If We had 5 more minutes [H.S]

Chapter 8

I hug her back.

“My baby” I say hugging her, “Tell me what the guy looks like, im gonna beat him up!” I say, I was angry, why shouldn’t I be, this is disgusting, this world is disgusting and disappointing.

“Abby, my mom she kicked me out of the house when she found out.“She says crying even more, this wasn’t her fault!

“Wha- You can stay with me till you find a house.” I say to her.

“W- What? No! I can’t just satay in your house!” She said

“Its alright! And its not like you’re gonna stay here forever, im gonna help you with the money and then you can buy a nice house!” I say.

“I know but you work for the money you get! You have to work hard everyday!” She says.

“Girl, it’s alright!” I say.

Then we decided to get our mind of everything and listen to music.

“Thank you so much Abby! But im staying at Zendaya’s place, sleepover” She said smiling and then hugging me.

“Alright, bye! Stay safe!” I say as she goes.

I take on my sleeping clothes and go to bed. Anne will be starting in our school next week on Friday.

Beep beep beep

The alam goes.

“Geez im up!” I say shouting at my alarm.

Ugh no! I hate Mondays, and my school is so fucking annoying! I can’t even do anything without being judged!

I but on the clothes i bought yesterday, they look cute but they are cheap... I mean who cares?

They kinda remind me of a friend i had, she was trans, I remember how far she had come, she always did my makeup, she was so good at it, but she had to move to another country, we still talk sometimes though.

I take the bus to school, Elena is there and Waves at me, i wave back smiling.

“Guys look theres the lesbian hoe!” Jessica says.

“Im bi actually, and do you have a problem?” I snap.

“Ooo she talks” Dustin says, one of Harry’s friends, assholes to be honest.

“Oh shut up! You don’t have to get involved in everything.” Louis says to him rolling his eyes and then smiles at me, making me smile.

Harry was still making fun of me with his friends, Disappointed not surprised...

“Guys the slutty whore talks!” Jessica says laughing.

I just roll my eyes and walk into the class, but Elena being Elena starts a fight with Jessica, she punches her in the face and drags her hair, she kicks Jessica on one of the knees.

“Ok enough El, lets go.” I say dragging her.

“Damn your nose is bleeding” I say giving Elena a tissue.

“Thank you, anyway it was so much fun, don’t you just love kicking people?” Elena says laughing.

“Bitch you’re gonna get in trouble for that you dumbass! But thank you” I say smiling.

“Anything for you, my majesty” She says making me laugh.

“Elena can i have a little talk to you?” Our principal says.

“Okey...” Elena says walking towards her, just right before they went in Elena looked at me smirking and winked.

I walk to my class.

“Eww! Stay away from us! Look what your friend did.” One of Jessica’s friends says, I think her name is Emily

“Didn’t want to come near you anyway...” I mutter under a breath.

“I swear to god this girl needs help.” One of Harry’s friends laugh, Harry laughs with him.

ouch I thought... Never mind ...

“Aw she is gonna cry” Sebastian says, literally couldn’t his parents find a better name for him?

“She’s just s little peace of shit like her mom. Why don’t you just die like your mom, huh?” Harry says smirking, why would he say that, that really hurts, he knows my mom died! I don’t know how he found out but still, I never really liked my mom, she was a really bad person, but she was my mom... And no matter how much I try to hate her, I still kinda love her, I hate myself for still having a little love for her.

“She’s just like her father.” Harry says smirking, I hate him! I fucking hate him! I would rather die then be like my father, no i can’t be like my father. I hate him I hate him I hate him! He’s an asshole!

“What a whore” I hear Cara say.

“Aw, she’s gonna cry, starve herself and then cut herself, everything for attention.” Harry says laughing with his friends, everyone heard that, they heard him, now everyone knows, they all start laughing.

“Thats so not cool...” Louis says rolling his eyes.

“I expected better from you Harry..” Louis says going out of the room.

I go and sit in my seat. Don’t cry, Don’t cry, Don’t cry, Don’t cry, Don’t cry, Don’t cry, Don’t cry!

“Good morning guys” Our math teacher says.

“Good morning” We all say.

“Where’s Jessica?” She asks.

“The sluts friend kicked and punched her” Cara says giving me disgusting look.

“Language!” Our teacher says.

We start working, it was hard to focus, everything they said hurt, it hurt more and more.

The bell rings, Elena needed to go home so i’ll be spending my time alone I guess.

I try to walk out but Harry and some of his friends stop me, some of Jessica’s friends are there too.

“Not that fast you hoe..“Cara smirks.

“What is y’all’s problem!? Im just trying to live my life and be myself!” I snap

“Whoever told you to be yourself has given you bad advice” Emily says giggling.

“What do you guys want!?” I ask rolling my eyes.

“Oh you’ll find out.” Cara says pushing me to the wall.

Alya, (Jessica’s friends) Tried to slap me but i stopped her then i slapped her, idgf she deserved it anyway.

“Ok enough of that” Harry says smirking walking towards me.

“I can see why your mother would rather be dead than be with you” He says smirking, everyone else just laughs.

“Why would you say that!? What have i ever done to you!?” I ask

“You woke up today” he says smirking.

“Oh, well you wouldn’t have to wait long for your wish to come true.” I say wiping my tears

then I push him away and just go to the rooftop.

If i jumped down, would i die? Has anyone jumped down from here??

If i jumped nobody would care...

What if i just jump.

I took out my pocket knife and started cutting my skin, i was 3 weeks clean, almost one fucking month! I tried, i tried hard but he had to ruin it, just when I started to get proud of myself, when Anne got proud of me! Im weak, I wish i was strong... but im not...

“This one is for you Cara” I say cutting my skin,

“This one is for you Jessica...”

“This one is for you Emily!”

“This one is for you Harry!!!”

“This one is for everyone in my fucking annoying class!”

“This one is for you dad” I ay cutting this one a bit deeper.

“This one is for you mom! For giving birth to me!” I cut this one more deeper.

“And This one is for you Abby! For being a fucking disappointed in this world!” I say cutting this one really deep.

I look down from the rooftop, standing in the edge, should i jump? Before i could decide anything, my vision goes blurry, almost falling down, the last thing i remember was someone yelling my name and grabbing me.

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