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Bakugo, you're a vampire?


What happens when Sapphire finds out that Bakugo is a vampire and he ran out of his blood bags? And she happens to be on her monthly? The characters are aged up in this and are in their final year at UA. [Friends to Lovers]

Erotica / Drama
Age Rating:

Say what?

Sapphire ran back to her dorm, she was going to go to the mall with the girls today. She hurriedly pressed the button for the elevator and bounced on her heels as the elevator seemed to be taking it's time. Sapphire got to her dorm as a sharp pain ripped through her abdomen making her gasp and curse.
"Fuck, it has to start now huh?" She grabbed a bottle of pills and shoved them in her bag after changing into a pair of shorts, knee-high boots, and a loose top. She heard a frustrated scream from down the hall from her. Sapphire left her room and walked to Bakugo's room where she heard him cursing up a storm.
"Fuck! I know I didn't use them all. For fucks sake!"
Sapphire knocked on his door, his ranting coming to a halt.
"Bakugo? Is everything alright? I heard you holler."
"I'm fine, extra. Go away!" Sapphire hated it when he called her that.
"Apparently, you're not fine. What is up with you?" She yelled back at him, frustrated with him already. Bakugo's door was thrown open, his dorm was pitch black and for a brief moment, Sapphire thought she saw his red eyes glowing. His eyes widened and he took a step back away from her.
"Go away, Blue."
"Why? What the fuck is wrong with you?" Sapphire took a step toward him chasing him back into his dorm.
"Will you leave? It's not a.." Bakugo trailed off, his tongue dragging across his lips for just a second as he continued to back away from her.
"It's not what, Bakugo? Is it that time of the month for you also?"
Sapphire was confused, he went from pissed off to trying to run from her. "Another thing, why is it so dark in here? I can't see anything."
"Then leave back to your own damn dorm and get out of mine." Sapphire reached up to grab him, but he stepped back.
"Please Bakugo, tell me what's wrong? I can help."
"No, you can't. Just leave." Sapphire stepped forward once more, this time grabbing the collar of his tank top and pulling him to her despite him being taller and more built since their first year.
"Stop being a stubborn jackass and tell me!" Sapphire heard him growl, this one was different than his usual irritated growls. This one was like a vicious beast about to attack its prey.
"You wouldn't understand, Blue. Leave." His voice had dropped an octave, forcing a shiver to run down her spine.
"Katsuki, please. I've been your best friend for the past three years. I want to help you." Suddenly, Bakugo grabbed her arm tightly, pulling her closer to him.
'Did he suddenly grow claws?' She thought as she felt something dig into her arm.
"Kats-" His other hand clamped over her mouth.
"Stop talking for a moment." She was picked up by her waist and easily tossed over onto what she assumed was his bed. Sapphire heard him stomping to the door and slamming it shut, the lock was turned before he walked back over.
"You really love prying don't you, Blue?" Bakugo growled out again.
"I'm just trying to understand what's wrong." Sapphire sat up to see Bakugo right in front of her, this time she wasn't seeing things, his eyes were glowing bright red.
"Your eyes.. are they glowing?"
"They tend to do that when I haven't.. eaten." Bakugo said before taking a seat in his desk chair.
"Do you need food then? We can go out to eat." Sapphire moved to the edge of the bed, her own eyes steadily getting used to the dark.
"No. It's not food I need right now." She could see he had his arms crossed on the back of his chair.
"Then what do you need? If you don't tell me, I'll keep bugging you."
She could tell he was hesitant to respond to her. "Katsu, please? You know I won't tell anyone what you tell me."
"You promise?" He looked over at her. Sapphire nodded as he stood up.
"No one else knows except of course the principal, he knows everything. This may be a bit shocking, but I'm a vampire."
Sapphire blinked, not expecting that answer.
"Well, that is unexpected. But it does kinda make sense."
"How?" Bakugo had a deadpan expression on his face before she started to explain.
"Well, you're always so grouchy during the daytime, you always go to bed early, and we never see you in the cafeteria to eat with everyone else." Bakugo sighed at her words.
"Am I that obvious?"
Sapphire looked at him for a moment before standing and backing away from him gasping making him look at her.
