1. A Clockwork Fairy

By Ælfstangard

Fantasy / Adventure

The Search For Tink

“Uh huh, thought so,” said Musa with a scowl.

All five girls were in fairy form, standing in a semi-circle facing the intruders.

“What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be out there looking for your little… pixie or whatever?” said Icy, glaring at this unexpected obstacle.

“There are enough people looking for her already,” said Flora.

“Well good luck with that!” cackled Stormy, “With the wind I generated, she should be miles away. If she’s even in one piece.”

“Tinker Bell is a lot tougher than you think,” said Bloom.

’Hang on- Tinker Bell? That’s her name? You’ve GOT to be kidding!” said Darcy with a laugh.

“Pfft,” said Icy, waving away the entire subject, “Who cares? Now Stella, either give us the ring or get out of the way.”

“Not happening!” said Stella.

“Good!” said Icy, “Ice coffin!” She sent a blast of ice at the Winx, who scattered quickly and avoided it.

“We can’t fight in here!” said Flora.

“Right,” said Bloom, “Fireball!” A large ball of orange fire materialized and hit the Trix squarely, blowing them back out the door. They hit the far wall, but had recovered by the time the fairies had left the suite. Tecna closed the door behind her.

“Eternal Dark!” said Darcy, holding up her hands. The corridor grew darker and darker, despite the lights set in the ceiling. Soon it was pitch black around them.

“Hey! I can’t even see my face in front of me!” quipped Stella. “Sunburst!” but her spell only illuminated things briefly. Darcy’s darkness spell was too strong, and it overpowered the light, which collapsed back into the fairy.

“Ahhh! I can’t hold it!” said Stella, “Sorry!”

“Nice try, Stella,” said Flora.

“Yeah, good try,” added Musa.

“We’re still here!” said Icy, “Can we focus, please?”

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t realize it was all about you!” said Bloom.

“Thanks for speaking, though,” said Musa, “Now I know exactly where you are! Super bass!”

They couldn’t see what was happening, but they could hear it. A deep thrumming could be felt in their bones. The three witches screamed. Darcy’s spell was broken, and the light came back. Several of the closest light fixtures shattered, as did some of the glass in the doors.

Darcy and Stormy had fallen to their knees, holding their hands over their ears. Icy was doing the same, though she had managed to stay standing.

She flung her arms toward the speakers and ice shards flew out and shredded the constructs. The sound faded away.

Before they could recover, Flora blew some dust at them that grew into vines wrapping them tightly. They struggled, but were stuck.

Bloom put her hand on Flora’s shoulder. “Good job! That should hold them!”

“Don’t count your witches before they’re caught!” said Icy, venom in her voice.

A white glow formed around her, a black one around Darcy, and an electric blue one around Stormy.

Ice formed on the vines around Icy, and with a shrug from the witch they shattered.

In the darkness around Darcy the vines withered away and dropped off of her.

Lightning ran along the vines holding Stormy and they blew apart as the water in them boiled.

“AAAAHHH!” screamed Flora, dropping to her knees and grabbing her head.

“FLORA!” chorused the Winx and gathered around her.

“I’m okay,” the flower fairy assured her friends, F- feedback was too strong.” She struggled to her feet with Musa’s help.

“To the Darkness with this!” said Icy, “We’ve lost the element of surprise, and others will be back soon.”

“NO!” shouted Stormy, “Let’s finish them off! We have the power!”

“Icy’s right; it will take too long! Let’s get out of here!” said Darcy. She grabbed Stormy’s arm, and dragged the youngest Trix up through the ceiling, followed by Icy.

Not knowing that trick, the Winx flew down the corridor, down the stairs, and out the door as quickly as they could.

Outside the sky was clear in the near sunset. Over in the Forest the Trix could see the fairy’s and teacher’s lights as they searched for that little… thing. The dark was gathering beneath the trees, and that would make it all but impossible to find her.

“They’re searching far too close to Alfea,” remarked Stormy.

“If she’s hurt, you will pay very dearly!” threatened Bloom with a growl in her voice.

She and the other Winx surrounded the three witches, spells ready to cast.

