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Supernatural One Shots

Chapter 3

It had been a month since Sam had been practicing his powers given to him by God. He even resurrected Adam and Team Free Will was now assembled. Some of the angels in heaven were also with sam in his crusade to kill Lucifer and those who denied following Sam or tried to kill him, they were all killed.

One day Sam was practicing his powers in the backyard when Dean came. "Hey" he said. "Hey" Sam smiled at his brother. "You looking good, little brother. I have full faith that you will defeat that son of a bitch" Dean said. Sam smiled weakly. "What's the matter?" Dean asked. Sam sighed and sat on a bench, "It's just, when me and Lucifer will have the final showdown. It would be massive Dean. And I don't want anything happening to the innocent people" he said. Dean came and sat beside his brother and held his brother's hand"Hey, we will find a way"

Author's note: I am so sorry guys for the delay but I am super busy with my exams.
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