"Oh, shit.. I'm really sorry. You need blood right? And I just... oh dear.." Sapphire put her hand over her mouth, blushing as he looked away.
"Yeah, I was able to smell that as soon as you came to my door."
"I-I should probably go, the girls were waiting for me.." Sapphire turned to the door and put her hand on the handle before she found herself flush against the door, Bakugo pinning her there with his body, his hands on either side of her.
"I won't force you, Sapphire. So, I'm asking politely. May.. I drink some of your blood? I... I ran out of my monthly supply of animal blood. I won't lie, it might hurt a bit, but that'll quickly go away. Of course, if you say no, I'll let you leave. No questions asked."
Sapphire bit her lip, thinking for a moment as he moved her hair from her neck.
'He wants to bite me and take blood, and with biting as one of my biggest kinks, oh fuck I'm in trouble.'
"J-just one question.. this is awkward.. since you can smell blood, c-can you also smell if someone is a-aroused?" Sapphire trembled slightly before he spoke.
"I'll be able to taste it in the blood. Why? Are you going to get riled up if you're bitten?" Sapphire clenched her fist against the door before nodding slowly.
"Well, if my day didn't just get better. Now tell me, Sapphire. Tell me I can taste your blood." Bakugo whispered against her neck, a shiver running down her back.
"S-since you asked nicely, you may."
She felt him grin against her neck before her choker was ripped off, both halves clattering to the floor.
"Hey! That was one of my favorites!"
"I'll buy you a new one." Bakugo said before she felt his sharp canines pierce her neck from behind, his arms tightly wrapping around her torso.
Sapphire gasped and bit her lip trying to stop the moan from escaping her throat, her hands gripping his arms. She could feel the pull of his mouth as he fed on her blood. Bakugo growled out right before he pulled away and licking the bite, keeping his arms around her.
"Fuck! Why do you taste so sweet? Sweet, yet spicy. You really are liking this." Bakugo panted against her neck softly. Suddenly, he bit down on the other side of her neck forcing a moan from her.
"K-katsu.." Sapphire could feel him press himself closer to her, his erection pressing into her lower back. With one last pull of his lips, Bakugo pulled away from her neck, licking the bite with his tongue.
"Fuck, your blood got spicy. You really enjoyed that huh, Blue?" He turned her in his arms to face him.
"I wasn't the only one who did, Katsuki." Sapphire glanced down seeing his normally baggy pants had a prominent bulge. Bakugo licked his lips, slowly this time, wiping the excess blood from his lips before grinning.
"Even if I'm a vampire, I'm still a man. One who knows an attractive woman when I see one. Be mine, and I won't need animal blood again." He whispered while lowering his lips near hers.
"You won't suck me dry will you?" She whispered back.
Sapphire reached up and placed her hands on his shoulders, pulling him down to meet her lips. Bakugo gripped her arms, pressing his lips back to hers. She could taste the copper of her blood he took as well as a soft caramel flavor. He dropped his hands to her waist and pulled her close to him.
Sapphire raised one hand to grip into his hair before he picked her up, her legs wrapping around his hips. She pulled back from the kiss, panting softly.
"The taste of you is fucking addictive." Bakugo kissed down her cheek, and to her neck once more but only licking up the column of her throat. Sapphire shivered feeling how close Bakugo was to her in between her thighs.
"H-how much blood do you n-need to quench your thirst?" Bakugo grinned against her neck, licking before nibbling softly.
"The first bite. The second was dessert." His hands clenched on her waist, grinding her hips with his.
"S-should it have felt that good? Th-the bites I mean."
Bakugo chuckled against her neck as he pulled them away from the door and sat them on his bed, with her straddling his thighs.
"From what I was told from my mother, yes. There is a slight aphrodisiac in my saliva, so it won't hurt too bad. But it only activates when I want it too." Her phone going off in her back pocket caught their attention.
"It's Mina. Th-they're probably wondering where I am. We were going shopping today." She explained as she pulled her phone out and answered it. Before she could speak, Bakugo snatched it from her hand.
"She's taking a rain check raccoon eyes. I've taken her hostage." He hung up and tossed the phone to the side before pulling her down to his lips, one hand reaching up to tangle in her blue hair, the other gripping her hip. Sapphire responded to the kiss, her arms wrapping around his shoulders, one hand running into his short blonde hair. He pulled away from her lips briefly, placing small kisses down her jawline and to her neck.
