Supernatural one shots

Chapter 5

Sam collapsed infront of Dean as soon as he killed Lucifer. Dean went running to his brother and collapsed beside him "Hey, Sam, Sammy, wake up little brother" he said while tapping his cheeks lightly but Sam didn't budge from his position. Dean checked his pulse and it was very shallow. "Cas!Gabriel! Someone please help" Dean said and Castiel and Gabriel were there in an instant. "What happened?" Dean asked. "It looks like he used a major portion of his powers to kill Lucifer. Step aside Dean, he is fading pretty fast" Gabriel said and Dean stepped away instantly. Gabriel healed him but Sam didn't wake up still. "My healing powers are not enough to help Sam. Every angel come here this instant" Gabriel said and each and every angel was beside him in an instant. They were all very worried for Sam's health. "Are you guys ready to heal our savior?" Gabriel asked and everyone nodded. "Cassie, take care of Dean" Gabriel said and Cas nodded. He walked over to Dean and consoled his friend. "On my count. One two three" Gabriel said and every angel used their powers to heal Sam. Dean and Cas saw as a bright light filled the whole field whole they preyed that this would help Sam. When they all were finished, Sam gasped for air. Dean quickly went to his brother and hugged him so tightly that he wouldn't let go. "Dean, I am okay" Sam said and Dean pulled apart and gave a little smack on the back of his brother's head. "Ow, what was that for?" Sam asked, rubbing his head. "For scaring me. Don't scare me like that again, you understand bitch" Dean said. "I very well understand, jerk" Sam said and all the angels went out heaven while the three brothers returned home.

Author's note: Here you go guys another chapter and I don't know whether I should continue writing. Anyways enjoy this for now 😊
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