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Chapter 4

Author's POV

Hoseok looked at the sleeping figure of his bestfriend besides him, passed out due to comfort and warmth.

Worried he was hurting her because of the slightly reddish cheeks. He couldn't think of letting her sleep on the couch. It's gonna be so uncomfortable, he thought.

After a mental fight with himself for a few minutes, he decided to quickly tuck y/n in bed.

He was afraid to touch her,but then they were sitting besides each for a quite long time now. He put his hand behind her knees and other behind her shoulder and picked her up bridal style.

He chuckled when y/n stirred in his arms but snuggled closer to him. He had climbed up the stairs carefully and pushed the door of y/n's room, letting themselves in.

Careful not to wake up y/n, he slwly placed her on the bed and covered her halfway with the duvet. A few strands of hair had stuck on her cheek due to the sweat.

Maybe because I was close to her. Hoseok thought while his finger made their way towards the beautiful face. He tuck the hair behind y/n's ear. Y/n stirred again due to the commotion happening in her surroundings and ended up trapping Hoseok's hand in between her tiny ones.

Hoseok looked at the figure in front of him and then it came back again.

Do I love her?

He looked at y/n taking all the features in, admiring her with his whole heart, making up for the day they had stayed away.

So beautiful.

Hoseok thought. He did not even realise when he fell asleep with his head besides her and seated on the floor while looking at her, her hand holding his.


Their parents made back home after quite a struggle. The house was calm. Y/n's worried parents opened the door without wasting any time and looked for both of you.

Not in drawing room, not in kitchen, not in the backyard. The only place left was your bedroom.

They hurried to your room and saw the door wide open. A lot of sighs of relief were heard. They looked at the two souls melting in each others presence.

"Just perfect. They're meant for each other. Nothing can separate them." Y/n/d said to receive nods and smiles in return.

Not wanting to disturb the happy moment, everyone stayed still and looked at their peacefully sleeping kids.


Hoseok felt a bit cold and to add to his discomfort he heard their parents talk somewhere near. He opened his eyes and found him besides y/n in the same position. He looked up and saw their parents standing at the door.

"Oh you're here." Hoseok said. He tried taking his hand out of y/n's so that he could get up but y/n wouldn't budge. The grip only got tighter.

He was feeling his energy being sucked out. He was getting colder, but he din't want to wake y/n so he gave up.

"Hoseok are you alright? You look pale." J/h/m asked while walking towards her son.

"Yes mom. I'm fine. Just a little bit cold." Hoseok replied and looked at y/n.

"You should leave Hoseok. Don't push yourself to much. We'll take care of her." Y/n/d addresses hoseok.

"I'll be fine." Hoseok said.

"Please Hoseok. Don't choose pain just to keep her comfortable. We beed you to be safe too. You are just like y/n to us. Come on now." Y/n/m said, deeply touched by his actions.

Not able to refuse this sweet and concerned gesture, he once again tried to take his hand out of y/n's as subtly as he could so that he doesn't wake her up. He succeeded after a few attempts.

Hoseok and his parents bid their bye before leaving while Hoseok glanced at y/n for the last time for god knows how many days now.


At Hoseok's place.

"Are you alright Hoseok?" J/h/m asked to which he replied 'yes' and started going to his room upstairs.

"Hoseok wait. I have something to talk about." J/h/d said making him stop in his tracks and try to understand what it was about. He got back down nonetheless.

JH: What is it dad?

J/h/d: Come have a seat first.

Hoseok did as asked and sat down on the couch while his dad sat in front of him.

J/h/d: I know I have asked you this, but I'll ask again. Do you love her?

The question to which he did not know the answer himself was being asked again.

He just kept quiet and pondered over the question thinking if he does love her.

JH: I don't know dad.

J/h/d: Do you wanna talk about it? It's okay if you don't, but I guess we can help you out in some ways.

Did he wanna talk about it? After a lot of vacillation Hoseok finally settled on knowing. He knew he felt something but what exactly wasn't known. He agreed to talk so that atleast he won't have to fake himself, to worry himself, to burden himself with unbearable questions.

JH: Yes. This question has been loitering around in my head since the day you asked it. I do feel something but I don't know what it is. I am tired of pushing aside questions left unanswered.

J/h/m: What do you mean? What do you feel?

J/h/d: Calm down j/h/m. Let him take his time.

JH: I don't know. I feel different when I'm with y/n. It's an odd feeling of satisfaction. I never felt it with anyone. Not even you. You know today when I went to her place in the morning?

Hoseok confessed trying to clear things as much as he can and settle on a decision that would not bother him or make him worried or uncomfortable. J/h/d nodded ushering Hoseok to continue.

JH: I was feeling very.. very you know? I don't even know how do I put this.

J/h/d: Don't think much. Just say what you have to.

JH: I was feeling kind of restless. There's never been a day where I have stayed without y/n. When I was so confused and when my brain was in a turmoil I thought I should just go around a bit and clear my head but nothing helped.

Then there was y/n. Her thoughts as if untangle md everything. I did not even realise that I was walking towards her place. When I saw her, it was a very unusual happiness. One day without her and my life as got gloomy.

I can't stay away from her dad. I love-

Realisation hit him when he almost confessed his love for y/n in conscience.

Hearing what their son was speaking, Hoseok's parents knew he would realise it himself. All he needed was just a flick to start.

J/h/d: This is love kid. You said it yourself. And you won't have to be away for long. Eclipse is just around the corner and looking at how physically close you got today, I think your body's need each other too. You both are able to stand each other's trait so I guess it's not gonna be that difficult.

Still surprised by his own words, Hoseok couldn't talk or think of anything but his love for y/n.


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