Supernatural one shots

Chap 4

Team Free Will had located Lucifer in Detroit. They were in the car going to Detroit to finish this damn apocalypse once and for all. Dean glanced towards Sam to see he was sleeping. He smiled a little. 'Although he is going to save the world, he will always be my little brother' he thought to himself. They reached Detroit and he woke Sam up. "Sam, hey, wake up" he said and Sam murmured something "No, dean, let me sleep a little" he said and went back to sleep again. Dean chuckled and said and rose him shaking his brother's shoulder "No can do, little brother, you can sleep once we save the world from ending" he said and Sam groaned and woke up. "Are we here?" He asked. "Yeah, we are" dean said. "You ready Sam? To become the hero of the world?" Dean asked. "Ready as I will ever be" Sam said and smiled at his brother.

Team Free Will reached the cemetery where the big showdown was going to happen between Sam and Lucifer. Sam was ready with his army of angels and Lucifer was also ready with his army of demons. "Sam, I am going to give you the offer one last time, say yes to me and we will rule the world together" Lucifer said. Sam smirked and said "Go to hell" and then the war started. Dean, Adam, Cas and the other angels fought with demons while Sam and Gabriel were head to head wth Lucifer. Sam used his powers to try to weaken Lucifer but nothing was working. Lucifer sent a fireball towards Sam but he avoided it and hid behind a rock with Gabe. "Gabe, what do we do?" He asked, whispering. "Here, take this and plung it deep in his heart" Gabriel gave him a blade. Sam took it and asked "what will this do?" He asked. "This is an archangel blade. This will kill him" he said and Sam nodded. He saw that the others were having difficulties fighting with demons. He closed his eyes, concentrated and when he reopened them, his eyes sparkled blue and his wings showed. The whole battle field was dumbfounded and Sam lifted his hand and all the demons were killed. Lucifer gasped when he saw that power that destroyed his army. He growled and lunges at Sam. Sam used his powers to hold him long enough and plunged the archangel blade deep in his heart. Lucifer gasped and exploded. Good thing that no one was injured bcz Gabriel had put a protected shield over everyone. When the fog cleared, Dean looked at Sam standing near Lucifer's vessel. Sam turned around and smiled at his army and instantly collapsed. "SAAAMMMM" was all he heard before his world went dark.

Author's note: So sorry guys for making it this late but due to my exams I was very busy. Now that they are over, I promise to update 2-3 chapters a week. Stay safe and enjoy reading 😊
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