If We had 5 more minutes [H.S]

Chapter 11


’I only have 3 more months left, I just wanna thank you for everything, every second you have ever spent with me has been haven, I can’t begin to talk about how much I love you, I still remember the day we ran away from the angry neighbours and climbed up to the rooftop and you tried to count the stars , but you got tired after counting 30 of them, I still remember all of the stupid jokes you told me, and laughed at them like it was the funniest thing ever, all those knock knock jokes, I still remember feeling free around you, feeling like I could breath without being judged, I could be myself around you! Every time I looked at you, I fell in love again and again. The way you smiled at me gave me butterflies, I still remember the way you called all of the butterflies you for Akumas, and thought that it was the funniest thing ever, the way you got excited over little things made me feel so safe, you made me feel safe, you made feel warm. I know what you have been through was hard, I wish I could help, but there are things in life that can’t be fixed. I know its hard, but I want to say that im so fucking proud of you! You were 3 weeks clean!! Look I know it’s hard but I hope you will slowly stop hurting your self, I know it’s hard but I believe in you! I know that you can do it! But I wish i could show you how proud I am! I still remember us dancing in the rain, you got really sick after that, you were in bed all day and I made you soup. I can’t even thank you enough for being the love of my life, as i said not even death can’t stop me from loving you, because its you, it has always been you, just you. I still remember the feeling, I felt like the luckiest girl in the world and to be honest I really think I am, you always put others in front of you, you tried to make everyone happy, even when you were going through shit, seeing other people happy made you happy, and seeing you happy made me happy, because it is you, you are my world, my life and my happiness !! I just want to say that I love you! I love you so much! And after I die, i want you to find happiness I want you to move on, but I hope you don’t forget me, moving on doesn’t mean forgetting! It means finding happiness! Find someone that will treat you right, treat you like a queen, love you like you’re the only person on earth, make you feel special, Someone who will make you happy! you deserve happiness! If there is anyone that actually deserves happiness, its YOU!

Love you Abby!! - Anne❤️

It was hard to read, some tears escaped my eyes, ‘Moving on doesn’t mean forgetting it means finding happiness’ That line will forever be in my head... “I love you” I said and laid in my bed, the next thing I know is that I fell asleep.

*1 year Later*

It has been almost 1 year and, Im feeling better, I’m actually 8 months clean from self harm, I’m kinda proud...

I was walking and then i bumped into someone... It was Harry.

“Oh hey Abby!” Harry says, He hasn’t been rude but like he still laughed at me and stuff...And has been rude... But I mean who cares? Me.

“Oh hey” I smile.

“Uh see you later” He says walking away slowly.

“Oh uh bye” I smile, “Harry?” I say as he was about to go.

“Uh, yea?” He asks.

“I- uh, Wanna like- I mean, if you’re not busy, We could get lunch? Or even coffee if you don’t have time” I say, god now he probably thinks im a weirdo.

“I- Uh yea I guess” he says.

“Uh, see you” I wave.

After a couple minutes Harry comes.

“Hey” I smile.

“Oh, uh hello” He says.

“What can i get you?” A young man asks with a smily face.

“Oh i’ll just have the salad” I say smiling back at him.

“I’ll just have the chicken sandwich” Harry says and smiles, god his smile is so cute! Unlike mine, well at first I loved my smile, but then people made fun of it... And thats how i got most of my insecurities.

“I like your smile” I say, god now he’s looking at me and probably thinks that im weird...

“Thanks... Yours is okay too I guess” He says annoyed.

“Uh, Do you wanna like.. Go to the movies? I mean you don’t have to but like... It’s a really good romantic movie and y’know it’ll be cute, I mean, if you want to.” I say.

“What?” He laughs.


“It’s so embarrassing seeing your lame attempt at being cute.” He says laughing.

“I was just trying to y’know, us have a date... Like friends.” I say, not talking loud.

“A date? Im sorry but I have to go home and laugh at that idea! And who said we’re friends.” He says rolling his eyes. After a couple minutes he gets a phone call, he seems kinda upset after.

“uh- Are you alright?” I ask.

“None of your fucking business.” He says.

“I- Im sorry-”

“Oh save it” He rolls his eyes,

“Whats your problem?” My voice cracks a bit.

“You! You are my fucking problem! Can’t you take a hint! No one likes you!” He says and leaves, why would he just leave like that? Did I do something wrong? I wipe away my tears.

“Your food” The man says and smiles.

“Oh... Uh, just um, give it to your kids or family.” I say.

“Thank you so much ma’am” He smiles.

“No problem” I smile.

I walk out of there, why did he have to be a asshole.

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