If We had 5 more minutes [H.S]

Chapter 4

*Harry styles*

They have a girlfriend? Not that im jealous or something, They are ugly as hell anyways.

But i can’t let them be together with Anne, I know what to do, i’ll expose their scars, no one will date a psychopath like them.

It was the next day at school, I found out that Anna is starting in our school, thats good. Its gonna be easier to expose Abby in front of her.

Yesterday I took a picture of Abby’s arm, everything will go as planned

I walk up to Abby and drag her to a room.

“What the hell is wrong with you!” She screams

“Nothing, I just wanted to show you something.” I say

“Show me what? Do you need help in something?” She asks

“No!” I shout annoyed

“Then what?” They asks

“Just look at this” I show her a picture of her arm, she looks up at me and then at my mobile again, her eyes get a bit teary but she holds the tears back.

“Wh- How? Why did you take the picture? What are you gonna do with it?” She asks

“Please don’t show it to anyone!” They begs

“It’s not just that baby, You know your father? Yea, he is homophobic isn’t he? He would kill you if he finds out you’re bi...Right” I smirk

“Harry don’t please!” They says, shes not crying, just one tear falls from her eyes.

“You don’t look scared.” I say

They takes a deep breath and smirks “Because im not”

*Abby Hart*

I took a deep breath and said “Because im not ”

I was scared, my father was the one who killed my mom, he did it, he ruined my life, I hate him, I hate him so much, but i hate myself more, I could help my mom, but i was weak.

But I Was weak, that doesn’t mean im still weak, im strong, im not gonna sit back silent again, I have a voice for a reason and im gonna use it, im gonna use it as much as i can. What can my father do anyway, kill me? Im not scared of dying. Just because he abuses me mentally and physically won’t change me, im Still Abby Fucking Hart!

“Im not scared Harry...” I say not breaking the eye contact “Do what you fucking want but im not scared! Im not scared of you, my father or anyone else ok!?”

“Im Abby Francis fucking Hart, And my name means, Brave, strong and free.” I walk out the door fix my makeup and go to class.

Anna was supposed to come after school so me and Elena are waiting for her, we’re going at Elena’s place.

After a couple minutes later Anna face times me.

“Hi! Where are you! Wait did you colour your hair again, it looks good!?!!” I say

“Hi! Yes and thank you! Im so sorry, I swear i was gonna take the buss, but they literally didn’t stop! And then i asked this guy in a motorcycle if he could drop me here and he looked at me like i was a freak and he was like ‘Umm no..’ And then I said is it because im Bi? Then he just looked at me and went, he didn’t even say bye. People this days are so rude! But im walking now im almost there!” She explains making me laugh.

“Ok then, see you!” I say laughing .

She smiles and then hangs up.

“She’s coming” I tell Elena.

“She seems cool” Elena says

“Trust me she is! You’re gonna love her!” I tell her.

After some minute of waiting Anna finally comes.

“Finally” I shout

“Not my fault” She says with her hands up. Making my smile like a idiot.

“So we are gonna have like a girl night, Me, you, Elena, Maya, Bella and Gigi. The other girls will probably come.” I say.

“Oh.. ok” She says

“Anna, don’t worry they’ll love you!” I say

“You think?” She asks

“Yes! Now come on!” I drag her into Elena’s car.

We drive to her house all of the girls come and we just talk, eat and watch movies. I’ve only told Elena and Anne about my scars, im 5 month clean, my goal is 2 years. I wish it was easy.

We do each others makeup and have fun.

“Let’s take pictures!” Elena shouts

“Ok! Bella and Gigi Stand right there yes” I say.

They stand where i told them to stand and pose.

I look at the photo and say “Omg it looks great, im gonna post this on insta ok?”

“Thanks” Bella says and smiles.

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