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Chapter 3.



I woke up when the sunrays hit my face. It felt hotter than usual. As a daily habbit, I got up and went to the window to take in the fresh air and look at the chirping birds while stretching out the stiff muscles.

The day was quite sunny but it was hotter than it should be.

Hoseok! He's a sun too! Is he somewhere near?

I looked around on the road, hoping I would find him and guess what?! I did.

Author's POV.

Y/n saw her bestfriend standing near the gate of her house already looking at her. He knew her habbits. Y/n was prone to go and peek outside the window, first thing after waking up.

Y/n, not able to contain her happiness, ran down immediately. The sounds of hurried footsteps made y/n's parents look at their daughter who was running towards the door with a smile.

They followed her in the same pace and stopped her before she could open the door.

"Dad! Hoseok is standing there!" Y/n said, clearly frustrated and angry at her parents.

Y/n's mother opened the door wide enough so they could have a look at him.

"It's ok aunty. I just wanted to see her. That's all. I am leaving. Have a good day all of you." Hoseok said with a sad smile and walked away.

They turned towards y/n to see her. Tears already flowing down her cheeks. It broke the elders to see their children like this, but they had no choice. This was the only way they could protect them.

They tried calming down their silently sobbing daughter, but she did not respond. She just got up and went to her room.


They sat in one of the tables placed in the corner of a restaurant, the food untouched. Worry of their children had taken away their appetite.

"They're too close to be seperated Mr. Jung" y/n's mother spoke.

"I agree. Hoseok left the house early in the morning today. When we asked why he said he's going to see y/n." J/h/m said.

"I had asked Hoseok if they love each other but he denied it." J/h/d stated.

"They probably haven't realised it yet. I think we should not force them. Let them find the love for each other. Let's give them time." Y/n/d replied.

Similar talks went on until y/n/d's phone rang.

He saw the caller ID, which showed y/n and looked at his wife.

"Hello?" Y/n/d said.

"D-dad. Something's happening to me. I'm feeling too cold." Y/n replied from the other end in a barely audible voice.

"Oh. Y/n! Hang on. We'll be there in a few minutes." Y/n/d ended the call and quickly explained the situation and began to leave when Hoseok's parents suggested to go along.

The left the restaurant immediately and got into their cars.

Y/n/d tried igniting the car with his shaky hands bund it wouldn't start. The engine had cooled down considerably low, refraining it from working.

They got off from their vehicle and joined Hoseok's parents in their car. They drove off untill even their car was blocked by a heavy traffic blocked road.

"Every fucking havoc has to happen today itself!" Y/n/d cursed.

"Hoseok-" J/h/m suddenly spoke, "y/n needs Hoseok now. She needs some heat and Hoseok can give it to her!"
She took out her phone and quickly called her son.


Hoseok's POV.

I closed the laptop and decided to check if mom and dad had arrived. I was going to head towards the drawing room when my phone vibrated.

"Hello?"Hoseok spoke.

"Hoseok! Go to y/n! She needs you! Now!" Not waiting for any further instructions, he threw the phone back on his mattress and ran towards y/n's house.

Author's POV.

Having ran as fast as possible, Hoseok reached y/n's place. He hesitated a bit out of fear but knocked nonetheless.

Y/n, who was slouched on the couch, got up and went towards the door. She had been feeling cold for quite sometime now, but as soon as she heard the knock, she sensed something warm.


She thought to herself. Excitement to meet her friend made her weak legs run towards the door.

Hoseok heard the footsteps nearing so he backed off from the door, maintaining the distance just enough to make sure he doesn't hurt her.

Little did he know that he was the one y/n needed.


Y/n opened the door and frowned when she saw Hoseok far from her.

Hoseok was surprised to see the pale figure.

"Y/n are you cold?" He asked while taking a step closer.

The question made y/n think. Yes she was cold, she was shivering.

"I was! But when you came I don't feel that cold. I guess you can come in. It won't hurt." Y/n said when her logical thinking was proved correct.

"Are you sure?" Hoseok asked out of concern earning a nod from y/n.

Without wasting a second he started walking. As the distance decreased y/n felt much warmer.

"Tell me if it becomes too much ok?" Hoseok said.

"It's ok Hoseok. I'm fine." Y/n assured him.

As soon as he approached her, y/n leapt and hugged him fiercely.

It was hot but bearable. Hoseok looked worried at first but then gave in to the hug.

She needs my warmth.

Hoseok thought to himself. He tightened the hug. She calmed him. His mind felt at peace. He burried his face in her neck and took in her calming aura.

The hug was broken when y/n said he was holding her too tight and she couldn't breathe.

"Can't help. I missed you." Hoseok said witha chuckle.

"We were away for just a day. And the second day you're here, nothing can separate us." Y/n said making both of them to cringe.

"You do know that we're talking like an ideal couple right now." Hoseok said making y/n chuckle.

'Do you love each other like a man and a lady?'

The question Hoseok thought that had been pushed aside, came back again.

Do I love her?

Hoseok questioned himself.


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