He's My Fate


Previous to the Grand Magic Games, Lucy's abilities are changed by the Infinity Clock. Within her sleep she encounters an attractive but devious Saber tooth member. They tumble through adventure with one another, but how long can they last before they fall apart? The possibilities are endless!

Romance / Fantasy
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“Lucy!” A voice screamed her name. Lucy’s eyes slowly flickered and finally opened to peer around her. Everything was gold. Her body, it was floating midair. . . She turned her head both ways in a confused manner. “where. . . ” She whispered quietly, her voice weak and her body was sore all over.

“Lucy!” A voice shouted out to her again. “Yes?” She managed to squeak out and pushed against her surroundings. Slowly she floated through the golden mist, looking for the person who had called her.

A stranger stood down below her. His hands were cupped around his face and he called her name again. Her heart tingled with excitement at the company. The boy was handsome and he looked upwards and finally met her eyes.

“Lucy. . ” He whispered and held out his hands to her. Slowly, she drifted down to him and into his embrace.

“What is this place?” She questioned, enjoying the stranger’s warmth. She seemed not bothered by the lack of introductions. But she felt as though she knew this person from somewhere.

“The future.” The blonde boy answered, a gentle grin crossed his face.

“Someday in the future, we’ll encounter one another.” He released her from his grasp and brushed a few stray hairs from her forehead.

She tilted her head in confusion.

“Why am I seeing the future?” She whispered to him. She was obsessed with observing his marvelous features. He was beautiful.

“Stop staring.” He laughed and flickered her forehead playfully.

“I have to warn you though.” He walked a little ways away from her. “I’m a little feisty until you get to know me.”

“eh?” Lucy questioned, and the figure vanished from her sights.

“w-wait a minute!” She leaped over to where he had gone and patted the ground as though looking for trap doors or something.

Her brow furrowed in confusion.

Just then, the golden mist twisted into a darker scenery. She glanced around as she didn’t recognize her surroundings.

It was enveloped in smoke and chaos eluded in the darkness. People screamed and past by her with looks of horror.

“w-why’s everyone running?” She questioned. And a loud roar answered her question.

Several dragons orbited about within the air. Her hair swept around her and her eyes widened in fear.

“Dragons?!” She screamed as one breathed a brilliant flame that encompassed the town around her.

Lucy covered her head, and pushed away desperately.

“Let go of me!” She screamed, and shook her way through the Infinity clock.

“I don’t want to be apart of this anymore!”

" LET. ME. GO!” She wailed and the Infinity clock shattered. It cast Lucy from it’s bonds and tossed her out of it’s being as it cracked down the middle.

“LUCY!” Natsu screamed and leaped out to catch her before she could hit the ground.

Her keys fell from the clock and clattered to the ground below. “Is she alright?” Wendy called, just as the clock smashed to ruins around them.

The Church wailed in agony as their masterpiece was destroyed and the building crumbled to pieces.

The guild was still ecstatic over the fact that we had returned to it’s welcome arms. But when we had arrived at Fairy Tail once more, time had changed things. Time had warped the building to shambles and the appearance was anything but perfection. The guild members had lost hope, fearful of others coming in to plunder what little jobs were upon the board.

Why had this happened?

I can’t really remember to tell you the truth. But we had saved the world. Stopping time. And then living it. Members had abandoned the guild while we were away. The most triumphant of warriors supposedly lost to time.

And soon enough trouble came running through the old wooden doors, a group of men hoping to get a laugh out of the weaker members of Fairy Tail, but they were not expecting us to be there!

Master laughed in response to the taunting voices that said Sabertooth would crush Fairy Tail once more, but we demolished the men and sent them running out the doors in a matter of minutes.

Fairy Tail had returned!

Through all of this I, Lucy Heartfilia, had grown stronger.

I had capabilities within myself. Things I didn’t know I was capable of even doing. Celestial powers. Abilities.

"Lucy?” Natsu whispered to me, my eyes flickering open slowly but surely. The ground was shaking, and all I felt was myself falling. He had caught me. But what was wrong? Something was strange here. . .something not right. . .I know so much more. . .What’s wrong with me?

"Lucy. .” Another voice whispered to her, and she turned about within her mind.

This is impossible.

Misty clouds floated about her, and she reached out to gently to touch the sky. It was deep purple and was littered with the lights of a thousand stars!

Loki appeared just a little ways away, a thin smile upon his face as though he was hiding something great.

"What have you found?” Loki questioned softly. She couldn’t answer him, just listen. Her lips refused to move.

He shook his head gently, his orange hair moving with the gentle wind of the world around them.

“You’ll have to learn how to control these new abilities Lucy. .”

"I don’t know if you can . ..“he answered my question for me “This has never happened before, you are the legend we’ve been waiting for. . ”

“It seems as though you have burned a connection to the Celestial world from the magic of the infinity clock, and when the spell failed to be produced, the energy was absorbed into your body and mind. . . ”

She was suddenly sucked out of the Celestial world and summoned to reality.

The world around her melted away into smoke and blackness.

I grasped and shot straight up, my heart thudding in my chest. My friends circled around me, tears sprinkling their eyes. “LUCY!” They shouted and clung to me. I was alive.

They suddenly all stepped back after inspecting me. Strange looks crawling across their faces.

"Lucy. . .” Natsu whispered, reaching out slowly to touch my neck with his fingers. He looked worried, concerned.

