To Love Again - The Psychic Trilogy Book 1

The Reason

After listening to Jane Douglas’s story, Diana knew they would have their hands full trying to convince him that getting involved with a human again could kill him this time; she was sure of it. She paced back and forth not saying anything. “Let me know when he arrives, I’ll be in my private quarters waiting for him.”

“Wait, we should talk about this together, Diana, and decide how to handle this,” Kara stressed.

“After I’ve had a chance to talk to him,” Diana was done talking to them, as she marched out of the monitoring center headed for her quarters.

Kara threw up her hands. “Talk about stubborn.”

Clark arrived then in good spirits, floating on a cloud of happiness, but of course, his two friends were frowning at him. He was getting upset and tired of all of this. “What is it now? The video was awesome; she apologized, and everything is great.”

“Clark, Diana is here and she wants to talk to you,” Kara said.

Clark groaned to himself. He knew what was coming. “Where is she?”


Clark headed to his quarters to change and waited for Diana to join him. As he waited for her, he watched Jane’s video again. Smiling, he turned up the volume:

Hello everyone, and yes, I’m the woman from the video, the one from the plane that Superman rescued yesterday. Let me start out by saying that was not me; that was not who I am.

I have nothing against any of the superheroes among us, especially Superman. He was kind and thoughtful to me, but I was distraught, upset, terrified and inconsolable.

But I’m alright now; I’m back at work and I’ve apologized to Superman and I wanted to apologize to everyone on the plane for my outburst. I feel terrible about it.

So please trust them; we need them here with us more than ever.

Thank you for listening. Goodbye.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door startling him, so intent was he by Jane’s apology. “Come in.”

Diana entered Clark’s quarters and knew what he’d been doing a moment ago, as she heard the video playing from outside the door. “She is something, I agree,” she said surprising him.

Clark turned from the monitor and looked her up and down. “You’re something in that costume.”

“Yeah, it’s growing on me.” She paused as she shut the door. “You know why I’m here.”

He sighed. “Yes, Diana, let’s hear it.”

“I just have one question for you Clark … why her and why now?” Diana asked and watched him closely as she went to sit on the bed. She couldn’t believe what was happening; he was always so adamant about not getting involved with another human.

“That’s two questions,” Clark replied.

She raised an eyebrow and waited. “Well, what’s the real reason, and don’t forget, I know you; I know when you’re lying.”

“I never lie; everyone knows that,” Clark said trying to lighten the mood.

“Clark, tell me what’s going on; you know I care about you,” she said hoping to get him to open up about what was really bothering him.

Clark sighed. “Diana, I want to tell you, but … it’s too personal.”

She watched him closely. “Something happened to change your mind; what was it?”

“Nothing happened,” he replied as he turned his head from her.

Diana stood up and went to him and touched his shoulder. “Clark, look at me; you can trust me.”

Clark looked at her then and Diana was shocked by the tears that hovered waiting to fall.

“You need to talk to someone about this,” she stressed worried about him.

He did need to talk to someone, tell someone, before he went crazy. “You won’t believe it.”

“Try me,” she said then took his hand and brought him over to the bed. “Go on, I’m listening.”

He took a deep breath. “I saw Lois the other day,” he began and waited for her reaction.

“Okay, where did this happen?” Diana wasn’t fazed by that statement.

“Didn’t you hear what I said? I saw my deceased wife,” he repeated emphasizing each word.

“Clark, I’ve lived too long and seen a hell of a lot. I believe you.”

He shook his head, of course, Diana would understand and then he began his story. “Well, it started out like any other day. I was making my rounds over the city and then I heard her heartbeat. I followed the sound until I saw her. She was young and beautiful and she was walking down the street looking up at the sky, and then she saw me and ... our gazes locked for a moment but then I flew away.” He shook his head and continued. “A few minutes later, I saw her again and she was sitting on a park bench and I know she was waiting for me. We talked and she told me she had traveled to the future by accident because she had touched the Legion ring. I explained to her how she could return and she was very happy.” He smiled remembering. “Then she thanked me by throwing her arms around my neck and I never wanted to let her go, but I had to send here back. I kissed her cheek, she touched my cheek, we said our goodbyes and then … she was gone just like that.” Clark closed his eyes touched his cheek where Lois had touched him.

Diana could not imagine what he must have felt. She squeezed his hand. “And then what happened?”

Clark took a shuddering breath and continued. “I just stood there and watched the spot where she had just disappeared and wished with all my heart … that I could just die already so that we could be together.” He stopped unable to continue as the tears fell.

“Oh Clark,” Diana squeezed his hand. “I’m so sorry.”

He shook his head and wiped his tears away. “After a few minutes, our memories together flooded my mind like an avalanche. One memory in particular came to me and now I’ll never forget it. After Lois and I had been married for a few years, we talked about her inability to conceive. She desperately wanted to give me a child and adoption wasn’t an option for us. Then one day, she told me something, something she had been keeping from me for years.”

“What was it?” Diana prompted.

“She told me how she had found out the truth about me, that she had traveled to the future, that she knew I would live a very long time, and that she didn’t want me to be alone. Having a child with powers and abilities like mine would be a dream come true for her, but mainly that she wanted me to be happy and content with someone who loved and understood me. Then I remembered telling her that I never wanted to be with anyone else; not ever.”

