If We had 5 more minutes [H.S]

Chapter 1

He hates her, if she died right now he wouldn’t even care, not even a little bit!′ Thats what he tells herself every night, But is it true?

*Abby Hart*

Crying myself to sleep as usual. What is my life? Well I don’t know... I mean at least I have friends I guess.

Right now i just need a hug, I hug my pillow and fall asleep...

“Ok im up! Im up shut the hell up!” I scream at my alarm and put my pillow on my face.

Then i fell asleep... Again!

“Ok im up! Im Up! Jeez...” I scream as i get up.

I check the time and im late...Again.

“No, no nooooooo! no, no, no, no, no, no, no!” I panic as i try to find something to wear.

“I cant wear this because it shows my shoulders, stupid dress codes” I say to myself trying to find something to wear.

“Ok let me check the weather...” I say to myself.

“Its frikin 90° degrees! You know what, i don’t care, im wearing a crop top with long sleeves ” I mutter to myself.

All done, time to run to school! Yay...

I run to my class, i take a deep breath and open the classroom door. Everyone looks at me, but I mainly focus at him.

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