One shot: Power of love


A story of a girl who is running away from her husband exactly after their marriage. What might be reason? What will happen when he found her? Will the power of their love unite them

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Chapter 1

This one shot I have written for 10th anniversary of my favorite show IPKKND. Happy reading.

One shot: Power of love

“HELP..HELP..HELP...BACHAOOOOOO! KOI Hai? Please save me from this rakshas..”

SHUT UP! She gulped. This tone is sharp and threatening.

She has no idea where to go and how to save herself. With a quick reflex action, he pulls her close and she looks into his dark eyes with fear.


Her eyes popped out by his immediate proximity. She became a statue and then looked everywhere for help. She should know it is not easy to run away from Arnav Singh Raizada. No matter in which corner she hides, he might find her.

What next? What he will do. She thought this was a safer place and she can easily spend the night in a temple. He never believes in God or steps into a temple. But today for the first time, he broke the rule and made entry in her devimaiyya temple.

“What’s all this? Why are you hiding from me?” Without answering, she turned around to leave. But her dupatta was pulled by him. Her movement ceased. She moved back and saw him holding the other edge of her dupatta.

“I don’t want any drama in front of your favorite idol. Let’s go home”


“Don’t force me to do the things that I don’t want to”

“Leave my Dupatta..Leave me”

“Not in this birth”

“What are you doing..don’t forget this is a temple.” Panditji said in the middle of their argument.

“Do hell with your temple.”

“How could you behave so insensitively?” Ignoring her blabbering, he held her hand and began to drag her out.

Currently, no puja is going on so there are only few people present in the temple.

“Leave me..I said leave me” She continued fidgeting within his grip. Giving her a final glare, he lifted her off from the ground and started taking her out when someone blocked his way.

“Hey you. Stop” One among them came to rescue her. But got a hard kick from Asr. It caused the man to fall flat on the ground. Everyone gets dumbfounded. They steps back seeing different rage in his eyes. It is not normal at all.

“Arnavji please. Don’t do this.”

“This you should have thought of before running away from our marriage altar” All looked at them shockingly.

“Are they married?” People started whispering and gasping at the revelation.

“I don’t accept this marriage. He married me without my will.”

That’s it he lost all the remaining patience and sanity. Pulling her aggressively close, he made her look into his eyes.

“What did you say? Say again?”

“Everyone is watching,” She said slowly.

“Let them see. You are my legally wedded wife. I can do whatever I want.” His hot breath fanned against her face causing her to lose her self control. “Say that you don’t love me?”

She lowered her eyelashes, getting embarrassed. Sooner, he took his newly wed runaway bride toward the tree where his car is parked and drove off from the public area.

His car halted in an isolated place. Within a sudden push, she found herself landed on his lap. Her heartbeat turned erratic by his sudden act. Her henna filled red color is still adoring her palm. Kissing her fingers one by one, he opened the seat and made her lay on it.

“Ap yeh kya kar rahe hai? Hume ghar jana hai” (What are you doing? I wants to go home)

“Not until you get the punishment of a recent set of events. In the last 2 hours, you made me miserable. I thought I will lose you forever” Moving on top of her, he stares at her trembling lips with his usual intense glare and brushes it with his thumb before tasting them.

“Do you have any clue what I went through?”

“I will shout. No”

“Continue trying. Tonight no-one is going to spare you for what mess you have created” With that, he slammed his lips upon her and it numbed her senses. Pinning her hands above her head, he started to kiss her passionately.

Those 5 hours without her were not less than hell for him. He got mad after her stunt. Her absence created a hurricane through every inch of his cell.

His anger reached its height when he got to know the reason for her absence. How dare she take this step. Doesn’t she know that she is precious to him? Without her, he cannot survive.

They have been in a relationship for the past 10 years. For the first time, they collide during a fashion house event. Later they met in the collage. They were classmates but never stood up to each other. But slowly their love-hate relationship turns into friendship and then into love. As the time passed, they had built a strong bond. It transformed into a serious affair.

Khushi was the one who proposed to him at his birthday party. With time, they got closer. One night under a weak moment, they had spent one night together. After that night there is no backing out.

Arnav proposed to her for marriage and they decided to spend the rest of their life together. But Khushi was reluctant to think about whether their family would agree or not. But Arnav assured her. If he marries any girl; it’s only her. Noone else.

They had promised each other no matter what may happen they will never leave each other under any circumstances. They had faced a lot of problems in the past due to their respective families. But for the first time she broke the promise and decided to give up their love. Reason- What else, Family pressure.

Both of their families were enemies. Raizadas and guptas cannot stand each other due to personal and professional grudges. When the Guptas got to know that their daughter wanted to marry Raizada, they stopped Khushi’s studies and fixed her marriage.

On the other hand, Arnav was hell-bent on marrying her. He is ready too to an extent to gain her. For her, he opposed his family. When they refused to accept her, he threatened his father that if they didn’t send a marriage proposal to his beloved girlfriend’s family, he would do the court marriage and leave the raizada mansion forever.

After a lot of opposition, he finally decided to do court marriage and live separately. But at the very moment, their family agreed for their marriage. Both were happy beyond words. But they are unaware, it was their plotting a plan to separate them.

Their marriage rituals started in a full swing. But in every ritual something or other problem arises. Khushi’s mother-in law started to feed her brain that this marriage is ominous. She said that there is some problem in her birth Kundli. According to pandit, if they tie the knot, their married life wouldn’t last long. In the worst cases, there is a possibility of risking Arnav’s life. This leaves Khushi in shock and fear.

