3. On Thin Ice

Aftermath Of Changes

“What’s the matter, Majesty?” asks the Guard Captain.

“Take her…,” begins Queen Clarion, indicating Darcy, but before she can finish, two of the guards, now having a taste of how dangerous the Trix can be, are quick to grab Darcy roughly from her mat, supporting her upright and still unconscious between them.

“Alright, it’s off to jail with you,” says the one.

“Right!” seconds the other.

“No!” orders Queen Clarion, stopping the guards from making off with Darcy.

“Are you alright, Majesty?” asks the Guard Captain with deep concern. “Did she harm you any?”

“No, I’m fine, Captain,” Clarion assures him. “I want her taken to the Newlings’ Chamber.”

“You heard Her Majesty,” he orders the guards holding Darcy. “Take her to the Newlings’ Chamber.”

“Yes, Sir!” reply the guards then make to drag Darcy out the door.

“Not like that, you idiots!” yells Elixa. “She’s a Newling not some criminal. Put her back on her mat. Gently! And mind her wings – they’ve just formed.” Then she turns to Zephyr. “Go have someone fetch a gurney here,” then Zephyr immediately departs.

“Hunky guys,” whispers Stella into Musa’s ear, “but why can’t brawn come with brains or brains with brawn?” then yelps when Musa jabs her in the ribs and frowns.

“Where are they taking her?” Stormy asks Tink – the worry plain on her face as a gurney is wheeled in and Darcy lifted into it and secured.

“No idea,” shrugs Tinker Bell. “I’ve never been there nor heard of it before.”

“I know of it,” whispers Vidia. “It’s a shielded chamber where they send new Faeries who may possess a dangerous talent but it hasn’t been used in generations.”

At that, Stormy flits to in front of the two guards just before Darcy is about to be wheeled away.

“Please be gentle with her, good sirs,” pleas Stormy to the guards in a sweet bell-like voice. “She’s my sister and she’s never done harm to anyone who hasn’t tried to harm her first,” then makes big innocent blue eyes and an ultra-cloying and super adhesive half-smile at them.

“Alright, little missy,” says one of the guards, a huge smile breaking across his face. “Treat her like an egg we will,” then they proceed to wheel Darcy out the doorway.

“Did he just call her ‘lil’ missy’?” steams Rosetta. “Why, them’s fightin’ words!” then makes to have at them – guards or not.

“Don’t get your wings in a bind, Sweetie,” says Flora, gently taking Rosetta’s shoulders. “I’m sure no insult was intended.”

“What have you done to us, pixie queen?” yells Icy, her face red with anger.

“Nothing,” asserts Queen Clarion, facing Icy straight on.

“By the River Styx, nothing!” snarls Icy. “You knew something like this would happen.”

“Not like this,” says Queen Clarion, shaking her head. “I thought that the Chamber Of Voices would only give you the ability to understand and speak our language, nothing more. Although extremely rare, there have been times before when the Tree created special Faerie Talents when there was a need for them. Being that you are Witches, I never would have expected the Tree would work such a change on you and your sisters. Your transformations are totally unprecedented in the annals of Pixie Hollow.”

“Shut up with your lies!” yells Icy at Queen Clarion – aggressively and in her face. “What you’ve done is try to make us into whimsy-flimsy little faeries,” and with this, there is a gasp of shock and horror around the chamber. Queen Clarion steps back to get Icy out of her face.

Then Icy’s anger explodes. She raises her hands about to cast some mischief on Queen Clarion when Aisha makes a rapid gesture. A crown is suddenly firmly fastened to Icy’s head that stops her magic cold.

“Did you think I’d come unprepared for this, Icy?” growls Aisha. “The monks at Light Rock gave me the restraining locks for the three of you.”

One of Clarion’s guards, still not happy with just that, roughly binds Icy’s hands behind her back then shoves her to her knees. “Now,” he scowls at her, his tone threatening, “I believe you have a little something to say to your Queen, you do,” then tightens his grip on Icy’s shoulder.

“I’m sorry, Majesty,” whispers Icy but the feral blue lights in her eyes show that her words are hollow.

