The End of the Heroes


This is a tale of some of your favourite fast-flying superheroes from Marvel and DC, mixed with their most egotistical, maniacal villains. Together, they’re gonna have to figure out how to save the multiverses, find yourself, and believe in Truth, Justice, and the Superhero way.

Action / Adventure
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Redde Thanos, mors ipsa est particeps. Mortis libidinem offerat ei simul quod non faciet efficiunt sana universum.
The StoryTeller opens The Book of Destiny and calls upon the Soul Stone’s realm to bring back The Mad Titan Thanos himself.
“Monks!” they cried, “Bring forth the Infinity Stones! They play a very large part in this game for…”
“For two?” Monks asks.
The StoryTeller laughs, “I was going to say ‘in this game for the Foolish.’ But sure, in too many players.”
“I, uh, that wasn’t what I meant when I said t-”
“I know Monks, after all, I was the one who wrote this moment. Do not forget my knowledge.”
Monks bows, “Never Master.”
The StoryTeller looks behind their shoulder at Monks, “You know what you have to do, yes?”
He nods quickly, “O-of course Master. I will not fail you, I swear.”
“You’d better not, we don’t want a recurrence of what happened last time.”
Monks starts to back away slowly, “N-no Master. Of course not, I will not let you down this time.”
The StoryTeller nods, somewhat satisfied, “Leave me now, and remember this: I am always watching.”
Monks opens up his portal to earth and starts his mission, meanwhile The StoryTeller continues their ritual to bring back one of the most hated beings in the universe.
“I watched over the Multiverse for thousands of years, and finally, the Multiverse will begin anew. And this time, I will make sure that everything will go as planned.”

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