Lord of the rings


Follow Arod as he fights the orks with his friends balin and orald and helps free middle earth

Action / Adventure
Wyatt trail
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Chapter one

It was like any other day in my village me and my father were off hunting we killed two huge deer. On our way back to the village me and my father heard screaming from our village. We dropped our deer and ran to a clearing in the woods we saw smoke and then my father heard something in the brush he turned and saw an orc running at us my father took his bow and put an arrow in his skull. My father turned to me and said,” find a safe place and hide.” I nodded my head and said ,” I’ll see you when you return.” He ran off towards the village he made it half way to village when a group of orcs tackled him to the ground and and proceeded to kill him. I ran off into the woods angry sad and eager to kill those who killed my father as I was running I slid down a bank and remembered that I had a small weapon stash near there containing a few bows 4 bunches of arrows a few swords and four shields. I made my way to the stash and hidden under twisted heap of roots it was an old wooden box just as I pulled the box out I saw three figures jump off a bank and land just down the hill from me. I quickly drew my bow and aimed an arrow at the three I soon realized that they where my friends balin and orald, balin looked at me and said,” Arod is that you,” I replied,” yes it’s me,” us three had been friends since we were born we knew how to fight and how to lay a trap. I passed out the weapons to them and said ,” I say we lay a trap for the ones that killed our families,” they looked at me and in a collective voice they said,” yes.” So we got to work cutting down a tree on the only road wide enough to get wagons threw we hid off in the brush and waited for the orcs to arrive. We didn’t have to wait long before they arrived in a convoy of five wagons laden with crops and what little treasure we had and, the bodies of the dead for them to feast on. Once they saw the tree they stopped and started to try to push the tree off the road the trap was working then I drew my bow and aimed an arrow at an orc then I let out a scream ,” Aaaahawawa,” then I released my arrow and it struck the orc in the chest and he flopped over. Then more arrows started flying from balin and orald I dropped my bow and drew my sword and jumped into the Frey I thrust my sword through an orc
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