To Love Again - The Psychic Trilogy Book 1

Calm Acceptance

Kara had made a decision, and after closing the door on Jane and Jonny’s conversation, she headed to her quarters and changed into her Supergirl costume and made it to STAR Labs in a matter of minutes.

Over the past few days, she had come to the realization that she did have hopes for Jed and herself. She couldn’t seem to help it, because after witnessing Jonny and Jane together, their strong bond, anything was possible as long as you admit your feelings and stay true to those feelings. Love was a risk, but it was worth it. Something else Kara had learned from her cousin.

After speaking with Jed’s doctors, their prognosis about him did not surprise her. They believed that he would be able to rejoin society but it would take time and they felt he needed something positive in his life, something to build up his self-esteem and to push back the paranoid and self-destructive behavior that seemed to have ruled his life in the past when he was Power Boy.

Kara agreed with that assessment and had been thinking that very same thing. He does need positive influences in his life and she thought she had come up with a solution, but of course, Jed would have to go along with it.

She straightened her shoulders and knocked on the door. She heard him answer her and entered his room. He was sitting up in bed reading a magazine, and she realized that he was the same young man she had fallen for all those years ago. He was still the same inside, and with that hope warming her heart, she approached the bed and then she surprised him by taking his hand in hers.

Jed was outwardly shocked to see Kara again, but inside his heart raced and he thought he must be dreaming. “Kara, what are you doing here?”

“I had to see you. I had to see that you were alright. How are you feeling?” She earnestly asked needing to know.

“I’m alright, but I’m bored. Did the doctors tell you anything? I can’t get a straight answer.”

She smiled and squeezed his hand. “You’re doing fine,” she replied and then lowered her head as if in thought.

He tried to read her expression and her feelings He knew he could still do that, but he didn’t want to intrude or scare her away.

Kara sensed him pulling back and it was a good thing not to intrude on a person’s feelings, but she wanted him to know how she felt so in that moment, she decided to risk her heart again. She raised her head to look at him. Her eyes roamed over his face, such a handsome face. His eyes were curious as he stared at her. His lips were just the right size, and his hair looked soft to the touch. She touched his hair and smoothed it behind his ear. At her touch, his eyes closed for a moment. She leaned in closer, pulled his head toward her and kissed him softly. His eyes flew open and then he touched her shoulder to push her away a little.

“Kara, are you sure about this?” He had to know she wasn’t teasing or playing games with him.

Kara was firm in her decision to trust her heart to him again. The old Jed would not have asked that question. “Oh, yes, I’m very sure.” And with that statement, she pulled him closer and kissed him with all the feelings that had been lying dormant for so long but were now allowed to run free and Jed felt the same way as he kissed her back.

Kara stopped after a few moments, smiled at him, left his arms, super-sped to the door and locked it, her meaning clear.

Jed’s heartbeat spiked through the roof as he sat up and removed his gown. He held out his arms to her. Kara’s heartbeat accelerated to a speed that surprised her but it felt right so right to be with him like this. Then she twirled out of her costume and stood before him in her bra and underwear and she thought he should remove those, and then she was in his arms pulling him on top of her wanting him with a passion that made her gasp at the feelings he brought out in her.

Jed did not want to rush this first coupling after so long, so he tried to slow things down as he pulled her arms from around his neck and held them above her head.

“Jed, I need to touch you … now!” Kara begged needing him like a drug. She had to have him.

“In due time, just relax and enjoy this.” He then kissed her long, slow and deep. He pulled back from her lips after a few moments. “Hmmm, you taste so good Kara,” he whispered and then he licked his lips. “I wonder how the rest of you must taste. Let’s find out shall we?”

Kara closed her eyes as his words burrowed inside her mind and her heart. He then removed her bra and her underwear slowly exciting her beyond measure. Her legs opened and he was touching her there and she was already wet for him. He closed his eyes and licked his lips again and then his lips latched onto a perk nipple swirling his tongue around it and then he pulled and sucked it into a throbbing bud of desire. Her back lifted off the bed and he had to kiss her again to keep her quiet as her moans were getting louder.

He then entered her slowly, the feeling indescribable. Kara cried out at his sweet invasion as her body adjusted to his size. It felt wonderful to be with him again, and then they both began to move, each straining to reach that peak. He leaned down to kiss her sweet mouth again and again. He would never get enough of her, not ever.

All too soon they both cried out as their climaxes rushed to meet them. They landed safely in each other’s arms content and happy at last.

