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Supernatural One Shots

Chapter 2

Sam started to wake up the next morning. He looked around to see that he was in their motel room although he was pretty sure that he was in the church. He heard voices from the other room. He arose from his bed and went to the room to find Dean and Cas sitting on the sofa. "Guys?" He said and they both looked around.

Dean looked around to see his baby brother standing. He immediately went towards him and wrapped him in a hug. "Uhm... Dean??" Sam asked. Dean pulled away, "God, it's so good to see you awake little brother. You gave us quite a scare" he said. Sam sat down beside cas on the sofa and asked "What happened?" He asked and Castiel told him everything that went through yesterday night.

"You mean, I have angel grace in me?" He asked and Castiel nodded. "But... how?" He asked. "When you prayed to God, he heard your prayer and it is written in one of the revelations that only the true vessel of Lucifer can defeat him" cas answered. "So what else can I do?" Sam asked. "You can heal people, fly with your wings, cure monsters, resurrect people" he said. "Wait, resurrect people?" Dean asked and cas nodded. "You mean to say, I can bring mom, dad, Jessica back?" Sam asked. "No, they were killed bcz of demons so you can't resurrect them but you can resurrect your half brother, Adam" cas said. "But, if I am that powerful,would I not be harmful?" Sam asked. "No, Sam, I won't let that happen, you have me and dean, we won't let anything happen to you and besides, I am gonna train you on how you should control your powers. Don't worry Sam, we will defeat Lucifer" cas said and Sam smiled.

Author's note: Guys I am so sorry for not updating, I have been super busy with my exams and they are starting on 26 July and will end on 2nd August, so plz pray for me and until then, enjoy this chapter.
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