"I can hear and feel your heart beating faster, just for me." Bakugo licked up the side of her neck, his tongue licking over the previous bite mark sending shivers down her spine. Sapphire's hands gripped his shoulder and hair gasping when he bit into her neck once more.
"Kat-katsuki.." Sapphire panted, her head tilting to the side as his lips pulled and suckled more blood from her. Sapphire gave a soft moan in his ear before reaching down and grasping his hand on her hip pushing it down to the apex of her thighs. He suckled once more softly before pulling away from her neck, licking the bite.
"I know it feels good, Blue. But are you sure you want to go all the way? Once I know how you feel down here, I won't be able to stop."
"It.. it might be the blood loss making me brave.. but I've always liked you. Even when you're an ass or when you're being socially distant. I just didn't want to be that clichè girl who is just a friend but wanting more than that. So, I tossed myself into my studies." Bakugo looked up into her blue eyes for a moment before turning them to where she was on her back looking up at him.
She gasped feeling him suddenly hugging her tightly.
"I've always liked you too. Since the first day of school, when I saw you walk in with pink cheeks." Sapphire hugged him back before he gripped her thighs tightly.
"J-just so you know.. I might get rough, but I don't want to hurt you."
Sapphire grabbed his head in her hands to make him look at her.
"Katsuki, do you remember all the shit we've been through since starting here at UA? You've already bit me three times. I can stand you being rough with me. Umm, p-please be rough with me. If I say purple, stop." Bakugo nodded as he leaned down and claimed her lips once more before a loud knock on his door caused him to growl.
"Go away extra!" He clenched one arm around Sapphire as he kissed down her throat and her collarbone, his other hand gripping her thigh tightly.
"C'mon Bakubro, I need to talk to you." It was Kirishima outside the door knocking.
"Stay here, he won't see you." Bakugo growled out before he nipped her shoulder lightly before standing up.
"As if I'm going anywhere, I'm probably too dizzy from blood loss."
Bakugo chuckled before he opened his door, a sneer on his face.
"What do you need shitty-hair?"
"Mina said you were took Sapphire hostage, what's going on?"
Sapphire giggled softly before speaking.
"I had sudden cramps, and I knew his hands were warm enough to help me, he's being nice for once."
"I am not nice! There now you know, I'm trying to ask her to be my girlfriend, now will you leave?" Bakugo whispered to Kirishima before he slammed the door again and locked it before walking back over to her laying on the bed.
"Telling him I'm being nice. Maybe I should be rough with you because of that." Sapphire scooted back on the bed as he kneeled on the bed to follow her. He grabbed her by the ankle and pulled her to him, claiming her lips firmly. Sapphire gasped, gripping onto his arms as he deepened the kiss, one hand gripping her by the waist, the other lightly resting on her thigh. He licked his tongue over her lower lip before nipping it softly making her gasp out. Sapphire pulled back panting, a thin string of saliva connecting their lips for just a moment. Bakugo grinned as he gripped her thighs and pulled her closer to him.
"Well, are you ready? Last chance to back out." He rested a palm on her tummy.
"You know I don't back out of anything. Please Katsu." Sapphire reached up and grabbed the hem of his black tank top, her fingers teasing his abdomen. Bakugo sighed before grabbing her hand and stilling it, pressing it to him.
"Yeah, you're even more stubborn than me aren't you? Another one of the problem children as Aizawa always said." Bakugo trailed his palm up her toned stomach, her shirt riding up with his hand.
"Color?" He asked as he hovered over her.
"Orange." Bakugo grinned as he pushed her shirt up over her large breasts.
"What's this?" Sapphire blushed darkly, forgetting she was wearing her new matching bra and panty set, which was the same colors and design as Bakugo's costume.
"I-I forgot I put this on this morning. Umm... I'm so-" He pressed a hungry kiss to her lips, his hands massaging her breasts making her gasp. She responded to the kiss, one of her hands clenching in the sheets beside her, her other hand reached up and gripped his hair.
"Fuck, you're really tempting me right now." He pulled from the kiss, growling against her lips.