I opened my mouth to speak, but a small sound hardly squeaked out. “W-What?”

"What’s wrong with her face?” Charla whispered, leaning closer to look.

"Wh-What’s wrong?”

"It’s an insignia?” Wendy mumbled and tilted her head curiously.

A thin golden glimmer was apparent underneath Lucy’s skin. It circled down her neck and over her breast, catching just under her chin.

I reached up to touch my neck.

What’s wrong with me?

My head pounded, a few noises of someone talking echoing in my mind.

What had I done?

"It’s alright Lucy. .just something new.” Natsu smiled, although worry was apparent in his voice. “It’s kind of cool.” He flinched slightly as a few flakes of her skin peeled from the insignia and drifted to the ground. The insignia glittered and slowly faded away leaving behind her pale colored skin. Behind them the clock had smashed to the ground ,leaving dust within the air. The building itself had collapsed, and the group had hardly escaped without being crushed underneath it.

"What’s wrong with her neck?” Master questioned, as we entered into the guild once more. He had held off asking questions, but now once Levy was around, it was the perfect time to uncover some of the mysteries. Levy squinted her eyes and disappeared to go collect a few books that might explain some things.

I would have to accept my mark when it appeared upon my skin. This was obviously not going away.

After a few months of research and study, I had improved myself into learning about my abilities. I had become a Celestial Erne. But I had not learned this through books, but what Loki told me. I visited him through my mind. It was like the Celestial world was connected within me. Without my keys I could travel to this dimension. I could see things that Wizards had dreamt of seeing. I wrote about my discoveries for just myself. To keep my sanity in check. Sometimes, I couldn’t tell what was real and what was not. My head pounded all the time. My heart always hurt, lurched about within my chest. Sometimes my hands would react on their own. My insignia lit up at the worst times, or at the oddest times. I would sleep walk. I would sleep talk. I would dream of things that would happen in the future, and things that could have happened. But I never dreamt of The Grand Magic Games. I just knew it was going to happen.

I was stronger than before.


My spirits mirrored me, and fed from my power. Allowing them to stay upon the field longer to battle. Without them, I became my own Spirit. And growled as fierce as a lion.

I Lucy Heartfilia had become the Celestial Erne.

The one chosen to encompass the power of the celestial spirits and become the divine center for their energy.

The spirits told me that they had heard of this.

That there was also a legend behind the Erne. That in time of peril, the Erne would unite the spirits and force the dragons back away from the mages and civilians. She would save the magical world. I was prepared to accept the consequences that would come from this legend. But I feared that perhaps. . . my friends would be brought into this.

That night, I dreamed.

It was the first night since that insignia had arrived upon my skin. I was feverish, and my body was rejecting the new ‘abilities’ it would begin to possess. My friends had come to check on me, but nothing changed. My fever remained high, and my breath was short.

“Natsu . . .” I had managed to whisper out, just before he left, but he hadn’t heard me. And he closed the door to my room.

So I, closed my eyes to dream.

And faded off into the unknown world. ..

Around me, everything was beautiful. The grass was tall and long, and sashayed within the open plain. The sun was heavy and beat down upon the little flowers that twinkled like stars in a brilliant night of green.

I stumbled around blind and happy in the field. I heard the voices of my friends, but I could not see them.

“Lucy!” I heard Erza shout happily, but I did not see her, either.

“Erza?” I questioned, I was becoming confused. Where were these voices?

Then suddenly, the world around me disappeared. Almost like someone. . .or something. . had flicked off the light switch.

A soft spotlight draped itself down in the darkness, to reveal a blonde haired man. He was tall and looked as though he could move mountains with his own two hands.

He wore no shoes, and a thin blue cloth covered only half of his body lazily.

And he didn’t seem to notice me. . .until he turned his head.

My heart pounded, his eyes. . .they were so blue!


But that mark on his bare shoulder, Sabertooth?

But he was terrifying. With that smile. Fangs slid from his upper lip and he made his way toward me. Prowling like a dragon, ready to snap up it’s prey.

“Stay away!” I tried to shout, but my voice crawled out in a weak whimper.

He snickered and reached out to me.

“Come here little fairy, let me play with you.. .”

“No leave me alone!” I shrieked, hysterical from those poisonous smiles he was shedding.

“I’ll get you sooner or later!” He smirked, watching as I tried my best to run away from his outstretched hands.

But I felt as though I would never escape from them. He was too powerful. Too strong for me to run from an-

And She woke up.

“Who was that?” Lucy questioned softly, cradling her shoulders within her hands and pulling the covers higher over her face.

He didn’t catch me!

“Hm... .” A soft groan echoed in the empty room.

The boy slowly pulled his body up from his bed, the moonlight drifted over his shoulders and the lower half of his face. His hair was jumbled and messy, and he rested his forehead within his hand.

"Who was that girl?” He mumbled, before a smirk fell across his lips. She was beautiful, attractive. . .but she had been so scared of him.

His earring dangled from his left air and made a soft ‘twing’ noise as he turned his head to look toward the window. It was open.

Had he left it open? He didn’t care.

Slowly he laid his body back onto the bed once more, and let his eyes droop closed.

And thought of the girl with the long blonde hair and deep brown eyes.

What was her name again? Oh. . .

“Lucy Heartfilia. .”

Sting snickered under his breath and rolled over on his side.

“twenty more minutes.” He grumbled and covered his face with his hand to block the moonlight.

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