Supernatural one shots

New track Chapter 1

After defeating Lucifer, Sam's powers grew more and more and that helped making heaven and earth a better place. Even though Sam was the most powerful human being on earth, they still lived at Bobby's. Right now Sam was teaching Adam some basic things of how to kill certain monsters on hunts.

"Okay, Adam, how do you kill a werewolf and a shape shifter?" Sam asked. "Silver bullets to the heart" Adam said and Sam nodded. "Alright, how do you kill a ghost and what thing protects you from a ghost?" Sam asked while Dean was watching his two little brothers. "To kill salt and burn the body or anything the ghost is attached to and salt and iron are used to slow ghosts down" Adam answered and Sam rubbed his hair affectionately. "Very good Adam, now we will practice your target now. Here take this gun" Sam said and gave Adam a gun and by his powers created a wood mannequin. "Now aim for it's heart and shoot" Sam said and Adam fired shots at the mannequin. Dean and Sam clapped for him. "Alright, enough practice for today. C'mon, lunch is ready" Dean said and as they were leaving a man appeared in Bobby's backyard and Sam had a strange vibe from him. He held his arm to protect Adam. "Stay here" Sam said in a light tone and Adam nodded.

"Who are you?" Sam asked. "Your destruction" the man said and held a weapon infront of him and all of a sudden all the powers of Sam were going away from his body. "Aaaahhhhhhh!!!" Sam screamed as every bit of power left hsi body and he falled to the ground. "SAAAMMMM!!!!!" Dean and Adam screamed and ran towards their brother. Before Dean could reach for the guy, the guy disappeared from there. "Hey, Sam, wake up" Adam tried to wake Sam up but Sam wouldn't even twitch a little. "CAS!!! GABRIEL!!!" Dean called and immediately the two angels appeared. "Dean. What's wrong?" Gabriel asked, that's when he saw Sam unconscious on the ground. "What happened?" Castiel asked. "A guy came with a weapon, he held his weapon at Sam and all sam's powers left his body and he collapsed" Dean said. "Who would do such a thing?" Castiel asked. "Zachariah" Gabriel said. "Remember Cas, Zachariah is nowhere to be seen and a weapon is also missing from heaven" Gabriel said. "What does this weapon does?" Adam asked. "It takes away every power an angel has. The angel dies as soon as their powers are snatched away but since Sam is a human also, he is just unconscious but we have to do something quickly before he dies" Gabriel said and with a snap of his fingers all of them were inside Bobby's house and laid Sam on the sofa.

Author's note: Here you go guys. First chapter of the new track. Enjoy reading 😊
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