If We had 5 more minutes [H.S]

Chapter 10 <3

*Elena Rose*

It had been 2 weeks since everything happened, It hurt like a bitch, Anne was one of the kindest persons i’ve ever met, like the rare kind... She meant so much to Abby... Abby said she needed space, alone time, there was a note Anne left for Abby but Abby isn’t ready to read it yet, poor girl...

Abby said she’ll probably come tomorrow, but she said to not bring what happened up, and i totally respect that. She cried so much at Anne’s funeral that she became sick and numb, she told me how she felt, she said she wanted to cry but no tears came out, she wanted to scream but no scream came out... She said she had never felt like that and that she wanted it to stop.

I wish i could do something... But we all know that what has happened can never be changed.

Well now we’re at our math class, I have math class with Emily and Jessica, ugh those to brats talked so much shit about Anne and Abby, And made fun of Anne’s death... I would have beaten her ass up if i didn’t promise Abby that I wouldn’t hurt them.

*Abby Hart*

It has been 2 weeks without her now, I spent her birthday alone, how am I supposed to do this? How!? Why me? Why is it always me?

I decided to go to school tomorrow, I can’t just sit here forever, I felt a little better after I told Elena everything about how I felt... God I miss Anne so much, if I only had five more minutes to spend with her, only five...

‘Next day’

I wake up, Take a plain black t-shirt and black jeans, I take my bag and walk out.

“Looks isn’t it the whore, yea i heard her girlfriend died, yea thats what whores like Anne or whatever her name is get” I hear Jessica and her friends giggle as I walk inside. “You. Fucking. Bitch” I Say and punch her, That felt good.

I was with Harry in our first period, we had to write a song about our 17. I start write a song, when everyone was done the teacher picked me to read mine out loud.

“Do I have to?” I ask.

“Yes!” She says.

“Okay” I sigh.

" The song is called ‘brutal’” I start, I hear some giggling in the back, its Alice and her friends ..

“I’m so insecure, I think

That I’ll die before I drink

And I’m so caught up in the news

Of who likes me and who hates you

And I’m so tired that I might

Quit my job, start a new life

And they’d all be so disappointed

’Cause who am I, if not exploited?

And I’m so sick of 17

Where’s my fucking teenage dream?

If someone tells me one more time

‘Enjoy your youth,’ I’m gonna cry

And I don’t stick up for myself

I’m anxious and nothing can help

And I wish I’d done this before

And I wish people liked me more

All I did was try my best

This the kind of thanks I get?

Unrelentlessly upset

They say these are the golden years

But I wish I could disappear

Ego crush is so severe

God, it’s brutal out here” I finish.

“Oh- Good job Abby, now go back and sit” My teacher says.

Our first period ended, I go outside and sit besides my locker, drawing...

“Oh hi” Harry says. “Hi” I say. “I uh... Found out about what happened, uh im sorry about what uh happened” He said. “Mhm” I say.

“Ok... Uh so we’ll probably talk later” He says.

“Yea” I say.

School ended, I decided to read the letter today.

I open the door and go straight up to my room, “Hi Ab” Ava says, “Hello Av” I smile.

I walk up to my room, lock the door and open the letter.

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