"Then you might not like the fact it's part of a matching set." Sapphire squirmed under him as he ran his hands down her sides until he reached her jean shorts.
"So you're saying if I pull these down, your panties will match?"
Sapphire nodded, panting lightly as his fingers made quick work of her shorts, unzipping and unbuttoning before pulling them down. Bakugo grinned wide seeing the green, orange and black bikini style panty that was covering her sex. Sapphire blushed harder and moved her hands to cover her lower half, trying to hide herself from his gaze.
"Now you're shy? Don't hide yourself from me, I want to see all of you." Bakugo said before gripping her hands with one of his, his other hand he placed on her lower tummy, his thumb teasing her skin. Sapphire shivered as she tugged on her hands to free them from his grip, but he didn't budge making her look up at him.
"Kat-katsuki?" Bakugo lifted her arms so they were above her head.
"I'm going to put this bluntly, Blue. I've never been with someone, and of course not when they're on their monthly. I promise I won't hurt you though. I won't lie, it makes me more excited to taste it, see if it's any sweeter." Bakugo licked his upper lip slowly, his eyes glowing once more, though more softly this time.
"Katsu.. I should tell you now that I'm still.. I'm still a virgin.."
"Fuck, virgin period blood, you're just giving me the golden platter today aren't you?" His grin got wider as he released her hand and gripped the sides of her panties then pulling them down.
"Mind if I have a snack?" He leaned down tossing her panties to the side before he kissed her thighs lightly. Sapphire bit her lip as he pressed soft kisses on both her thighs.
"I can smell that your blood here runs sweet, but closer to your cunt it gets spicier. I like spicy." Sapphire shivered hearing his words and giving a soft moan when he nipped her thigh.
"Get ready, teddy bear. I think we'll both enjoy this." Bakugo said through gritted teeth before he ran a finger over her slit before his tongue followed suit. Sapphire gasped feeling his tongue lick up to her clit while one finger circled her opening, moans slipping from her lips. She moved her hands to fist into his hair as his hands quickly lifted her legs over his shoulders.
"Katsuki.." Sapphire breathed out as he licked her clit, his eyes catching hers before he pushed one finger inside her. Bakugo growled out against her clit softly as he pulled his finger out before pushing it back into her tight walls. He started tasting a little bit of her blood which made him groan.
"Fuuucck.. you taste fucking amazing. I want more." Sapphire gave a small yelp as he inserted another finger inside her, his tongue working opposite of his fingers.
"Fuck, Katsuki." Bakugo groaned at her taste, his tongue licking up her clit making her moan out. He could tell she was trying to be quiet but he felt the need to make her scream. Bakugo looked up into her eyes once more before taking his slightly bloody fingers from inside her and brought them to his mouth to clean them slowly.
"Fuck, I don't know how I'm going to hold back now that I've tasted this sweet nectar of yours."
Sapphire was panting, slightly surprised to see him licking his fingers as he did.
"Oh, and another thing, dumbass."
"W-what Katsuki?"
Bakugo smirked against her thigh before giving her clit one more small lick.
"I want this entire fucking dorm to know who is about to fuck you senseless. I don't want you to be quiet." Sapphire blushed darkly, her eyes widening, her teeth trapping her lower lip.
"A-are you su- ahh!" Sapphire gasped as he cut her off by shoving his rather long tongue inside her, making her toss her head back onto the mattress. "Fuck, Katsuki!"
Bakugo grinned against her clit as he let his tongue work along her silky walls, his hands gripping her thighs tightly. He gave a small growl against her, the vibrations making her cry out.
"Cum for me, I want to taste it. Fuck, you taste fucking delicious."
Bakugo pulled Sapphire's thighs away from his head as he continued thrusting his tongue in and out of her, her walls fluttering around the muscle. He reached up and found her clit easily with his thumb and pushed down on it making her cry out his name as she came.
"Katsuki!!" His thumb continued circling her clit as he sat up and quickly pushed down his pants, his erection popping free, precum pearling up at the tip.
"Fuck, tell me I can fuck you. Tell me I can make you mine."
Sapphire was panting and moaning from his thumb working her clit.
"Pl-please, Katsu.. fuck me.. I'm yours.." She panted out in between breaths before Bakugo leaned over her, a low growl leaving his lips.
