If We had 5 more minutes [H.S]

Chapter 12 <33

I was about to open my front door but he stood there... Harry stood there?

“Uh Abby, I-”

“Oh save it” I say rolling my eyes.

“Abby i-” He tries to say something but i close the door and go upstairs.

After a couple minutes he calls me.

“What?” I ask.

“Hey Baby” He says, I can sense him grinning.

“Ugh, what do you want?” I say and roll my eyes.

“Talk?” He says.

“There’s a key under the home map thingy, open the door and get ya ass up” I say and hang up. After a couple minutes he comes up to my room.

“Hey” He says.

“Hi” I say.

“Umm... Uh... Hey ” He says.

“Hi?” I say.

“Oh.. Uh yea... I didn’t mean to be rude earlier...” He says.

“Its alright” I say. Someone calls him.

“Hello?” Harry says.

“Hello” I hear someone say.

“Oh Dustin hi” Harry says.

“I was driving and I saw you near that freaks house? And Drew saw you and her at the lunch restaurant, What is going on?” I hear someone say, Its Dustin.

“What!? The freak FORCED me to grab lunch with uhum her” He says.

“Ok? Still doesn’t explain why you were with her.” I hear Dustin say.

“I- I’ll talk to you later Dustin.” He says and ends the call.

“You hate me that much?” I ask.

“What? I-”

“Harry I heard everything, just- Just leave” I say.

“Abby listen-”

*Harry styles*

She shuts the door, god! That annoying girl!

“Abby?!” I scream.

“What” She says as she opens the door.

“I- Can you listen” I say.

“No! You listen, I ask!” She screams.

“Ok! Ok!” I say.

“Why- Why do you hate me so much? Why does everyone hate me so much?” She asks.

“I- I just... There are reasons.” I say and look away.

“Then tell me the reasons!” She says.

“Look you’re perfect, pretty, cool and nice, but... I- I just wanted to fit in, I never have had friends before and, I just thought that i’ll be liked more like this- I- I know it’s stupid, but- Can we be friends?” He says.

“Friends?” she laugh. “Why would I be friend with someone who has ruined me mentally and physically!?” she adds.


“No! Tell me! Tell me! Why do I always have to act like someone else so people like me!? Huh? Why can’t I be perfect like- Like you!” She cries.

“I- Im not perfect” I say.

“Yes you are! Your smile, nose, eyes, hands, everything!” She says.

“But- But you’re perfect too baby” I say and hug her, god I felt so good hugging her.

“Why did you do that to me all those years” She asks.

“It wasn’t meant to get this far, I swear.” I say.

“But it did...” She wipes away her tears.

“Look, I know what I have done, but the past is the past, we have to move on! What we have now is everything!” I say.

“I do wanna move on! I do! But I can’t ignore everything you did in the past” She says not breaking the eye contact.

“I- I can change! I swear I will try my best!” I say, she smiles at me.

“Promise?” She asks and holds her pinky finger up.

“Promise” I smile and do the handshake thingy with her pinky finger.

Out of nowhere she hugs me, I hug her back, god I could hug her like this all day.

“You’re really good at this y’know” She says.

“At hugs? Really” I laugh.

“Mhm, Yea” She smiles.

“Ok can we like watch a movie?” I ask.

“Yes, I Know I know!” She says. “Sad movie” She yells making me laugh.

“Ok! Ok” I laugh.

“Choose one”

“The colour purple!” She says.

Half through the movie she starts crying, she looks cute... Wait, no no! I can’t fall for her.

“Here’s a tissue, you look like you need it” I Hand her a tissue box.

“Chocolates?” She asks looking like a three year old.

“Alright” I sight.

I go and get some chocolates, when I come back at her place she’s sitting on the sofa with a sweater, that is too big for her.

“You’re still crying” I laugh.

“The one and only way you can make me happy is by giving me a HUGE hug” She says acting like a kid.

“Oh you like my hugs that much, huh” I tease. “I mean if i say no then im lying” She smiles. Then i give her small hug, and she kisses my cheek, SHE KISSED ME! My sinking feeling in my stomach, I felt a pit in my stomach, I probably started blushing because she smirked and said. “Ooo mr.Styles is blushing ” I just laughed it off.

“Laura is a bitch” She starts. “What?” I laugh. “Oh Elena’s dog’s name is Lara, and the dog is a female, female dogs are bitch.” She laughs. “It was funnier in my head.” She blushes.

“So... How is it falling in love...I mean if you want to talk about it.” I say.

“Well when I first fell in love with Anne, uh, I smiled every time she looked at me, I couldn’t keep eye contact without feeling a pit in my stomach, I blushed when she complimented me, I actually blushed when she smiled at me too, well then I realised that I was in love, but it doesn’t end like that that, so then I was afraid that she didn’t feel the same way...And then it just happened, like I told her she smiled and hugged me and told me she liked me too and then we started dating” She explain.

“Oh, uh, cool story” I laugh.

“Well thank you mr. Never fallen in love” She jokes.

Am I in love with her? Or do I just love her?

“We-” I get cut of by someone calling me, it’s mom.

“Oh uh, hi mum” I say.

“Oh hi my little kid how are you?” She says.

“I’m not a kid, and I’m at a friends house” I say.

“You have friends?” she asks.

“Yes mom, I do have friends!” I laugh.

“Ooo is it your mom? Can I talk to her she seems fun!” Abby says.

“Oo your with a girl” my mom says.

“Mum she wants to talk to you, please be normal” I say.

“Ok, ok no worries” she says.

“Hello, you’re Anne right? Harry’s mom?” Abby says.

“That’s me” I hear my mom say.

“Ok but you seem so cool, like literally I could talk to you all day, like I saw a picture of you and you’re so pretty” I hear Abby say as she disappears in her room talking to my mom.

( This is not the end, i’ll maybe make a book two? Like a part two y’know... anw love you stat safe!!!!)
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