If We had 5 more minutes [H.S]

Chapter 2

*Harry Styles*

She walks inside the class. Everyone stares at her, but she only looks at me.

“Whats the excuse this time mrs Heart?” Pearl our math teacher speaks.

“Its Hart actually, And this time it was not my fault! I swear!” Abby says back.

“Yeah you can tell that to the principal next time. ” Pearl speaks

“I wasn’t even that late!” Abby says and looks at her phone, “Just five minutes”.

“Don’t talk back! And what are you wearing?!”

“Clothes?” She says and gives the teacher a confused look.

“Your half naked young lady”

“No? And anyway Its so hot outside what did you expect mrs Pearl?”

“You don’t talk back! Go get something to cover up young lady! Now!”

“Why?” Abby asks

“It distracts the boys!” Mrs Pearl screams.

“The boys... Of course” Abby sights rolling her eyes.

“Change NOW” Pearl screams.

“Wha- Ugh whatever...So what am i supposed to cover up with miss per- mrs Pearl?”

“Ask Harro for his sweater” Pearl says and points at me

Abby walk up to me with a grin on her face and says

“Can i borrow your sweater harro?"

“Uhh I guess...” I say and give her my baby blue coloured sweater.

“The slut is here guys” Jessica one of the popular girls says giggling, now everyone is looking at Abby.

“What are y’all looking at? Am i supposed to cry or something?” Abby says rolling her eyes, sitting next to me.

“Yeah go cry, the only fucking thing you do is cry anyway.”

“I swear to god, if that fucking bitch doesn’t shut the fucking fuck up im gonna shove my scissor up her ass.” Elena, Abby’s best friend says.

“Everyone shut up and begin doing your work!” Pearl screams

She sits next to me and plays with her fingers. She has scars on her hand and fingers, i think she tried to cover it up with makeup, but i can still see a bit of them. But anyway why should i care? She is responsible for them not me... I hate her, If she died right now, i wouldn’t even care, not even a little tiny bit.

I think...

Our math teacher leaves the class and then our social skills teacher walks in, no not this again...

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