Jed pulled her close beside him and pulled the covers over them to cool their bodies. He stroked her hair and smiled against her temple. “So, this means you’ve forgiven me for what happened between us?”

“Yes, Jed, I have,” she replied then leaned up on her elbow to look at him. “You’ve forgiven me, too right?”

“What do you think?” He asked and then he leaned up and kissed her again. After a few moments he pulled back and smiled. “The past is behind us Kara. We were both too young to understand what was really happening between us. You weren’t yourself and I was paranoid and possessive, but I’ve learned a lot since then.”

He had grown up and she hoped that were true, but for Jed to move past those self-destructive and hurtful feelings, he needed to channel them into move positive emotions. She then decided to tell him about her plans. “Jed, have you thought about what you want to do once you leave here?”

“No, not really, but I had hoped to join the League. I know I have to prove myself worthy of that position.”

She touched his cheek then snuggled back into arms. “You have grown up, Jed, and I’m very proud of you whatever you decide, but I had an idea.”

“Tell me,” he encouraged as long as it kept him here in Metropolis and near her, he was game for any suggestion.

“Have you heard of the Isis Foundation?”

“Yes, I have, but do you mean …?”

“Yes, Jed, how would you feel about teaching other super-powered aliens and humans how to use their powers, to help them adjust, to learn to accept who they are and how they would fit into our world?”

“I’d never thought about being a teacher, but the idea sounds pleasing to me.”

“I knew it would. So would you think about it?”

“Of course I will and thank you Kara for thinking of me.”

“You know what, I don’t want to think about anything right now,” she smiled flirtatiously at him, her meaning clear.

“Me neither,” he whispered and then he pulled her closer and kissed her longingly and soon with more passion. Jed and Kara were both thinking the same thing.

This time we will make it last … forever.


Meanwhile, back in Clark’s quarters:

“Did you hear me, Jane? Please answer me. Everyone is tiptoeing around me, but I need answers, please Jane.”

“I don’t think you’re ready, Jonny. It’s only been a few days since you left the hospital, and I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You’re hurting me by withholding the truth. Don’t you see that?” He was pleading with her now.

Jane hoped she was doing the right thing by telling him the truth. “The woman in your mind … her name is Lois.” She waited for a reaction; there was none … at first.

He frowned. “Lois, Lois,” he ran that name around in his mind and on his tongue as he paced hoping the memory would come. “Wait, I remember that name. She was important to me.” He stopped at that insightful statement. “She ‘was’ important to me, but something changed, what was it?”

“She died Jonny, a long time ago.”

“So, I’m a widower?” His instincts told him that he and Lois had been married at one time.


“But I read that Superman, I mean me, that I’ve lived a long time, so how long ago was I married … months, years?”

“Jonny, this is too much,” Jane was getting upset by all of his questions about Lois.

“How long ago did she die?” Clark was determined to find out.

“Over a thousand years ago.”

Clark pondered that shocking answer but his memories of Lois were not there. “And us, how long ago did we meet?”

“Not that long ago,” she replied remembering.

“But we are close. I know that for a fact.” He paused and eyed her closely. “Are we in love?” He stared at her hoping with all his heart that was true.

She couldn’t answer him. She turned and walked to the door, but he stopped her before she could open it. “Don’t run away, Jane.”

“I’m not running away. I … I have to get back to work.”

“Then answer the question,” he asked needing to know. He pulled her closer. “I know you want to stay. Don’t you?” He could feel her relax a little. “I know you do.” He locked the door.

Jane straightened her spine and tried to open the door, but his hand was on the door keeping it closed. “Jonny, please I have to go.”

He ignored her remark, moved her hair aside and kissed her cheek, her throat, her ear, and then he turned her around and kissed her hard loving her taste, having her in his arms where she belonged. He pushed her up against the door, as his desire for her pooled between his legs. Jane could not help responding to him as she kissed him back, loving him with an intensity that felt painful at times, but she wanted him too so very much.

He lifted her legs and settled them on his hips as his lips wandered down her throat and back up to her lips again, thrusting his tongue down her throat as he ground his hips against her pelvis letting her know his desire for her.

Jane could feel how much he wanted her and then he touched her there and she was wet for him. She moaned into his mouth letting him know how much she wanted him too. He pulled back, picked her up and laid her on the bed then he stood before her and removed his robe slowly and watched her watching him.

Jane stared at him not able to turn away at his boldness. He was magnificent, so strong and tall, but also gentle and loving then her doubts came back. Should we even be doing this? He doesn’t remember me.

At her doubtful look, he told her the truth. “I remember Jane.”

