The Day Of Eclipse | J-hope| BTS

Chapter 2.


Hoseok ran and ran untill he reached in between the 4 walls of his room. Closing the door behind his back, he slid down against it.

So this was true. We were meant to be separated. I cannot go near y/n. The person whom y/n trusted, is going to hurt her if he went close to her to try and comfort her. I'll never hurt her.

Meanwhile, Hoseok stayed in his rooms aloofness, y/n was taken home.
Hoseok's parents had accompanied them too.

"Hoseok might need you." Y/n's mom said to Hoseok's.

"He'll handle himself. He's gonna be in his room anyways. I don't think he'll talk with us." Hoseok's dad said.

"Yes. Atleast when we go back home after yours, we can tell him that y/n is fine and maybe he'll feel better. But to make him feel better, we need to be sure too." That was all that Hoseok's parents needed to say to let them accompany y/n.


"They have got too close Mr. Jung. Maybe they love each other too."

Y/n/d said to the people sitting near the bed of y/n, who was resting.

"Yes. I think so too. Maybe we made a mistake by letting them get so close." J/h/d replied.

"We cannot blame ourselves. Maybe it was fate." J/h/m joined.

"Let's not blame fate or ourselves. What we do next should be the worry now. Both y/n and Hoseok are going to be very upset. They haven't stayed away from each other till date." Y/n/m stated to which all of them agreed.

"We can let them talk over calls. That wouldn't hurt. And also they can meet during eclipse, they'll HAVE too meet, to be honest. They need each other." J/h/d said as a matter of fact.

"Yes, a wood that catches fire can turn itself into ashes of it doesn't get tended by cool air. Ofcourse they need each other." Y/n/m agreed.

Their talk was cut short when y/n woke up.

"Y/n-ie! Are you ok?" Y/n/m rushed to her daughter.

Y/n's head was pounding but she nodded to calm down her worried parents. Then it all came back again.

Hoseok! Where's Hoseok?

"Ho- where's Hoseok mom?" Y/n asked, worried about her best friend.

"He's at home y/n. He'll be fine. You we'd to take care too. He'll handle himself." J/h/m said.

"I want to meet him. Please! Atleast once! Dad please!" Y/n said while addressing each one of the humans standing in front of her.

"Y/n-ie, you tried once. It hurt you, isn't it? You are still in the starting phase. There are things you still don't know. You don't know how to control yourselves. Once you get used to it, it won't be this painful."
Y/n/m said while sitting besides her daughter, whose eyes were now brimming with water.

"Once you are comfortable and fine, you can always talk on calls and also! You can meet during the eclipse. You won't be a threat to each other on that day."

The last line said by j/h/d caught y/na attention, making her look at him with a hope flaring inside her.


Hoseok had now pulled himself together after cursing the fate he had to face.

Who can change the fate? He had thought while laying himself down. Cone what may. He was going to be sober.

When he was about to leave the house and go check on y/n from a distance, enough to not harm her, he saw his parents entering.

"Hoseok! Are you alright?"

Instead of answering, Hoseok asked a question.

"Is y/n ok? Did I harm her?"

Hoseok's parents looked at each other with a sorrowful smile.

"No you did not harm her my child. She is fine. All the revelation probably was too much for her to handle so she fainted." J/h/d said while patting the shoulder of his son who let out a sigh of relief.

All of a sudden, j/h/m asked, "Hoseok?-" Hoseok looked at her. "- Do you both- you know like? Do you both love each other. Love as in, a man and a lady?"

The question first surprised Hoseok but he had never thought about it like that so he denied it.

But deep inside he knew this thought would keep on loitering.


Both y/n and Hoseok had been informed about how they would be able to contact. They couldn't wait to get in touch again.

It would not be like before but it was still better to have something rather than nothing.

It was hour after Hoseok's parents had left y/n's house. It was the right time to call Hoseok now.

Y/n picked up her phone and was about to place a call when it rang.

It was Hoseok.

Y/n: Hello?

JH: Y/n? Are you ok? Did I hurt you? Is it too much to bear? I am so sorry I left at that time. I should have stayed but I was hurting you-

Chuckling a bit at his friend ranting an apology which was not needed at all, she cut him off.

Y/n: Hoseok stop! I am fine. You don't need to apologise. You did nothing wrong. You protected me even by not staying with me.

Y/N's voice, as if a soothing pill for Hoseok, carried away his worries.

JH: I miss you already y/n-ie.

Hoseok said in a low voice, barely enough to reach the other end, but y/n managed to understand it without missing anything.

Y/n: I miss you too Hobi. This is the gift we get for our 18th birthday. Happy birthday Hoseok.

JH: I almost forgot it was our birthday today. Happy birthday to you too y/n.

The line went silent in both the ends. It was a comfortable silence. All that could be heard was breathing of both the souls who were now on the verge of tears again.

Both the souls yearning for each other's presence.


Chapter two done ✓.

And birthday on the same date I very possible. My birthday is on 18th Feb. Yes the same date as of J-HOPE (BTS) and DK and Vernon (SVT).


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