“And now?” Diana prompted.

He sighed, stood up, ran his hands through his hair, paced, and tried to gather his thoughts. “I don’t know, Diana. I can’t predict the future and I don’t know what will happen between Jane and me, but when I’m with her.” He hesitated.

“You feel happy and content?” She provided for him, his look speaking volumes.

He looked at her then. “Do you think I’m crazy? I mean we met barely two days ago.”

Diana sighed, stood up and came over to him. “Clark, you know what I’m going to say. It took you years to feel strong enough to tell Lois the truth about yourself, and now this woman has taken hold of you somehow, and I’m sorry, Clark, but you need to step back and think about what you’re doing.”

“Well, that won’t be a problem, because I think about her all the time. She’s in my head speaking to me, beckoning to me.”

“I see,” Diana murmured.

“Don’t look at me like that. I’m not some sex-crazed maniac who can’t control his emotions. You know me better than that,” Clark raised his voice to make his point.

“I thought I did,” Diana whispered as she stared at him.

Clark closed his eyes, reined in his feelings and spoke calmly. “Diana, you haven’t given me one good reason not to see her and like I said I don’t know the future, but I like being with her and talking to her. There’s nothing wrong with that, is there?”

Diana sighed resigned herself to what was happening to him, but she would watch them closely for anything that might spell trouble for them. She squeezed his shoulder and looked him in the eye. “Just please be careful; promise me.”

“You know I will and Diana … thank you for listening.”

“Come here,” she said and gave him a hug. “You’re welcome.”

Clark hugged her back then pulled away after a moment. “Now I have rounds; I’ll see you later? You will be here for a while? You won’t run off again?”

“Yeah, I’ll be here for a few days anyway.”

“Looking out for me, no doubt,” he smiled at her.

“Count on it.”


Meanwhile, in the monitoring center:

Both J’onn and Kara had watched the apology several times and Kara couldn’t find anything unusual about her; she seemed fine to her, and the responses to Jane’s video were mostly positive, but now everyone was clamoring to know who she was and where she had come from.

“Kara, you never answered my question about the video. What do you think of her now?”

“She seems fine to me, J’onn, honest and forthcoming and you, what do you think of her?”

“I agree with your assessment, Kara, but we’ll keep an eye on her for Clark’s sake.”

Kara sighed. “That’s a given, J’onn; nothing must happen to her.”

“Nothing must happen to whom?” It was Clark coming to join them before heading out for rounds.

“Your friend Jane; we know you care about her Clark and we would hate to see anything happen to her.”

Clark’s heart constricted at that comment. “Have you heard something? Has someone threatened her? I was worried about reactions to her video, but I suppose there was no other way to calm the masses about trusting us.”

J’onn and Kara briefly glanced at each other both realizing how serious things had become and after so short a time.

“Clark no, as far as we know, no one has threatened her, but J’onn and I agreed that we would watch out for her from time to time, if you think that’s alright?” Kara asked her stressed cousin hoping to calm his worries.

“You’d do that for me guys? Thank you,” Clark was genuinely pleased.

“It’s the least we can do after giving you such a hard time,” Kara said. “I can see you’re headed out; don’t let us keep you.”

“I have to check out one more power plant; any more news from the Legion? They should have checked in by now.”

“We expect to hear from them shortly. We’ll see you later Clark,” J’onn said and watched him go.


A few minutes later, Rokk, Cosmic Boy, along with Irma, Saturn Girl, and Garth, Lightning Lad, arrived from their mission to follow up on the mysterious happenings at numerous power plants around the country. “Where’s Clark headed so fast?” Rokk asked Kara and J’onn.

“To another power plant; what did you find out?” J’onn asked.

“Each plant we visited gave us the same answer. They’re losing power at a rapid rate and can’t figure out why it’s happening or how,” Rokk replied.

“That’s odd, but where is the power going?” Kara asked confused.

“They had no clue, and you should know that the Nuclear Power Commission may be sending out an alert soon. It doesn’t look good,” Irma responded.

Garth had a few questions on his mind. “So, what’s up with those videos? Do we know the mystery woman? Where did she come from?” He waited patiently for an explanation. Irma and Rokk were just as curious as Garth was and also wanted to know about her.

Kara sighed then explained what was going on. “Jane is a very touchy subject for Clark right now, so don’t go asking a lot of questions about her.”

Garth held up his hands. “I won’t say anything. Why is everyone looking at me like that? I can keep my mouth shut.”

Everyone crossed their arms not saying a word.

“Alright, I promise not to say anything. You have my word,” Garth hated having to make that promise every single time they wanted him to keep a secret.

“See that you do,” Kara said but she couldn’t help smiling at him.

J’onn turned back to the monitors checking up on the loss of nuclear power all over the country. “I don’t like this. This has been going on for several months now and still no answers.”

“J’onn if you have some idea what’s happening, tell us so we can stop it,” Kara said.

“It’s just a theory right now, but I think Superman may be at the heart of these power losses but why that is, I have no clue,” J’onn said as ominous thoughts of what this could mean for all of them swirled inside his head.

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