"You..Are..Mine!" He rubbed his cock over her opening, collecting all the slick he could before pressing the tip into her slowly.
"This might hurt, but only briefly. Oh fuck! You're so fucking tight." Bakugo gritted his teeth, trying not to completely shove himself in.
Sapphire gasped loudly gripping his shirt tightly in her fists, her nails catching the material.
"Fuck! Oh fuck, you're big." Sapphire dug her head back into the mattress as her legs brushed against his.
Bakugo gripped her waist with one hand and fisted the sheets with the other, he was panting with the effort of holding back. His cock was only halfway inside her when she wriggled her hips toward his.
"Are you ready, teddy bear?" Sapphire nodded as she tugged on his shirt, moaning loudly.
"Pl-please Katsu.." Bakugo smirked again before pulling out a little before thrusting back in making her gasp and moan loudly.
"Oh, fuck. Your pussy is so fucking tight, it's like a vice." Bakugo growled out before he sat up while thrusting, pulling off his tank top which now had holes in it from her nails. He reached down and pulled off her shirt and bra, before leaning over her gripping her thighs picking one up to sling over his hip. The change in position made Sapphire cry out, her hands gripping his shoulders tightly.
"Katsuki! Fuck.. m-more.."
Bakugo grinned as he thrusted deeper into her, licking and nipping her neck lightly leaving behind hickeys.
"Oh fuck, baby. You feel so good around my cock like this. So tight, so good for me." He kissed up her neck and pressed his lips to hers hungrily as he lifted her other leg to wrap it over his hip. Sapphire responded to the kiss, clenching her legs around his hips and shifted her hips under him letting him deepen his thrusts.
"Oh fuck!" Bakugo pulled from the kiss, his hands clutching her waist and hips.
"You're a fucking temptress aren't you? Fuck, you feel amazing." Bakugo growled out as he pulled her hips to match his pace making her cry out loudly. "That's it, scream dumbass. Scream out my name."
Sapphire clenched her hands on his back for just a moment before dropping one under his arm, and grip him just under his shoulder blade.
"Kat-katsuki.. Fuck." She held her breath just for a moment as she raked her nails down his back.
"Harder, bitch. Scratch harder." Bakugo gritted through his teeth as his thrusts got faster, and rougher. Sapphire cried out and used just a tiny amount of her ice to reinforce her nails before scratching into his back making him moan out and chuckle darkly.
"Fuck yes!" He licked her neck as he felt her walls flutter around him, her nails digging into his back harshly. He panted heavily before he bit into her neck once more making her scream out his name as she came around his cock.
Bakugo growled against her neck, his arms wrapping around her tightly as he thrusted a few more times against her tight walls before he released inside her. He pulled from her neck, licking the bite marks gently.
"Oh fuck.." Sapphire panted heavily, her eyes drooping as Bakugo pressed a gentle kiss to her lips. She responded lazily, moaning as he rocked his hips softly just for a moment before picking up his pace.
Sapphire broke the kiss gasping, gripping onto his back and shoulders tightly.
"Oh, I'm still hard baby. I can't get enough of your tight pussy. Color?" He stopped his thrusts, pulling out of her briefly before he gripped her and flipped her onto her stomach kneeling behind her.
"O-orange." Sapphire panted out.
He grinned, gripped her hips and easily slipped back into her.
"Fuck! You feel so fucking good right now." Bakugo easily fell into a steady yet quick rythm, thrusting in and out of her as Sapphire clenched the bedsheets in her fists, moaning loudly.
"Fuck, Katsuki.. oh god, right there! Fuck!" Sapphire gasped out as Bakugo slid over her g-spot suddenly making him grin above her.
"There? Good to know." He pivoted his hips to continously hit that spot inside her over and over making her cry out. Bakugo leaned over her back, his thrusts not slowing as he kissed in between her shoulder blades and trailing kisses up to her neck.
"You feel so fucking good around my cock, Blue. So fucking good. You're about to cum again aren't you? Yeah I can feel that you're getting close."
Sapphire gasped, moaning before pushing back against him, feeling the tip of his cock brush against her cervix softly making her cry out.
"Kat-katsuki.. please.. I'm so close.." Bakugo grinned against her neck, reaching one hand to rub on her clit making her buck back against him, crying out.
