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"I don't bite-"

*the next day*


Me and my friends were rushing to get to Potions Class because we waited for Blaise and Connor who took all the time to do hair this morning.

"It's my fucking fault that my hair is difficult!" Connor complained.

"I want to see how you are gonna explain this one to Snape - both of you!" Izabella requested.

"It doesn't matter now, we are already late!" I whined. "Just hurry up!"

The Potions Class is in the dungeons but it's not that close to our common room. So, now we were running towards the class hoping that Snape won't kill us.

"May God be with us!" Rebekah pleaded before entering the class.

"Sorry for being late, professor, we-" Connor tried to explain but was shortly cut off by an angry Snape.

"I don't care! I don't have time for your nonsense now!" he turned around grabbing a piece of paper. "This year I will make the pairs." Snape said and the class growled. "Silence!"

I was hoping he would pair me with Izabella or Blaise or someone who is was better than me at this subject. For the last four years we were choosing our partners so - of course - I was partners with Izabella or Helena, a Rancenclaw student. But this year I'm so lucky I guess...

"Mrs. Granger with Mrs. Parkinson,
Mr. Potter with Mrs. Williams..."

"Oh fuck!" Izabella muttered annoyed and I laughed at her reaction.

"Mr. Zabini with Mrs. Salvatore-"

"Which one?" Nicole and I spoke at the same time.

"Nicole Salvatore." Snape responded. "Mrs. Warren with Mr. Weasley,
Mrs. Salvatore with Mr. Malfoy..."

Oh holy fuck! Oh God! No! No! Not this! God, what did I do wrong huh? What? I thought that I was going to pass out if Connor didn't grab my hand.

"Good luck!" Connor whispered.

"I will definitely need that!" I replied as I gathered all of my books and went to his table.

"Take a seat, Salvatore! I don't bite - well, not in front of everyone." He smirked.

'Ohh go fuck yourself' I thought as I took a seat next to him. Everyone was unpleased because of Snape, even Rebekah and she is his goddaughter. Silently, all the students were listening and taking notes about Invigoration Draught - well the students were, I wasn't. What had preoccupied my mind was one unforgettable and sinful night.

"Do you like it like that, darling?" He asked as he quickened his pace. "Let me know how much you like it." as soon as those words left his mouth, I let out a loud moan. "Just like that, Tessa...just like that."

I could fell my pussy tighten around his dick- meaning that I was close to my orgasm. I put my legs around his waist because they had started shaking, my hands were around his neck- pulling him closer to me so I could kiss him.

"Faster ple-please!" I moaned in his ear. All I got in response was a loud and hard groan.

"Fuck!" he went faster.

"I'm cl-close." I breathed out. He didn't respond but looked at me and the. I let it all go. The wave of pleasure hit me like a train wreck.

He didn't stop. He continued thrusting into me - chasing his own orgasm I presume.
He thrusts became sloppy which let me know that he was close to an end. But I was almost reaching my second orgasm.

"I-i can't take i-it." I whined.

"Yes you can." He breathed. "Just a little bit longer,darling." I pulled his head down and shoved my tongue into his mouth and to my surprise he quickly kissed me back.

"Cum with me,Tessa." he said as I nodded my head in response. It wasn't long after his spoke and we both came together. Now, he was laying down next to me- his head place on my chest between my boobs.

"That was-," he breathed and I continued, "Amazing."

"Thinking about that night?" he whispered to me.

"How-?" I said and then I realised. "Stay the fuck out of my head, fucker!" I yelled whispered at him.

"Dismissed!" Snape yelled and I quickly got out of the class, leaving Malfoy alone at the table.


I saw how quick she had gathered her belongings and left the classroom. In my opinion, she left embarrassed and I understand. I just entered her mind and caught her remembering the night we spent together. It was indeed one unforgettable night.

"Did you do it blindfolded, darling?" I asked her. The way she looked at me told me that she didn't. "Tonight I want you to experiment everything. From being submissive to being dominant." I confessed. Her eyes were wide opened in shock.

"You-you sure?" she asked unsure.

"Yes, I want to fuck you and I also want you to fuck me." I explained. "It will be the best sex you will ever have,Tessa. Trust me!"

I must confess, it was an amazing night for me and definitely for her. Although it wasn't her first time, she wasn't a virgin but she didn't have much experience either, so it definitely was her second or third time.
I let her go this time, but next time...I don't think so.


'He is such a jerk' , I thought. I left the classroom slightly embarrassed to be honest. I mean, he just caught me thinking about our intimate time together. I wished I had punched him in the face.
I quickly looked at my watch and it showed 10:03 a.m. , 'Good,I have time to get my books for Divination.' , I told myself.


I was in the Great Hall, having lunch with my friends and gossiping about everyone, literally. Well, they were gossiping about God knows what and I was thinking about what Izabella told me in Charms today.

"Psst!" she hit my leg under the table.

"Ouch! Yeah?" i asked her.

"I heard a rumour." she said.

"Ok?" I questioned quietly.

"It's about you." She replied looking at what Professor Flitwick was writing.

Oh,boy! This can't be goo! He promised to shut up! Never ever trust a guy,Tessa!

"What did I do?" I asked quite scared. May God help me!

"Well, you did and didn't do." Izabella whispered. What in the actual fuck?

"What the fuck is that supposed to mean?"

"Quite back there!" Flitwick yelled.

"Did you pour a love potion in Adrian tea or coffee lately?" she questioned me.

"What on Earth is wrong with you? I never liked Adrian!" I said outraged. "This is scandalous!"

"Well, if you didn't do that-" she paused because Flitwick was looking straight at us.
"It means that Adrian likes you."

"You are fucking with me, Izzy!" I replied shocked. That little boy likes me...

"Penny for your thoughts?" Theo asked me. He is always caring and loving which is why I love him - as a friend.

"Urm...I don't know what to say really." I mumbled.

"Well, tell us what were you thinking about, if you want to." He advised.

"Izzy-" I looked at her, "- told me something." I was still looking at her for approval and she nodded.

"What?" Rebekah inquired.

"Please don't laugh or have any reactions. Be natural, okay?" They all looked at me and nodded. "Okay, urm...there is this rumour about Adrian liking me." I whispered. They all looked at me shocked and then someone got up and left - angry. That specific person was Draco fucking Malfoy.

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