If We had 5 more minutes [H.S]

Chapter 7

*Abby Hart*

“It will Work Zendaya! Just tell him how you feel!” I say.

“But what if he doesn’t feel the same way back?” She says.

“Zendaya just go for it!” I say. “Smile, be confident... If he doesn’t like you, then his loss!”

“Ok, But do i look alright?” She asks

“Alright? Are you kidding me! I spent 5 hours on you and you ask if you look ALRIGHT?!” I say.


“No! You look horrible! What do you think you rat! You look beautiful!” I scream

“Anyway so you’ll be kissing or more huh? First kiss or first s-?” I smirk

“Abby stop!” She says laughing.

“There they are!” I say pointing at Connor, Tom and Harry.

“Hi Tom! Hi Connor! Hi Harry?” I say

“Hi Abby, oh uhh... H- Hi Zendaya!” Tom says looking at me then at Zendaya up and down.

“H-Hi Abby, How a- Are you?” Harry stutters.

“Im good! Why are you stuttering so much? Are you ok? ” I ask.

“Oh I- Uhh I don’t know.” He says.

“Ok, well i hope you’re ok” I smile.

“So how’s your studying going?” Harry asks.

“It’s going well, what about you?” I say.

“Its uhh kinda not good...y’know...” He admits.

“I can help you with it if you want. We can be at my place or your place.” I say.

“Does that mean extra time with you?” He asks. “Omg i did not just say that” he says to himself.

“Is that a bad thing?” I ask

“No! Not at all, I like being with you, you’re cool!” He says nervously, making me laugh. “Im kidding... you’re annoying.” He says. ouch

“Oh...” Is all that comes out of my mouth.

“Well im going home now.” I say.

“Oh... Well Alright...”

“Do you want to come with me?” I asks.

“No, you should go and spend time with Anne!” He smiles.

“Aw, Bye!” I smile.

“Bye!” He says back not smiling.

I go Home, Anne is laying in my bed.

“Are you still awake?” I ask, no answer, I sit beside her, her face is warm.

“Anne? Anne wake up..” I say massaging her head and trying to not be loud, she opens her eyes slowly.

“Hmm?” Is all she says. “I think you’re catching a fever, wake up, i’ll make some soup and then i can give you some pills ok?” I say.

“Mhm, ok.” She says rubbing her eyes giving me a soft smile.

I go to the kitchen and make soup, I walk in my room shes there sitting like a kid and smiling with her hands together, doing her little clapping thingy when i give her the soup i made. “It looks good, thank you” She smiles. “Ok now eat.” I smile. “Mmm it’s good! I love you!” She says. “I love you more.” I say kissing her and walking out of the room.

text from Harry: Hey loser.

Text to Harry: Hey

Text from Harry: Y’know you’re a loser right?

Text to Harry: I guess...

Text from Harry: Yea you’re a loser thats why you only have one friend that goes in our school...

Ouch i thought me and Harry were friends, but i guess not...

Text to Harry: Yea pretty sure thats why they call me a loser :)

Text from Harry: Who? Who calls you a loser!?!

Awe thats cute.

Text to Harry: Calm down, it’s alright!

Text from Harry: Ok loser, bye...I don’t talk to weird people like you...Nobody likes you.... LOSER

Text to Harry: Ouch...

Text to Harry: Im kidding, but i have to go, bye!

Text from Harry: Bye loser (Nobody likes you)😽

I put my phone down and go to check on Anne, she’s asleep now.

*Harry Styles*

Ok so you must think i’m an asshole but i had to do it, I mean she could’ve understood that im a simp after her... wait... What? No Im not a simp... I just have a crush on her... Thats it.... Yea thats it... Orrr issss itttt? Ok shut up thats it.... I think... Nope that’s it....I can’t have a crush on that slut! She’s a whore and I can’t like her.

My mind goes to a complete diffraction topic, I feel bad for Anne and Abby both of them, Can’t believe what they must be going thru... I wish i could do something to help.

*Abby Hart*

Anne went home some hours ago, I was tired so I just went to sleep...

“Stop” I shout,

“Stop please! Let me go!” I Beg

“Don’t make a noise darling, It will be over before you know it” He says

“No, no don’t touch me! Stop no!” I beg trying to push him away, im too weak, he’s strong.

“Smile for me baby girl” He says holding my face.

“Stop please! Im only 11 stop!”


I wake up crying, I have had the same dream about what happened years ago, the flashbacks make me wanna go on the top of a cliff and jump off.

Someone rings my doorbell, Its Ava. She seems tired?

She looks at me, she’s not smiling today like she uses too.

“Hi Ava!” I say

“Hi...” She gives me a soft smile.

“Come in.” I say.

“Hey Abby...I just need to take some things off my chest, the best way to do it is to talk to someone about it, can I trust you?” Ava says looking at me.

“Of course, i’m always here for you.” I say.

She smiles and looks down, we both go and sit on my bed.

“Do you need something?” I ask.

“Uhh...oh, um.. Just uh Water.” She says and smiles.

“Ok, water” I say nodding. After a country seconds i come back with a glass of water.

“Here” I say and give her water.

After a drinking a bit of the water she looks at me.

“I- some days ago... uh... I was shopping in the mall right..” She starts.

“mhm” I say.

“Then it got pretty late and- This guy... He said he could drop me off.” She says tears falling down her cheeks. “I said no, but- But he said c’mon and blah blah... So i said fine. ” She starts crying again. “Im sorry, he took me to his place, I told him that I just want to go home he didn’t let me, and then he-” She started to cry more, i held her hand to make her feel a bit more comfortable.

“He ra- Raped me!” She cries more and falls on my chest hugging me

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