re right Jonny, just please be careful.”

He stroked her hair and smiled. “I wanted to thank you Jane for trying to help me.” He paused as he gathered his thoughts. “These past few weeks with you in my life have been such a joy for me and I wouldn’t change a minute of it.”

“Neither would I,” she smiled and realized he was saying goodbye in his own way.

He smiled again and then he kissed her cheek, her throat and all manner of body parts his lips could reach. “Hmm, we have a little time.” Clark made love to her again as they both proceeded to show their feelings as only they could.


About an hour later, Clark had fallen asleep with Jane tucked close to his side. He hadn’t slept this peaceful in a very long time. He was sleeping so soundly that Kara had to enter because no one had answered her knock. She shook Clark’s shoulder.

“It’s time,” she whispered.

“I’ll be there in a few minutes,” Clark whispered. Kara left and waited for him in the hallway. He quickly changed into his suit, took one last look at Jane and left her sleeping soundly.

After what she had seen, Kara had to ask him. “You care for her deeply, don’t you, Clark?”

Clark sighed and watched as the elevator light signaled their arrival at the Hall of Justice. “You know I do, Kara.”

She followed him for a minute then touched his arm and stopped him so they could talk privately. “Clark, I know about Lois.”

He turned to her then. “Diana told you, didn’t she?”

“Yes, and I’m so sorry you had to go through that, Clark. You know we’re here for you, and you could have told us about it. Why didn’t you?”

“There really was no point and I didn’t want everyone feeling sorry for me; it’s over and done with.”

“But it’s not over and done with, Clark. Your infatuation with this woman has caused you to.”

“To what, Kara?” Clark snapped upset by her continued meddling in his affairs.

“Clark, please don’t get upset,” she said and realized Clark had truly fallen for Jane.

“Kara, I’m not upset. I thought I made myself clear on the matter; Jane is my business.” Clark took a deep breath and tried to reassure his cousin. “Kara look, Jane and I, we do care for each other very much. Please don’t worry, everything will be fine. Now, everyone is waiting for us,” he said and hoped to reassure her, turned and headed to their meeting.


Back in Clark’s private quarters, Jane slowly awakened. Her head was not as fuzzy as it had been earlier, she looked around for Jonny and wondered where he could be. She decided to look for him, got dressed, and left his quarters, not knowing if she was headed in the right direction or not, but she did remember entering an elevator last night and tried the first one she saw. The buttons on the panel were pretty self-explanatory, so she pushed the one for the Hall of Justice, exited the elevator, rounded a corner and she could see all the superheroes were in a heated discussion, and she did not want to intrude or interrupt, but a part of her wanted to listen and hoped they wouldn’t think she was snooping.

Clark heard Jane’s approach and decided to tone down their arguments. No decisions had been made, but all the members were worried about this new development, Jane’s dream, and wanted to confront this new enemy with all their combined strength. With Neutron and Power Boy’s combined emotional energies feeding off of each other, Saturn Girl and Martian Manhunter had managed to find them earlier that day.

Once they had given their report of their location, the team members began to plan their strategy and their next move. Superman and rest of the League would put together the ‘reverse energy suits’ as STAR Labs called them, to combat the negative energy that radiated from the two villains. Superman and Supergirl would be wearing suits resistant to green and blue kryptonite, essentially covering themselves with lead material also inside the suits.

The team had decided that Neutron and Power Boy would have to be separated somehow thereby reducing their strength and their power knowing that it would be difficult to combat them together. Supergirl would be the one to distract and lure Power Boy to another location in order to talk to him and convince him to turn away from Neutron and to help them.

Green Lantern meanwhile would concentrate on Neutron, since he was the most powerful of the two, and with his power ring, he should have no trouble stopping him and protecting his friends long enough so that they could neutralize his energy bursts, but they had not figured out how to do that yet.

This meeting was called to brainstorm and to find a way to stop both of these villains once and for all.


Jane had watched and listened to the League’s discussions on how to stop the two villains and she made a decision. There really was nothing else for her to do and she couldn’t leave without saying goodbye maybe for the last time. Her knock on the entrance door caught everyone’s attention as she spoke softly. “I’m sorry to interrupt, but may I speak with you Superman, please, just for a minute?”

Everyone slowly turned to Superman with a quizzical look. “I’ll be back in a minute, continue the meeting,” Superman said and left his friends to speak with Jane.

Hal watched everyone’s curious reaction to the woman’s appearance, a few skeptical looks and a few were amused, which intrigued him, so he had to speak up.

“Will someone please fill me in on what’s going on around here?” Silence followed that question. “Diana, you do know I’ve been off planet for a while. So who was that?”

Diana sighed. “Her name is Jane and ... Clark is in love with her.”

“Aha, so that’s Jane,” he said then waited for more information. “And, what else?” Hal didn’t think anything was odd about Clark being in love.

“Isn’t that enough?” Diana asked finding no need to explain.

“No, not in my book,” Hal responded. “So, tell me what’s wrong with her that would cause this kind of reaction from his friends? Is she related to Lex Luthor? Is she, I don’t know, a reptile under that smoking body? What?”

That got a few chuckles, which lightened the mood a little.

“No, no, nothing like that,” Kara finally replied.

“Then what?” Hal wanted answers.

“She’s a psychic and she has visions of the future,” Diana reluctantly answered him.

“Hmm, really?” Hal was thoughtful. “That could really come in handy around here.” Everyone was silent as he looked around the table. “Why do I get the impression that I’m in the dark about a lot of things?”


Once Clark and Jane were alone in the hallway, she apologized again. “I’m sorry, Jonny.”

“It’s fine; what did you want to talk about?”

“I didn’t mean to eavesdrop.”

He grinned. “It’s okay; you know I trust you.”

She stared into his eyes and she believed him. “I never told you how my drug-induced dream ended, Jonny. Can I tell you now? It’s important.”

Clark took her arm and escorted her further down the hall so they could talk in private. “Jane, as I told you before, it really doesn’t matter.”

“Oh, but it does, you see Jonny, I was mistaken, you didn’t die after all,” she told him. She wanted so much to believe it was true, but Jonny needed to know that he wouldn’t die, at least not in the coming battle; it was the least she could do for him, even though it was a lie.

Clark frowned not understanding. “What are you saying; you seemed so positive.”

She averted her eyes. “Well, I remembered something important just before I awakened.”

“What was it?” He encouraged her hoping to get more clues.

“I do remember screaming, seeing you fall, and you were unconscious, as far as I could tell.” She paused. “You were alive, Jonny, I know it.”

Clark stared at her and he could tell that she was lying to boost his spirits. “Oh, Jane, what am I going to do with you?” It was a rhetorical question that needed no answer.

“Keep me I hope,” she replied and went into his arms and hugged him close.

He kissed her hair and tried to reassure her again. “Of course, I’ll keep you. Look, everything will be fine; please don’t worry. Now, I have to return to the meeting. Irma will escort you back to your apartment and please try and rest, the sedatives may still be in your system.” He left her arms, turned to go, but she stopped him with a touch to his arm.

“I’ll see you later?” she hopefully asked and tried to smile.

He touched her cheek softly. “I’ll call you later; go on now and get ready to go,” he turned and left her staring after him.

Once Jonny had entered the Hall of Justice, Jane turned to go and with her eyes brimming with tears, she whispered to him knowing he would hear her. “Goodbye, Jonny.”

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