3. On Thin Ice

Discovering Stormy

While Iridessa remains behind to work on helping Darcy perfect and master her new talent and Ishandra is taken by Vidia to look over the maps of the Winter Woods and exchange information, Rosetta and Silvermist along with Tinker Bell, Flora and Aisha have taken on the task of helping Stormy with her new talent.

“I know just the place to start,” says Rosetta, bubbling with excitement. “We can go to that large spread of cropland that is still badly scorched and parched from the dragonfly attack and see if we can bring it back to life.”

“Perfect,” agrees Silvermist. “If Stormy can start a downpour then I can use my talent from the sides to see that the water is distributed evenly.”

“I will be happy to help,” grins the Storm Witch.

Stormy and the Faeries are on the ground looking over the damaged land. Stormy notices that the Tinx are still acting nervous about her and sees her chance to make some amends without her sisters around to interfere or object.

“You..., your name is..., Tinker Bell, right?” she asks the green-clad Faerie. “We fought at Alfea.”

Surprised, Tink shrinks from Stormy while Silvermist and Rosetta move closer to her. “Yes, that’s right.”

Stormy drops to her knees before Tink, folds her hands in her lap and bows her head. “I am sorry for attacking you like that. Please forgive me. But if you want to punish me, I’ll take it.”

Tinker Bell would very much like to see Stormy punished, but before she can get any further along those thoughts, she hears a voice behind her.

“Tinker Bell, come with me,” says Aisha.

Aisha takes her a little ways to the side. “Tinker Bell, I know how you must feel and it is your right to exact a punishment, but don’t. Please.”

“Aisha?” frowns Tinker Bell.

“Look at her,” continues Aisha. “She’s not the Witch who attacked you. That person is gone. Stormy is now a Newling as Queen Clarion said, and a child within a woman’s body. It is time for you to show some Faerie magnanimity and offer an olive branch instead.”

Now it is Tinker Bell’s turn to kneel before the Storm Talent who has not moved. “I know you are truly sorry and I forgive you. There’ll be no punishment asked.”

Stormy suddenly throws her arms about Tinker Bell’s neck and kisses both her temples. “My Sister!” she sobs which totally confuses Tinker Bell.

“It’s a custom from our world,” Aisha quietly explains to her. “It means that you have been accepted into her circle in more than just a casual way. Do as she’s done in return or she’ll feel offended.”

Tinker Bell hesitantly wraps her arms about Stormy’s neck and kisses her temples. “My Sister,” she whispers into her ear and, although strange to her, she finds that she too is weeping.

“You know,” Tinker Bell tells Stormy, “in Pixie Hollow you have the right to choose a new name for yourself.”

“Well,” smiles Stormy, “my real name is Levina, which means a lightning bolt, but everyone at home called me Leffi,” then the Faeries begin to giggle.

“What’s so funny?” asks Stormy, looking hurt.

“You don’t have any idea what that means in our language, do ya, Honeysuckle?” asks Rosetta, smiling gently.

“Repeat it but use your gift of our language and maybe you’ll understand,” suggests Tink.

Stormy repeats her name then frowns. “Faerie of Light?” she asks hesitantly.

“Yes!” says Silvermist, near tears with emotion. “You are our new Faerie of Light.” All gather around Leffi for a group hug while in her eyes the faerie-blue light of newfound inner peace shines brightly.

Soon though they return to business.

Rosetta leaves to fetch Chloe while the others fly over the damage to get a better look.

“Are you ready?” Sil asks Leffi, “We don’t have a Storm Talent around to teach you; they are all on the Mainland for Spring, so, because I’m a Water Talent, I’m the closest one here to one of them so I’m going to do my best to teach you.”

“I trust you,” answers the new Storm Talent with a smile.

“So, to start off, I’ll… ”

The lesson is interrupted by the blowing of horns from the Watch Talent Faeries.

“What is that alarm for?” asks Flora, “I don’t think I’ve heard it before.”

All the Tinx look scared. “Hawk attack!! Quick! We’ve got to hide!”

Tink points to a tree below. “There’s a disguised refuge in that tree that will hold all of us! Let’s go!”

“Help!” calls a voice in a long and loud scream.

“It’s after us!” calls another.

They look to see Rosetta and Chloe flying as fast as they can toward them, bobbing and weaving, a hawk hot on their trails.

“No!” gasps Flora. She grabs Aisha’s wrist and pulls her toward the fleeing Faeries. “Come on, we’ve got to do something!”

But before they get very far, they are nearly knocked out of the sky by Leffi as she blows past them.

As the Alfea Faeries recover their balance, all watch as the Storm Talent gets between the hawk and its prey.

“Go away, you nasty bird, before I singe your tail feathers!” shouts Leffi, raising her arms.

There is a blinding flash of lightning followed instantly by a deafening crack of thunder.

Both blinded and deafened, the hawk screeches and veers off, gaining altitude so it wouldn’t blunder into a tree.

The group gathers together, watching the hawk as it unsteadily flies away. Sil falls into Flora’s arms, crying hard.

“By the Yellow Pixie Dust!” exclaims Ro, her hands clasped to her still rapidly beating heart. “Ah thought Ah was a goner fa sure!”

“I never thought I could fly so fast!” agrees Chloe, turning the dirt on her forehead into mud as she wipes it with her sweaty palm.

“You saved them, Leffi!” says Tink.

“I just found you, and Styx take me if I was going to lose any of you!” she replies. “Let that nasty bird dare to show one feather back here and I’ll make hawk fricassee of it.”

“Spoken like a Witch, Ah guess, and we all appreciate the sentiment,” smiles Ro, “but, Honey, in these here parts we do our best to preserve life and create harmony.”

“You’ll come to understand, by-and-by,” says Sil, leaving Flora’s side to take Leffi gently by her shoulders.

Tinker Bell smiles and nods to the other Tinx. “Faith!” she recites, holding out a hand.

“Trust!” add Ro, Chloe and Sil, putting their hands on top.

“And Pixie Dust!” finishes Leffi, adding hers.

Flora and Aisha look at each other, and exchange a smile.

“But you know, Dessa is our Faerie of Light,” says Sil, “Maybe we should stick to Faerie of Light-ning!”

There are groans at the joke, and Silvermist giggles behind her hand.

As they fly back to the spot over the ruined land, Leffi looks thoughtful. “You know, these wings are really something! I don’t believe I have ever flown as fast using a Witch’s flight spell. They do take some getting used to, though.”

“Now you know what we Faeries go through the first time we change forms,” answers Aisha, and Flora agrees.

Once back in place, the lesson continues.

“Okay, now, I want you to…” says Sil.

“Do something like this?” interrupts Leffi. She directs a cloud overhead to come closer, and it starts gathering moisture, turning darker as it does.

“That’s right!” exclaims Rosetta, “You already figgered it out?”

“Not really very different from using my magic,” she replies, “The lighting I used against the bird was from my talent. It was instinctive; there wasn’t time to cast a spell.”

In the end, the rain Leffi produced was not accompanied by lightning, but it was a fairly heavy downpour. “I’ll have to practice, I suppose.”

By the evening, everyone was satisfied with the results, and other Garden Faeries were bringing in seeds for the recovered area.

The new Storm Talent got a first-hand look at how the different Faerie talents cooperated to fix problems. “Very different than how we Witches do it,” she thought, “but I can learn.”

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