If We had 5 more minutes [H.S]

Chapter 6

«It looks good!” I say smiling.

“It does.” She looks down.

“Is everything alright?” I ask.

“Just stress...” She looks at her nails.

“What’s the stress about?” I ask her.

“Ok but please don’t tell Abby, I will tell her myself...” She says.

“You’re not cheating on her right?” I ask.

“No! I would never do that...”

“Then what, you can tell me anything!” I say.

“I suffer from Heart cancer and” She takes a deep breath, some tears fall down her cheeks. “Im sorry uh... I have heart cancer and the doctor said that it’s deadly and if they can’t remove the tumor with surgery I have a really low chance to make it out alive.” She cried, I hug her and she just cries. I feel so bad, I can’t even imagine what she’s going thru, what it will do to Abby when she finds out.

“Im sorry, I just had to say it to someone.” She apologies

“Don’t apologies, you can always tell me if you need anything or need to talk about something.” I say.

“Thank you.” She says and hugs me again.

“Is that why you weren’t here this week?” I ask.

“Yes” She looks down.

After a bit she fixed her hair and makeup and went out.

“There you two are!” Abby says. “Wow I like your nails, did Anne do them?” Abby asks.

“Yeah, I like them too.” I say looking at them and smiling.

“Ok lets watch Avengers:Infinity war!” Abby says.

“Ok!” Anne says smiling.

We are watching the movie and out of nowhere Abby and Max stand up beside each other.

“Here we go again”Elena laughs.

“Alright everybody stay where you are, chill the f-out! Im gonna ask you this one time! Where is Gamora” Abby says laughing.

“I’ll do you one better who is Gamora? ” Max says.

“I’ll do you on better! Why is Gamora?” Abby says giggling.

And then they go on and on, we all laugh, I mean not me but the others.

Me and Louis say bye and go at my place.


“So how did it go?” I ask him.

“Ok so, i will take her on a date here, and then im gonna tell her how i feel about her.” Tom says.

“Thats a good plan!” I say. “Don’t forget me after you two get together.” I say looking at my hands.

“C’mon man! I will never forget you!” He says smiling. “I just hope this works” He says and lays down in my bed.

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