Clarion, at a loss for words, nods her acceptance and allows Icy to stand up.

“I told you she must be royalty,” whispers Tinker Bell to the other Tinx, upon seeing the crown on Icy’s head.

“Princess Icy?” asks Silvermist, frowning.

“No,” replies Icy whose ears have picked up on the conversation. “I can no longer call myself Icy if this is what I’ve become. My real name is Ishandra and that is how I wish to be known.”

“In Pixie Hollow you have the right to choose a new name for yourself. If you choose the name Ishandra, then so be it. You are now to be known as Ishandra but I’ve heard that name before,” smiles Queen Clarion. “Long ago there was a Faerie named Princess Ishandra. She was said to have come from Carthage and in Carthaginian her name meant ‘She who is wise.’”

“Princess Ishandra,” sighs Rosetta. “That name is almost as beautiful as she is.”

Tinker Bell herds the Tinx a little ways off and out of Icy’s and Stormy’s earshot. “We’ve got to save her,” she tells them.

“You are joking,” says Vidia, astonished.

“No,” replies Tinker Bell, shaking her head, “There’s too much potential for good locked up within her to let Evil have its way with her.”

“Don’t be fooled by a viper hidden inside a rose,” cautions Vidia, “but if that’s what you want, Tink, we can do our best.”

“I sense a lot of anger, hurt and resentment bottled up inside her,” whispers Fawn sadly and sincerely. “It’s strange to me that Flora hasn’t picked up on this long ago. I can feel that Icy’s never lived a single day of happiness nor known a moment’s joy in her life. The Winx and the monks have been using a whip and a chair on her. Maybe some T.L.C. and Pixie Dust would be stronger and work better. She needs someone to take her under her wing and lead the way to The Light.”

“I was thinking more like someone taking her under his wing,” says Tinker Bell.

“Who?” ask the Tinx.

“Come closer,” whispers Tinker Bell, “and I’ll tell you.”

“What?!” gasp the Tinx. “Queen Clarion would never allow it. Tink, you know how fast they are bound to one another.”

“I feel that it is because of her love for him and their special bond that she will allow it,” says Tinker Bell. “She knows that Lord Milori needs a consort and that, even dressed in winter clothing, she can stay with him in the Winter Woods for only a short march of days before the cold gets to her or her duties here call her back to Spring Valley.”

Tink pauses to let the others absorb this.

“Peri has told me that his melancholy and depression have worsened since his brief reunion with Queen Clarion and his meeting with Princess Aisha,” continues Tinker Bell. “He languishes in his home most of the time when not attending to official duties, he hardly eats or sleeps, and it has been weeks since he has even gone owlback riding. Come on, guys,” pleas Tinker Bell with her knees half bent and her hands held in prayer, “it’s staring us right in the face! This couldn’t be a more perfect match if it were sprinkled with Pixie Dust.”

“My little finger is telling me that there is a conspiracy afoot,” says Aisha, joining the Tinx. “What mischief are you up to, guys?”

Tinker Bell explains and Aisha frowns in thought.

“I think you’re onto something, Tink,” says Aisha after a moment. “But, you must tell Queen Clarion about your plan first.”

“I have every intention to,” replies Tinker Bell, miffed. “We’d never do anything like this behind her back.”

“I’m glad to hear that,” says Aisha. “Icy is an ice spirit who would thrive in the Winter Woods, but you know, Tink, you cannot force a relationship or two people to fall in love with one another.”

“I agree with that, Tink,” seconds Vidia, and the others nod.

“We could make it easier for Nature to take its course,” suggests Silvermist.

“Well, I can’t envision Milori and Ishandra going rainbow sliding,” Iridessa half giggles.

“I’m sure we can get Peri, Gliss and Spike to help us out with some Winter Woods activities,” says Tinker Bell. “Maybe arrange an especially beautiful and romantic light show in the skies for them or a special surprise meal together or skating and hope there will be magic.”

“How romantic!” gushes Rosetta with stars in her eyes and Silvermist begins to cry while smiling.

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