“Don’t make us laugh, little pixie,” said Icy, “We’re senior witches, and you’re just pathetic freshman fairies. You don’t have a fraction of the power necessary to make us do anything!”

“Wanna bet?” asked Bloom, the flames boiling off of her.

“Whoa!” whispered Darcy at the display of power that lit up the school.

Just then a streak of light flew up from behind the building, leaving a glowing trail of dust behind.

“TINK!” said the Winx.

She flew into the circle of fairies and got into the witch’s faces.

“I don’t know who the thistle you think you are, but you’re obviously not wanted here! Go away!” she shouted at them.

The Trix gaped at her for a moment, then laughed.

“Tink, they’re witches! Get away from them! They’re dangerous!” called Flora.

“No idea what you said, but I know a threat when I hear one. Come here, pixie!” said Icy, grabbing at her but missing.

The other two tried as well, realizing they had a hostage handy, but Tinker Bell’s superior flying skills let her evade the grasping hands easily.

“If you won’t leave on your own, I’ll make you leave!” said the small fairy. She flew around the Trix several times,
dropping fairy dust on them. Then she backed away to where Tecna floated.

“Hey! Get this sparkly stuff off me!” said Darcy, brushing at it.

“Bye!” Tinker Bell waved at them.

“Huh? What was she-?”

Before Icy could finish her question, all three felt a tug upwards. They all started moving into the sky, gaining speed with each passing moment.

“Hey! I can’t… fight it!” said Stormy, trying to change her direction and failing.

“Me either! What is this stuff?” added Darcy.

“We’ll get you for this!” shouted Icy, and with a last effort threw ice needles at them, which they easily avoided.

The witches dwindled to dots and vanished in the evening sky.

The Winx all laughed and gathered around Tinker Bell.

“It is so good to see you!” said Flora. “Were you hurt?” She held out a hand and Tinker Bell landed on it.

“Just a few scrapes,” she replied. “When the wind blew me over the building, I used a trick my friend Vidia showed me to change my direction. She’s a fast-flying fairy, and knows lots of wind tricks. I landed by that fence behind the school, and it took me a little time to get myself back together.”

“We’re just glad you’re safe,” said Bloom.

“What’s going on?” asked Griselda, flying up to them. “We saw Bloom’s flare up.”

The group of fairies parted a bit, and the teacher saw the small fairy in Flora’s palm. “Oh, good, you’re back, and in one piece.”

“The Trix were just here, after Stella’s ring again,” said Bloom, “But Tinker Bell took care of them.”

“Really?” Griselda adjusted her glasses and stared at the guest. “Remarkable!”

The small fairy just grinned and enjoyed the praise.

“The Trix, you say?” said Faragonda, coming up beside Griselda, “I will send a note to Griffin at Cloud Tower tomorrow.”

“They may not be back by then,” said Tinker Bell, “I put a lot of dust on them.” She looked up, but there was no sign of the witches.

That made everyone laugh, and even Griselda had to stifle a snicker.

Faragonda turned and tossed a green flare into the darkness, and all the lights over and in the Dark Forest turned and converged back to the school.

As they arrived the other fairies and teachers greeted them and expressed relief Tinker Bell was okay.

Finally everyone had had their say, and the Winx returned to their suite. The ice was still there, and it took a couple of hours to clean it up. As they did, they explained who the Trix were, and what they were after.

Good night, Tink,” said Musa, heading for her wardrobe to change into sleepwear.

“Night,” returned the visitor, yawning.

“I have to say that was an impressive use of your dust,” said Tecna, “Simple, logical, and effective.” She had been first into the room and had already changed.

“I’m just glad it worked,” said Tinker Bell, standing in front of the door of her guest house. “Witches… huh, I never would have expected something like that here. Pirates, humans, trolls, sure. But witches…”

“We have trolls here too,” put in Musa. “No pirates, as far as I know.”

“Let’s get some sleep. We have a lot to do tomorrow,” said Tecna with a yawn.

“Yeah, but we made a good start on it. Night.” the fairy went inside.

A minute later the lights were turned off, and three fairies drifted off to sleep.

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