Tea Leaves and Silver Rings

Unholy Woman

Match Seventeen: Unholy Woman:

-Woman in Red-

I have no name. The humans in the living world call me “the woman in red”. I have to stop myself from laughing when I hear that. Names have no meaning for me. Everything I touch is destroyed. That’s just my nature. I am not a fan of the human race, but I don’t hate them either. I have met a couple of them that have my attention. One’s trying to free me while the other I am destined to be close with as the end draws near.

For now, I watch all of the women in the living world.

They all fascinate me so. Those women have become defiled or bad in one way or another. Their misery fills with a sense of delight that makes me giggle.

On Valentine’s Day, I looked and saw a bride staring at herself in the mirror. She looks like an empty shell. That poor child’s been crying all night. This bride has become a caged bird with clipped wings who can only sing her pain. She’s in this situation to save another defiled woman from death.

Ah yes, her.

That woman was pure until she turned fifteen. A predator had violated her. Because of this, her clan’s leader and her partner sought out justice. I do not understand this type of justice humans chase after. They feel like there has to be some sort of repayment for all of the wrongs done to them. It means nothing to me.

That young girl would’ve taken a razor to her throat if her leader’s partner hadn’t stopped her. This led to that bride to drown in her world of misery.

I don’t pretend to know what human bonds are. I never had a need for those. Even my current love isn’t “normal” as humans would dream about. I won’t pretend otherwise. Part of me feels that my love is deeper than any human couples could have. He fears me right now, but he will come around. He will help me end this living world. No matter what he says, he will do it because that is what is destined to happen. I know that he will.

For now, I listen to the women and their sins.

The clan leader is starting to see the world I live in. Her husband is fighting to keep her away from me. She already saw what I am capable of. In fact, I need her closer to the act. Not yet, she’s too weak. I love eating her misery, but it’s more interesting to see her stronger. She’s one of the human that puts me in much of a crossroads. Right now, that clan leader could make a bad decision that could affect her marriage. An old flame can’t seem to let go. Her friends are trying to stop this before something sparks.

Humans are bedfellows with their sins. They are addicted to it. Some are ashamed of it while others love it. Sins rather fascinate me. They flow through me and make my heart pound. Human emotions are still a puzzle to me. I used not try and pick apart each one. However, they seem to have been stronger in my body in this modern age. Fear, desire, and rage seem to be the strongest to me. In the Land of the Dead, I felt nothing. I couldn’t even see any light either. When the bombs dropped, everything would awaken for me.

Now, I listen to the sins of these women.

A sister is obsessed with her brother. She doesn’t like that young bride in her misery. The other women will stop the sister from killing her. This wedding will be my door. My whole body won’t be free yet. No, I need something massive to free me. My body is still chained up. That first man will help me get free. He’s got something solid for me. I have all of the time in the world.

For now, I listen to the sins of these women.

That little caged bird of a bride is going to be pulled out of her cage to the wedding chapel in about three hours or so. That dress made of lace looks like it is choking her. I almost want to pluck her out her sea of tears.


But it’s not my nature to care. I have never been the motherly-type. I couldn’t have children anyway. Creation isn’t in my being. Destruction has been my existence ever since I first opened my eyes. There was a father in my life, but I can’t see his face or hear his voice. However, there is another sound that I hear aside from the sins of those women.

Ah yes, that noise.

I can’t quite put my finger on what it is. It’s almost like a humming, but not quite. To most humans, it is silent. I am not most humans. That noise puts me at unease when I think about it. Right now, it is faint and buzzing, but I don’t know how long that will last. Sometimes, I believe that something is stalking me in the emptiness. I do not feel fear, but I know I should “watch my back” as the humans put it.

I can feel the caged bird’s sorrow again. She really wants to die. If she does that, the deal will fall apart. However, there is another wedding coming up. The leader is marrying her partner. However, she will kill her soul in the process. She’s already come to accept this. She does this to save her clan. Human bonds puzzle and fascinate me. Maybe I might be able to see it with the man that I will be closer to as the end draws near. He will never return the feelings, that has already been confirmed. It won’t matter. He wants me to leave the other countries alone, but I cannot do that. He already knows about my nature. The other countries will not escape my power.

Speaking of which, they blame me for their crisis all those years ago. Because of that, they forced me into the Land of the Dead and sealed me away. I was angry. I had come to love the smell of blood and the sunlight. The sand felt so good at my toes. I loved the beach and I still love it now. That sand looked some much blood covered in blood of those humans. I couldn’t remember a day when smoke didn’t fill the sky. I have seen them fight in wars over the most senseless of reasons. I saw it, but chose not to intervene. Their suffering made my heart pound like a young girl falling in love. I couldn’t get enough of the wails and screaming. Humans become addicted to things like heroin, cocaine, gambling, alcohol, and sex every day. I used to not understand it, but after feeling the sins of those women in my body, I can see why. They feed off the pleasure these vices.

Those humans don’t see the living world that I do. They fear me like I am the monster. They are no different from me. They steal, cheat, self-destruct, and kill for their own selfish reasons. The more I think about it, they are worse than I am. I don’t destroy with malice. It is in my nature. These humans kill out of lust, wrath, and greed. It all means nothing in the end. They are so blind that they don’t realize the destruction around them. Their sins have become their prison. Some of them want to save their fellow humans from their destructive path. I say, what does it matter?

They will all be gone while I am freed. I will put an end to their greed and suffering and walk on that beloved blood-soaked sand again. I frowned as I remembered something else.

The man who’s trying to free me wants to know what happens after I spread my destruction. He won’t be staying behind, but he has designated a few people to do so in his place. I don’t really care. They will probably be gone soon anyway.

Or maybe not.

That bride is about to enter the car to complete the bargain. She looks so hollow this morning. I can see it in her eyes. Sorry, my little caged birdy. You must go through this for my sake. You will restore the black pulse that humans would call a heart. With that, I will have more of my powers back. I have come this far. The horsemen can hear my voice again and have been summoned to Ikebukuro like they have been willed to do. One has already moved and now she is awaiting her sister and brothers to catch up. As for me, this has to be done. So be a good little caged birdy and wed your new groomsman. I need my full powers to bring the end.

I froze as a chill raced down my bare spine. I had to glance behind me in the surrounding emptiness.

This is the noise that keeps me awake.

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