She wanted to talk about this matter with Arnav. But when she tries to converse with him, his mom stops her saying Arnav would never understand. She is not wrong though; he doesn’t believe in all these rituals.

For the first time, she hides anything from Arnav. This keeps suffocating her. She was unable to focus on the wedding function. Tension keeps reflecting on her face. A day before their marriage, Arnav jumped from the balcony of Gupta mansion and came to meet her. He asked her the issue. But she hid it as per instruction given by her mother-law. This raises doubt in his mind.

Finally the day of their marriage arrived. Happiness spreads everywhere. He cannot wait to make her his bride. But exactly one hour before Khushi refuses to marry him. This agitates him like hell.

His doubt got clear when his parents tried to manipulate him against Khushi. But he is not a man to get into their trap. He failed their plan by exposing them in front of people’s thoughts. He won’t tolerate a single word against his Khushi.

He was already aware something is cooking in their brain. He stayed silent because he wanted to know their exact plan. He found out everything from his manager about their evil trap.

One fine night, he sneaked into Khushi’s bedroom. She was sleeping but her eyes were swollen. Strains of tears are visible on her cheeks. It indicates that she cried the whole night. She is also dying every single minute. Sucking her eyelids, he kissed them giving her solace.

Sensing the familiar touch, Khushi got up with a jerk. She opened her mouth to shout. But before she makes any motion, he does what he always does to control her. He kissed her passionately giving her no chance to escape.


“Your Arnav is incomplete without you. Let’s complete each other” He continued sucking and smooching her lower lips and positioned himself on top of her. He presses her down and makes passionate love to her.

“Leave me.” She tries to push him, instead he starts kissing her more wildly. “I don’t want to marry you. I love someone else”

“Shut up Baby. You are all mine. Your entire existence is claimed by me.”

“I hate you” Instinctively, she pushed him and dropped on her feet to run away. Her actions and words hit him really hard.

Roughly, he grabbed her T-shirt from behind and pinned her against the wall. She is still breathing hard from the intensity of his kiss.

“You shouldn’t say that baby. I love you, that doesn’t mean you have the right to break my heart.”

“Enough Arnav. Whatever we had it’s over. Tomorrow is my marriage with Rohit. Just get out and let me marry him” Angrily, he grabs her cheeks.

“It’s not over.”

He ran a rough hand through her hair and took her aggressively close until she no longer took this. She felt something within her hair. When she touched her partition, she trembled. It took her some time to absorb and he filled her partition with sindoor. She was beyond words.

Before she opened her mouth to shout, he tied her mouth with something and dragged her out of her room taking her to the venue where they were supposed to marry a few days ago. It was a forced marriage. But he never wanted to do this without her will. He wanted to give her a dream wedding. Unfortunately everything turned out to be what they hadn’t expected.

“So Mrs Raizada. What did you think? It is that easy to get rid of Arnav Singh Raizada.” She looked down in disappointment. Guilt began to consume her when Arnav revealed their so- called-family plan to her with proof.

“I can’t believe this” Getting frustrated, he came out from his car to calm his nerves. He is really pissed off.

She tries to open the door. He glared at her for a while when she says, “Please let me out”

“So that you again plan to runaway”

“It was my stupidity that I fell into their trap. Otherwise why would I go? You are my world, Arnav. Next time I would never imagine doing any silliness” He pressed the unlock button and she stepped out and ran into his arms. She tiptoes on her feet and hugged him tightly.

“I am sorry..I am sorry” He broke the hug and cupped her cheeks.

“Your sorry is not required. But yeah before starting a new life, I need a promise from my beloved wife” He extended his hand which she held without any second thought.

“Promise me you will never hide anything from your husband. A relationship is built with trust and understanding. Although I trust you more than anyone, I expect the same understanding, love and trust from your side. She smiles and promises him to always trust him and never get brainwashed by anyone in future. She just wanted to be with him and ready to give her entire soul to their married life.

“Did you forgive me?”

“Not yet”

“What do you want?”

“I want to enter inside you” She blushed hard hearing his shameful demands. Lifting her into his arms, he took her to the hut where they completed each other in a most passionate way.

He was gentle and soft while making out. She screamed out his name when he climaxed her.

Her heart felt heavy with emotions. She stared at her husband laying beside him with his arms enclosing her like she would run away.

Kissing his chest, she whispered “Happy 10th anniversary My dear husband” He smiled and ran his hand around her naked back, pulling her close.

“Did you remember exactly 10 years ago, we met in the fashion house event at the sheesh mehal. Later we met in college and started fighting. I got so angry knowing the person who insulted me during our first meeting is my classmate” Khushi said.

“How I forget that night when you fell into my arms. I have been in love with you from the time I saw you.” Arnav reminisces old memories with a beautiful smile.

“Ghar chale” (Shall we go home) His smile faded instantly. He got up and put on his pants.

“Khushi, we are not going to stay in the Raizada mansion.”

“But Arnav”

“No more arguments. A place where my wife has no respect, I won’t stay there. I left my house and I have no regrets. Let’s go to our new home. Only you and me.”


“Our dream Palace”

In the morning, they reached their new home. He did her grihapravesh exactly in the same way every mother-in-law does. She gets emotional receiving the warm welcome.

Khushi smiles in tears thinking why she is so lucky to get a partner like him. She hugs him tight.

“I love you Arnav”

“I love you too”

The end!

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