Bakugo grinned, nibbling on her neck, his other hand gripping her hip tightly.
"Cum for me, Sapphire. I love the feeling of your pussy milking my cock."
Sapphire gasped and moaned as Bakugo quickened his thrusts, his finger keeping pace on her clit. She gripped the sheets in her fist, pushing her hips back into him again. Bakugo growled out softly against her neck, his thrusts now getting rougher.
"Fuck! You feel so fucking good. Tell me.. tell me you're mine."
"I-I'm yours. Only yours.. fuck, Katsuki!!"
She came once more around him, her eyes rolling back as he bit into her shoulder quickly. Bakugo thrust three more times before he once again released inside her, thick white ropes of cum shooting deep inside of her. He grunted into her shoulder, suckled softly before pulling away and licking the bite.
"Fuck. I certainly didn't expect my day to end this way. You're a little minx aren't you?"
Bakugo glanced down as she moaned out her response, her torso had dropped down to the mattress trembling softly. He slowly pulled out of her still twitching core and turned her onto her back as she panted heavily.
He leaned over her and pressed a gentle kiss to her lips as he caressed her cheek. Sapphire reached up and laid her hand on his as she responded to the kiss. Bakugo pulled away briefly and sat back on his legs.
"I wasn't too rough was I? You're not hurting too badly?" Sapphire shook her head.
"It wasn't too bad.. If it was, I would have said so. But I think I need some juice now.. I'm getting a bit dizzy." Bakugo jumped from the bed and jogged over to his mini fridge that sat under his desk and grabbed a orange juice for her. He also grabbed a granola bar from his bag and walked back to the bed, helping her sit up then sat behind her. She took the juice from him and sipped it slowly.
"I apologize if I took too much blood. I told you I wouldn't hurt you." Bakugo rested his forehead on her shoulder lightly.
"Don't worry about it, Katsu. As I said, I would have told you if you did hurt me." Sapphire reached back and ran a hand through his blonde hair, which was surprisingly soft. She jumped lightly feeling his arms tighten around her midsection. A sudden commotion outside Bakugo's dorm caught their attention.
"Did you really have to make me scream like that though? Catching everyone's attention?" Sapphire asked as she continued sipping her juice.
"Like I said. You're mine, and I want everyone to know who you belong to." Bakugo nipped her shoulder softly before standing up and walked over to his bathroom to grab a damp towel, cleaned himself up before he pulled on a pair of sweats. He walked over to her with the cloth and gently cleaned her up, then grabbed a large tshirt, a black one with a large skull on it, and slipped it over her head. He picked up her clothes, tossing her the shorts which she slipped into before the knocking started.
"I do have a question, Katsu."
They ignored the knocking as he stood near the bed.
"Since I started my monthly, how will that work? Will you get distracted by it during class?"
Bakugo chuckled lowly.
"I'll be craving it yes. But, I don't get distracted by blood so easily. Yeah, when the girls are on their monthlies, I tend to stay away from them as much as possible. But now, I can just focus on you, and your tasty blood."
The knocking got louder before Bakugo walked over to the door and flung it open, seemingly half the class was there.
"W-we heard Sapphire screaming.."
Midoriya spoke up as he was pushed to stand in front of Bakugo who had a sneer on his face.
"And? What are you going to do about it nerd?"
"Bakugo, how is anyone supposed to get past this stupid boss fight?"
Sapphire yelled from inside his room, Bakugo glanced over his shoulder to see she had started his game console making him chuckle.
"This is impossible! Why'd they make him so strong?"
"Heh, I'll have to show you how it's done. Go away extras!"
Bakugo slammed the door shut and locked it before walking over to her.
"Aren't you a clever one, teddy bear?
Sapphire shrugged as she munched on the granola bar laying back on his bed.
"I try. How is your back? I did scratch it pretty hard."
Bakugo turned to let her see his back, the scratch marks still red and bleeding slightly.
"It's bleeding, shall I clean it up for you?"
Bakugo let out a laugh before he joined her on the bed, hovering over her.
"No need. But eventually, I do want more covering my back."
Sapphire's gasp was swallowed by Bakugo pressing his lips to hers firmly.
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