Jujutsu Kaisen Oneshots<3



Alrighty, so, here we go, I'm Tessa :) There is jjk oneshots here my loves. I usually post on Wattpad but that app totally broke for me. HELLO??????????? So, I'm usually on Wattpad, Ao3, and Inkitt. Yet I never use this app so I have no clue how this works........anywaysssssssss.....Alrighty, next, I AM SO SORRY FOR ANY SPELLING MISTAKES [sobs] I'm dyselxic but I get help from friends to edit my work. Sorry for any spelling mistakes, grammer or anything like that<3
- no smut sorry loves</3
-NO incest, rape[unless a backstory but i wont put ANY details], pedophilia
-all story's will be gender neutral unless said different
-chapters will be organized by initials, for example; Satoru Gojo x Reader would be..SG x R...make sense?
-italics are the readers thoughts.
THANK YOU LOVES<3333333333
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