3. On Thin Ice

Summer Vacations! Yay!

In one of the great classrooms at Alfea College, forty Faeries, including the Winx, are impatiently watching the clock as Miss Griselda drones on about their responsibilities in the world as Guardian Faeries while the minutes seem to take forever to drag by. Finally, it is midday and the final bell for the year chimes.

“Class dismissed!” announces Miss Griselda then there are loud cheers as books and notes fly magically into the air and begin to spin about the classroom then follow their owners as they rush out the door.

“Ladies! Some decorum, if you please!” snaps Miss Griselda but inwardly she is chuckling, remembering her own college days.

“I can hardly wait to be off,” smiles Stella as the Winx rush down the halls. “We’ve spent half a year planning for this and I’m already packed and ready to go.”

“But Stella,” complains Musa. “What do you need with five beach balloons, five volleyballs and sixteen bathing suits not to mention all that snack food?”

“It’s not all for me,” protests Stella, “but I can hardly wait to see how my Stella’s New Line of Mini-Faerie Haut Couture Swimwear is going to look on our seven new friends.

“Right,” laughs Bloom, “and I bet that the seventh one is for Queen Clarion.”

“Who snitched?” pouts Stella. “Now there’ll be no surprise.”

“It’s so obvious, Stella,” laughs Tecna. “Don’t worry. We’ve not said a word to anyone. Now we’re wasting time.”

“Pixie Hollow Ahoy!” shouts Musa.

“Ahoy!” shout the other Winx as they head to their dorms.

There is utter chaos in the Winx suite as everyone is going through their bags once more, making sure they haven’t forgotten anything. Bloom stands in the middle of the common room, looking around at her friends as they frantically work. She had been bringing out everyone’s bags as they were finished and closed.

“Guys! Take it easy!” she calls, “I’m excited too, but Pixie Hollow isn’t going anywhere, and we’re not leaving until tomorrow morning!”

“Yes,” agrees Tecna in a loud voice, “Take heed of the old saying, ‘Make haste slowly’.”

“That doesn’t make sense,” complains Musa as she checks her flute.

“It does seem counter-intuitive,” agrees Tecna, “but it means the same as ‘haste makes waste’.”

“Less philosophy, more packing!” shouts Stella from her room.

Her friends roll their eyes at the Solarian princess, and keep working.

In Pixie Hollow, Queen Clarion has summoned the Tinx to her audience chamber.

“Good news!” she announces. “I have just received word from my friend, Miss Faragonda, that summer has just begun in her realm and the Winx will arrive at Pixie Hollow tomorrow to spend their vacation here. In fact, according to her, they will arrive in time to witness the bringing of summer to the mainland and maybe will fly along to observe the change.”

All the Tinx start jumping and cheering with excitement except for Vidia who finds that jumping puts too much sudden strain on her wounded and still healing leg causing it to shoot with pain but even she is excited in a reserved way.

“I can hardly wait to see their reaction to their new house,” Tinker Bell nearly squeals with excitement. “This morning, Clank, Bobble and I finished hammering in the gold leaf trim.”

“Princess Stella should love that,” smiles Iridessa.

“I can hardly wait to meet again with Duchess Tecna,” beams the new Queen’s Cartographer. “She is going to bring me some of the nature still life drawings she has done of creatures and plants from her own realm.”

“I want to see them too,” chime both Fawn and Rosetta together.

“Bloom says she’s bringing Kiko,” smiles Fawn. “I’ve never heard of a blue bunny.”

“I want to see Flora so I can give’er a good squeeze,” says Silvermist then blushes deep red.

“Fine,” says Queen Clarion, “but I want you to settle down for a moment so I may tell you something.”

“Majesty,” say the Tinx, bowing to their Queen.

“Miss Faragonda told me that this is downtime for the Winx. It’s something like between seasons time for us when they take a break from studying and suchlike to relax,” continues Queen Clarion. “I don’t want that spoiled for them so I am asking you to avoid bringing up any discussions about current problems.”

“As Her Majesty wishes,” reply the Tinx and Tinker Bell, only too happy to forget about the drudgery and petty problems of the daily grind, flies off with her friends humming a catchy Alfean tune that Musa had taught her:

You and me,
The tropical breeze,
A drink under the palm trees,
Let’s forget about the rest,
Today I’m having fun with my friends…

“Where did Miss Faragonda say to meet her?” asks Musa the next morning as the six girls walk across the quad toward the Administration Building. They were not carrying anything in their hands, but their pockets are filled with magically shrunk suitcases. Kiko is hopping beside Bloom.

“In the park area behind the Admin Building,” answers Tecna, “She moved the transfer point there so she wouldn’t have people tramping through her office.”

They went up the steps to the right of the classroom wing and down into the park. There they find the Headmistress sitting on a bench with a glass of purple liquid in hand. She puts the glass down and stands up to greet them.

“Hello, Winx!” she says, “Ready to go?”

“Yes, Ma’am!” they chorus, smiles of anticipation bright.

“Eager to go, then!” she says with an answering smile. “Very well, the transfer point is over here,”

She leads them over to a nicely landscaped area surrounded by flowers. In the middle is the white stone platform with short spires of rock evenly spaced around it. It wasn’t hidden, but unobtrusive.

“Nice!” exclaims Musa.

“Everybody ready?” asks Bloom, “Mini-Winx Enchantix!!”

And with a flash of light, there are now six six-inch Guardian Faeries hovering beside the white-haired teacher.

“You’ve mastered miniaturizing in the transformation! Excellent!” exclaims Faragonda. “The portal is already open, so have a good time! Kiko, go stand on that white stone.” She points at it.

The bunny does so as the Faeries land around him.

An electric blue light brightens around them, and when it stops, they are gone.

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