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! Previously known as DARK DESIRES ! *under MAJOR EDITING * All rights to J. K. Rowling

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Hello angels! As you can see I'm rewriting the whole book and I also renamed it. The book was known as 'Dark Desires' .
I'm making huge changes in the book so it might really take a while to update.
Shall we?

The cast for 'My one and only'

1 Draco Malfoy- Slytherin, Pure blood, sixteen years

2 Blaise Zabini- Slytherin, Pure blood, sixteen years

3 Pansy Parkinson- Slytherin, Pure blood, sixteen years

4 Tessa Salvatore- Slytherin, Pure blood, sixteen years

5 Izabella Williams- Slytherin, Pure blood, sixteen years

6 Rebekah Warren- Slytherin, Pure blood, sixteen years

7 Connor Maxwell- Slytherin, Pure blood, sixteen years

I want you to remember that this is the cast for the fifth year, the cast will change at the beginning of the sixth year.

*I want to say thank you to lenawh0re for the perfect book cover. My pleasure to collaborate with you darling.


This summer was the best one out of all. Beside the travels around the world and family reunions, I had my little glow up. I was more curvy and my ass and boobs had gotten bigger, I changed a lot physically.

The train station was becoming more and more crowded as the years flew by. More and more kids were coming to Hogwarts for their wizardry education.

"Do you think that we will make it?" Nicole ,my twin , joked.

"It looks like these people are going to war, not school, sister." I joked. Hogwarts was my second home, I was always excited about going back to Hogwarts because I could meet all of my friends again. Some of us were neighbours, some of us were going on holidays together and some of us were spending time together just at Hogwarts. As every other teenagers, I have my own group or how muggles call it 'gang' . It was formed by me, Izabella , Rebekah, Connor, Blaise and Draco, we were known as the 'Slytherin Royalties' because of our parents jobs and for their fortunes.

"I'll see you at Hogwarts then?" Nicole asked. My sister was sorted in Gryffindor like our great-great grandmother, it was a family thing. She has her own 'gang' too! It was formed by Nicole, Harry, Hermione, Fred, George and Ron Weasley. Most of the time at school we don't talk because of her house status. It's for keeping an appearance towards my group, it's all happening because of Draco. He's is the one who doesn't like them, actually he loathes them.

"Yeah,sure." I assured her as I turned left and tried to find the compartment that my friends had settled in. If I remember correctly, Izabella said that it's the third compartment as you turn left. I was taking my time because after this summer I couldn't face Malfoy again. It would be very weird for me and for our group.

"I can see that you took your time to join us." Rebekah remarked while she got up and came to hug me.

"Actually, I did not." I lied. "Some Hufflepuff mates stopped me on my way here." I stated. Another lie.

"Pathetic!" Malfoy spat. He always has something to say, no matter where you are, what you are doing or who are you with. He always has to say something.

"How about you keep your opinions to yourself?" Izabella argued. Ah, how much I missed the two of them and their fights. I should've asked mom for some headaches pills.

"How about-"

"It's so good to see all of you!" I interrupted Malfoy and shot him a nasty glare. "I missed you so much!" I continued as I hugged them all except for Malfoy who just nodded his head.

"So, how was your summer's ?" Connor asked as we all took a seat.

"I've spent my whole summer in Paris." Blaise spoke quiet proud.

"Let me guess! The french girls?" Izabella said.

"The fucking french girls..." Blaise told us and we began laughing -again expect for Malfoy, I don't understand him, really! - "How about you?" Blaise asked and looked at me.

"I travelled around the world, just like any other summer holiday." I explained.

"I think that it wasn't 'just like any other summer holiday' , am I right?" Connor asked with a devilish smirk.

"Because me and Salvatore went to a few places together on holiday doesn't mean anything." Malfoy argued. "And it was already planned." he continued.

"We know, but sometimes you are just too much to handle, Malfoy." Rebekah reminded.

"Whatever you say, Warren." He replied and got up.

"Where the fuck are you going ?" Blaise quickly asked. That's what Malfoy does if he isn't it the mood for an argument, he leaves. Every fucking time!

"I'm going to look for Parkinson, you?" Malfoy asked sarcastically.

"Well then, goodbye!" I said.

"Oh my-"

"Fuck. Off." Izabella told him.

"Come on, people...he is in the mood for a quick fuck-" Rebekah started.

"Right in this fucking moment..." I continued.


As we arrived at Hogwarts we went straight to the Great Hall to have dinner. I really missed the feeling of being surrounded by kids. After the dinner, we went to the common room and got our school schedule and who we are sharing our dorm with.

To my surprise I was paired with Izabella, Rebekah and Pansy, the surprise is that they put the three of us together. I thought that they wouldn't do that after what happened last year.

"I can't believe that they let us share a dorm this year too! It's fucking unbelievable!" Rebekah remarked.

"I guess they didn't have enough complaints last year." The three of us laughed at Izabella's comment.

"Where is Parkinson? She was supposed to be here, unpacking." I said.

"Maybe she's just whoring around." Izabella replied and Rebekah playfully slapped Izabella's shoulder.

"It's rude!" Rebekah started. "It's going to be a hard year for us considering that we are sharing the dorm with Parkinson and all I'm asking you is to ignore her." she continued.

"Tell Izabella that, not me." I commented.

"I already did. If she ignores us, we ignore her back and guess what- it's a win-win." Rebekah was right. It's a win-win indeed. Izabella and I nodded, approving Rebekah.

Happy Pride Month, angels!! <3

Chapter one is done! Actually I wanted to include chapter 2 too but it would be too long.
Stay safe and beautiful! Love u all! <3
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