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Stay with me (BASED OFF OF A SONG)

By Taydraa

Romance / Drama


It's not your fault, love, you didn't know. You didn't know.

Chapter 1

I awaited my beautiful future wife in the corridor, holding my hands behind my back with a bright smile across my face.

I had taken a peek at her wedding dress yesterday and I could only imagine how beautiful she would be. It was a light gray dress, her favorite shade, with sparkles that dappled its fabric and on the tips of the sleeves and the bottom of the dress it was lacy.

I couldn’t help but smile while thinking about how much I loved her and how amazing she was. We’d been together for three years ever since going to prom together and from then on, I promised myself I’d marry her someday.

I wore my finest black tuxedo with a matching tie and hoped that she’d like it, I had worn it to prom as well. Since I was tall in high school, I hadn’t grown much and the tuxedo fit me almost perfectly.

My heart pounded as I thought of her smiling her beautiful smile at me. From her glistening dark blue eyes and curly brown hair to her casual shoes that she always wore, I thought she was perfect.

All of a sudden I heard a gunshot and my blood ran cold. The sound startled me, my heart dropped to my stomach and I asked myself what was going on. As swiftly as I could, I sprinted towards where the sound had come from and an ear-piercing scream came from the room in front of me. My fiancee’s scream.

Questions raced through my head and I felt as if I could explode. What happened? Was she okay? Or the question that made my stomach churn with pain, was she hurt?

Opening the door at remarkable speed, I scanned the room and what I saw terrified me. My love had fallen down, holding her hands over her stomach, her fingers lightly stained with a crimson red. A man with his face covered in a black mask dropped his pistol with a clatter and bolted for the door, shaking it until it opened and he left immediately.

My girlfriend seemed too weak to stand, slowly collapsing to the floor and I ran over to help her. She glanced up at me with dying eyes and managed to crack a weak smile. I knelt down beside her with tears glistening in the corners of my eyes and I cradled her in my arms, slowly rocking her back and forth. I can’t explain the emotions I felt, my tears were now coming in waves which began to seem more like tsunamis rushing over my eyes.

I took her hands in mine and shut my eyes, slowly pressing my forehead against her knuckles in grief. Her hands were so cold and they twitched with pain, I begged the gods to take me instead and cried into her hands harder than I’d ever cried before. She meant the world to me.

Then, slowly looking into her beautiful yet sorrow eyes, I noticed that she began to cry too. It was the first and last time I’d ever seen her cry, it made my stomach churn and I wanted to take her pain away.

“Kiss it all better,” she whispered to me in a pleading tone with tears in her eyes, “I… I’m not ready… to go…”

“Everything will be all right,” I whispered to her in an assuring tone yet my voice kept trembling and staggering, I couldn’t think right.

The love I felt for her burned ever brighter and I kissed her lips lovingly while we shared a heartfelt embrace. I murmured in between sobs, “I-I’m so sorry, my love, I didn’t… I didn’t mean for this to happen… I…”

“Shh, it’s not your fault, love… you didn’t know,” she said with her last dying breath, “you didn’t know…”

Her hands grew more frigid as I held them and I felt the pulse in her wrists die. My eyes were swollen with tears and my whole world seemed to crumble as I stared at her dead eyes, her soul had already departed into the sky.

“Stay with me,” I cried and shook her back and forth, my voice shook with misery and grief, “p-please… s-stay with me…”

Yet deep inside, I knew that she was gone. I took another glimpse at her crimson-stained dress and felt unexplainable rage thunder from inside my heart yet I stayed with her for several minutes. Glancing at the pistol, I knew what I had to do.

I reached into my pocket and pulled my phone out, quickly dialling 911. Moments later, the police were arriving and I slowly staggered upwards, clinging to the wall for balance.

“I’ll avenge my lover tonight,” I swore to myself while cursing under my breath and took the gun in my hands steadily. I’d never used a gun before in my life and never killed anything but a fly, yet if it were for her, I’d do anything.

The sour taste of tears stained my tongue as I wept, stumbling towards where the criminal had gone. I could still hear the loud, desperate shaking of a wooden door from a few rooms away, the back doors were locked and there was no escaping without forcing them open.

Fueled by fury I marched forwards with no remorse until I found the masked criminal. I growled, my voice staggering, “This is for killing the love of my life.”

With a single shot through his back which reached his heart, he gave out a cry of agony and collapsed to his knees, taking deep breaths. Dark red blood bubbled out of his wound, staining his white t-shirt. I felt no remorse, he had stolen everything I ever loved from me.

After he had died, I kept shooting at him, hoping to bring my sweet girl back to me but it didn’t work.


Now I sit behind prison bars, I’m sentenced twenty five to life and there is no sign that I’m ever going to get out of this place. Although what would it matter if I did or not? My love is gone and she was all that mattered to me. I can still see her face in everyone I look at and my stomach churns when a girl with brown hair passes me.

Even when I killed the man who tore my world apart, I couldn’t bring her back to life. Her last words would forever be burned into my mind.

I lay in my bed, cold and lonely yet nothing really matters without the love of my life, thinking of the memories I’d created with her. I run my fingers through my dark hair and hold my head in my hands and close my eyes.

Then, darkness swallows my vision and I feel myself drifting off into a deep sleep, reminiscing the words she always used to tell me even if she’d never get the chance to say them again.

“I’ll always love you,” my darling would whisper as a gentle smile graced across her lips, “Even if we’re ever apart.”

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