If We had 5 more minutes [H.S]

Chapter 9

*Harry Styles*

I really fucked up, poor girl... Wait no, no! I can’t feel bad for her.

The others came out, Louis was kicked out by Elena.

“Is she ok?” I ask, acting like I don’t really care about her.

He doesn’t answer, just walks away rolling his eyes. “Listen, if you’re gonna act like an asshole to everyone and especially Abby, we can’t be friends.” He says standing near the door.

“Oh, so heres the thing, I will NOT be nice that slut, so I guess we can’t be friends then.” I say rolling my eyes, he just walks out.

For the first time, I actually thought that our friendship was gone... All because of that whore

*Abby hart*

It has been since everything happened now, I wasn’t really ready to go to school again, now i’ll have a new name, ‘The slut who tried to kill herself’ fun...

Well im going to school tomorrow, I can’t just sit here and hide forever.

Me and Anne take the school bus, Elena is already in there.

“Hey losers!” Elena says smiling.

“Hey El” I smile.

“Hello” Anne smiles and gives her a little wave.

We finally arrived to my school, we get out of the bus.

I walk into the class, please don’t make fun of me, please don’t make fun of me, please don’t make fun of me!

“Guys the slut who tried to kill herself is here” Jessica says giggling, how is that funny?

“You bitch! Wanna get beaten up aga-” Elena almost starts a fight but I stop her.

“El, no need to argue with people like her.” I say trying to calm her down.

Elena rolls her eyes and comes with me.

The first class ended, we had a break now.

Anne seemed off lately... She’s always super happy and smily, I mean she has been through much... She told me about it and i can’t even imagine how much her past must have hurt her, her parents killed her siblings, I mean they made her siblings overdose and kill them selves, she promised her siblings that she’s gonna make them proud, she always wanted to be a model, but never really applied because of all the shit her parents said to her, they were the biggest reason she’s insecure, I remember her telling me that the most of her insecurities came from her parents, poor girl... But it was different this time, it looked like something happened... Should i ask her?

I walk up to her. “Whats up Ananas?” I ask her smiling, “Not that nickname again” She giggles.

“Ok well now tell me whats wrong!” I say looking at her in the eyes. “Oh... I uh, Im just kinda tired... didn’t get enough sleep” She smiles. “Ab” She says. “Yes?” I smile. “I don’t know if i tell you this enough, I love you more than everything, even more than i’ll ever love myself, or even pizza! Im so lucky that you came in my life, and even death can’t stop me from loving you.” Shes says, not breaking the eye contact. “I love you more then everything, You are my life” I smile. “But Abby?” She says.

“mhm?” I mummer, “Look if I ever die-“She says but I cut her off. “Anne stop! You know I hate talking about this!” I say looking away.

“I know” She says looking down.

*Anne Smith*


’I only have 3 more months left, I just wanna thank you for everything, every second you have ever spent with me has been haven, I can’t begin to talk about how much I love you, I still remember the day we ran away from the angry neighbours and climbed up to the rooftop and you tried to count the stars , but you got tired after counting 30 of them, I still remember all of the stupid jokes you told me, and laughed at them like it was the funniest thing ever, all those knock knock jokes, I still remember feeling free around you, feeling like I could breath without being judged, I could be myself around you! Every time I looked at you, I fell in love again and again. The way you smiled at me gave me butterflies, I still remember the way you called all of the butterflies you for Akumas, and thought that it was the funniest thing ever, the way you got excited over little things made me feel so safe, you made me feel safe, you made feel warm. I know what you have been through was hard, I wish I could help, but there are things in life that can’t be fixed. I know its hard, but I want to say that im so fucking proud of you! You were 3 weeks clean!! Look I know it’s hard but I hope you will slowly stop hurting your self, I know it’s hard but I believe in you! I know that you can do it! But I wish i could show you how proud I am! I still remember us dancing in the rain, you got really sick after that, you were in bed all day and I made you soup. I can’t even thank you enough for being the love of my life, as i said not even death can’t stop me from loving you, because its you, it has always been you, just you. I still remember the feeling, I felt like the luckiest girl in the world and to be honest I really think I am, you always put others in front of you, you tried to make everyone happy, even when you were going through shit, seeing other people made you happy, and seeing you made me happy, because it is you, you are my world, my life and my happiness !! I just want to say that I love you! I love you so much! And after I die, i want you to find happiness I want you to move on, but I hope you don’t forget me, moving on doesn’t mean forgetting! It means finding happiness! Find someone that will treat you right, treat you like a queen, love you like you’re the only person on earth, make you feel special, Someone who will make you happy! you deserve happiness! If there is anyone that actually deserves happiness, its YOU!

