The Day Of Eclipse | J-hope| BTS

Chapter 1.

It's had been 4 days after your 18th birthday. Isn't 18th birthday supposed to be celebrated with all the friends and celebrate the freedom you would be getting?

That was not the case though. Your childhood best friend, Jung Hoseok was seperated from you. He was the only person you had been best friends with. You were not so social.

~Day of your 18th Birthday

"Mom. Where's hobi?" You asked while your eyes scanned the room that you were expecting to be filled with the Jung family since it was his birthday too. No one else was gonna be invited as per your wish.

"Mr. and Mrs. Jung dropped by and have given this gift for you. They said it's from Hoseok." Your dad said.

"Okay but why are they not here?"
You asked, trying to control the tears that started building inside you.

"You remember the story we told you when you were a kid? The story of Sun and the moon." Mom said confusing your already confused mind.

Not able to speak anything, you nodded.

A moon and the sun, equally important for earth to stay alive. Moon, the cool and calming celestial body whereas the sun? A large raging ball of fire. Enough to burn you alive even with its tiny but precise spec of rays if you go too close.

The moon and the sun can never stand with each other. If the moon gets too close it might burn itself into tiny pile of ashes in front of sun. But there's one day. A day where the moon comes in fron of the fireball, refraining its hotness to reach the sun. That day is called ECLIPSE.

The only day where moon gets the power to stand in front of Sun, the only day when it doesn't decipher into thin air in front of the mighty sun.

"Today you turn 18. We did not know this, but now we know everything. Hoseok is part of sun dynasty. He did not choose it himself, it was his fate. He was already choosed. And you remember when we call you are soothing pill?" Dad asked.

Sun dynasty? Is that even a thing? Such things are meant to be in novels and fairytales, aren't they?

Drifting yourself apart from the confusing thought, you answers the question asked to you in affirmative.

"Moon. You know the moon has a capability of calming everyone even after doing nothing at all? Just their mere presence is enough. You are the moon honey. We were supposed to tell you this on your 18th birthday. You belong to the moon dynasty."

This bomb of mysterious fact was surprising you.

"Hoseok's parents told him the same thing today. They said since your presence felt different, they decided to ask us. They dint reveal it before thinking we might judge them or not believe them. If we would have known earlier, we wouldn't have let you get close to him honey."
Mom said.

"What does that mean? We can't meet each other?" You asked flabbergasted.

"I'm afraid you can't. He is the sun and you're a moon. You going near him can harm you. And also since both of you have turned 18 recently, you don't even know how to control your powers." Dad said, creases forming on his forehead.

"Your lives are like Earth. Just like one side faces the sun and other moon. The side facing moon, will turn and face the sun and the side facing sun will face the moon. All you need to do is wait fir the right time." Mom tried to make some sense to you.

"You're not separated forever y/n. Like in the story, there's eclipse. The only day where you both are safe near each other. Like Earth needs both moon and Sun, both of your lives need each other to survive."

"During eclipse, you both can meet and do what you normally cannot. Too much cold and too much hot can be fatal. That one day, you both need to meet and share your energies. You share you calmness and he shares his rage. You both will be balanced out then." Dad said while pating your head.

"This doesn't make sense to me. I'm not gonna believe this. This is all fiction dad! This cannot be true!"

With that said, you made your way out, towards Hoseok's place that was around the block. Just as you got exited your gate, you saw Hoseok running towards your house.

Your eyes met making him stop in his tracks and take a look at you. Your eyes teared up as you made your way towards his panting figure.

As the distance between you lessened, you felt the heat increase.

Is it just me or its really happening.

~Author's POV

Because of all the fiction like revelation about her and her best friend Hoseok, y/n couldn't think anything but try it for herslef and get convinced.

Though she felt the heat, she kept trudging towards Hoseok.

Hoseok, who was in the same confusion and disbelief, had come running with the same intentions. To check out things for himself. Without wasting any moment he had made his way towards y/n's house, around the block.

On seeing her coming out of the house, Hoseok checked her out for any signs of hurt due to the new changes that happened inside them.

Hoseok had felt a little burning sensation inside him and wondered if y/n felt something of such kind.

Y/n was fine and was going towards him. He felt some of his burning sensation fade.

This was it. It was happening.

Y/n felt his heat and Hoseok felt her coolness.

Afraid and unsure if he would hurt her the flames inside him, he moved back, confusing y/n a bit.

Y/n was trying to ignore the prickling on her skin and continued to walk.

She hissed when the warmness turned to hotness. Hoseok noticed it.
He went further behind, but that didn't stop y/n from coming forward.

Y/n saw Hoseok's parents running to reach them.

"Y/n stop! It's hurting you!" Mrs. Jung shouted.

"Y/n! Don't go near him! You'll burn yourself." Y/n heard her dads voice which made her turn. Her mom was following him too.

They were right. We are the SUN and the MOON.

Hoseok and Y/n thought.

Not able to be bearing the pain, physical and mental, y/n collapsed on her knees and sobbed.

Hoseok, wanting to hug her and stop her from crying, stood their with tears forming in his eyes, not wanting to hurt her.

He moved back and started running towards his home, not bothering to respond to his parents who were calling for him.

Seeing him walk away broke y/n more. The pain was too much to hold now. She let her eyes close and black surrounded her soon.


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