Her eyes lit up like the sun coming up at dawn. “You … remember?”

Clark smiled at her expression happy to tell her everything he had remembered. He climbed onto the bed beside her and touched her cheek. “I remember us meeting on the plane and how much you hated me on sight.” He chuckled at her expression.

“I told you to forget that ever happened,” she smiled at his teasing but then she became serious. “What else do you remember?”

“Just bits and pieces, but I do remember Lois, our marriage, and that she died a long time ago, but I also remember what happened after we met.”

“Jonny, I know we haven’t known each other very long.”

“No we haven’t but I know you Jane. I know you’re a good person and why you came here to Metropolis.”

Her eyes suddenly filled with tears. “I tried to save you. I tried so hard.”

“You did save me and I’m not talking about the fight with Neutron. I’m talking about me, Clark Kent, Jonny Clark, or any other alias out there … you gave me back my life Jane … and I wanted to thank you for that,” he said as he suddenly became emotional.

“Oh, Jonny, thank you for saying that,” she said but then averted her eyes.

“I mean it, but you don’t believe me. I can tell.”

“Of course I do.”

“No, you don’t; tell me why.”

“I don’t think you will remember everything until you know what really happened that night… after you died.”

“J’onn took me to the sun. He told me that.”

“No, it happened before that. You see, Jonny, I can see spirits now.”

“Really, but … does that mean …?”

“Yes, I saw you and Lois together … hand in hand,” she said and tried to smile in spite of the pain that image brought to her heart.

“But I don’t remember it.”

She smiled indulgently at him and looked into his eyes. “You will remember … when you’re ready.” She paused as she touched his cheek. “I love you, Jonny, but I know you belong with her and I’ve accepted that, but you’re here with me now and while you’re here, you’re mine.” She smiled even though her eyes were bright. “I’d like to stay if you still want me?” She waited for his answer.

Clark’s answer was to smile at her, stroke her hair, and wonder how she could possibly doubt his feelings for her. He just couldn’t imagine his life without her now, encouraging him, watching out for him, dreaming about him, and so he kissed her slowly at first bringing forth moans and sighs and then he clutched her to him tightly. His passion for her overruling all thought. He had to have her. What an amazing woman I found; no she found me.

And with that thought in mind, Clark kissed her over and over again in deep kisses that had her writhing and thrusting her hips against him. As he slowly undressed her, he took note of her hips as they lifted off the bed, her breasts flushed in her excitement, her nipples hard waiting for him and her head was thrown back on the pillow eyes shut as if waiting for his next move. Her underwear were the last to go as he removed then slowly, he inhaled her scent and he felt his body instantly react to her unique essence. Jane saw and felt his reaction and she moaned getting even more excited if that were possible. “Oh Jonny, please,” she begged for it.

“In due time,” he smiled as she whimpered her need and tried to pull him towards her.

“Are you trying to drive me crazy, because it’s working,” she cried getting a little upset at his teasing. She could not remember ever being so turned on before in her life.

He then decided to ease her tension a little as he pulled her tightly to him and Jane’s hands were tangled in his hair pulling him closer. Their kisses became even more desperate and she moaned into his mouth. Clark shifted on top of her without breaking their kiss and then he was inside her and they both gasped when he filled her as he cupped the back of her head holding her there as he took her lips in one deep kiss after another and his hips found the rhythm and she followed him stroke for stroke both needing this closeness like never before.

Jane rocked against him, hips undulating more rapidly as she focused on her impending climax. He saw the intensity on her expression, felt her body tense and the contractions beginning from within. “Let it go, baby,” he whispered against her lips. And then she was moaning, shivering in his arms as she came around him. He covered her mouth with his, swallowing her cries of pleasure as she bucked against him.

Her delighted cries and expression of total relief triggered his climax and he grasped her hips tightly to his, thrusting upward and moaning in pleasure.

The power of what they had just shared left them both speechless as she relaxed and for a time it was enough to just hold each other as their breathing slowed.

She sighed against his chest. “I missed you so much, Jonny.”

“I missed you too, although I didn’t know it at the time.”

Tears slipped from her eyes to wet his skin and he became alarmed. “Honey, what is it?”

He called me honey. She smiled and realized she liked it. “I’m just being silly.”

“Is something wrong? Tell me what made you cry.”

“I’m just so happy. That’s all it is.”

He pulled her closer. “Get some rest, it’s getting dark soon and I’m hungry.”

“Me too,” she said and wondered how she was going to tell him her secret.

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