Love you Abby!! - Anne❤️

Some tears escape my eyes while writing this note, I really wished I could stay a little longer, but I guess this is life...

Will I ever be able to see my siblings? If I get too see them, they would be so disappointed, I disappointed them! I couldn’t even keep a promise!

I will probably miss her birthday too...

*Abby Hart*

Its been almost 3 month since i came back to school, I didn’t tell Elena anything about what actually happened, I don’t really want her to worry about me, Harry was still with the ‘popular kids’ as expected, well the weird thong is that Louis wasn’t with him, they are both like always together... Well anyway I have still not learned anything! This sucks! I don’t know how everyone understands it! Like why do i have to replace a number with X, like whats the point! Isn’t it easier to just like take a real number? I literally have to do my math homework and i don’t understand a shit! The question is literally if 3x - Y is 12 then what is the value of ! Like how am i supposed to know! Im a fucking teenager not a robot!

And isn’t math supposed to be like numbers? Why the fuck are we using alphabets? Ugh! I hate math! I mean when i understand it, then it’s fun... Sometimes.

I was doing my homework and then i got a call, “Hello” I said, “Hi! Is this Abby Hart?” A women said, “Yes! Thats me” I say, god why did i say it like that! “Oh, your friend is here, she has only a couple hours to live maybe one day, she suffers from heart cancer, she told us to call you” The women said, Friend? Oh god Elena? Ava? Zendaya? Maxwell? Someone else? I take my bag and drive to the hospital.

A women leads me to a room, and Anne was sitting there. Omg no this can’t be happening.

I walk towards her, “Anne what are they talking about?” I ask her with teary eyes. “I- it’s uh true” She cries.“Anne stop! This isn’t funny you can’t! You can’t leave me!” I argue. “Ab- Don’t cry like that, please, I hate it when you cry, it makes me wanna cry” She says. “How am I not supposed to cry-” I try to argue. “I want you to be happy” She smiles, “How am i supposed to be happy? Anne you’re my happiness! You make me happy you make me feel free, I- You saved me”I cry. “Ab, No! I didn’t save you! You saved yourself, you did that not me, I only helped!” She says. “Yea but I-”

“No ‘But’ Abby” She says in a strict tone.

“But- My birthday is coming up! Im turning 17! You were supposed t- to be there! A- And we, we planned our future too! Your birthday is coming soon too!We were gonna have this two story house and tell our kids stories about how- How we met.. W- We were gonna travel around the world! I- I can’t do this without you Anne! Please... You promised” I cry, it was hard to talk while i was crying.

“Im sorry baby” She says crying.

“Wh- What about graduation? You were so excited!” I say wiping away my tears.

“I- If you’re happy im happy” She forces a smile.

I wipe away my tears.

Me an Anne talk for a bit, after a couple minutes I called the others. She only has about 3 hours left

They all came, well Niall couldn’t come he was in Ireland, he said that he is sorry that he couldn’t come.

We talked with Anne, I tried to not cry... I wish this all was a bad dream.

*3 hours later*

We don’t know how much she has left, I wish we could go back time...

“Abby” She calls my name with teary eyes.

“Yes?” I ask

“I love you” She smiles.

“I love you more” I say and hold her hand.

After that everything goes silent, Anne stops breathing, Elena stays still in shock, A tear escapes my eyes.

“Wh- Why isn’t she breathing” I say, I stood there numb, I knew what happened but refused to believe it.

“Im so sorry” Elena says wiping away her tears.

“No, no...no! El you don’t understand! You don’t fucking understand! She- She promised! She said she’ll always be there for me! She promised” I say crying but after crying for some minutes I go numb, I wanted to say something, but no words came out of my mouth. The doctors come in and tell us to leave.

“No- No no! Only five more minutes! Only five please! Please! She can’t leave- No no, No.” I say, but the doctors don’t listen they just shut the door, I fell down besides the wall.

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