The Hinata Chronicles


She thought her life was over until she saw the words "Game Over"...wait what????? Hinata couldn't believe her life was really a game. Oh well, time to start over and see if things go better.

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Chapter 1

Time for an all new adventure with an interesting twist. I've seen a lot of Naruto: The Videogame type stories out there and mind you some are pretty good, but how come none ever feature our beloved heroine Hinata? What if she was the one that found out the truth? How do you think she'd handle it? Well...only one way to find out! New Game...START!

Chapter 1: New Game START!

"Game over?" Hinata looked around and only saw nothing but two strange words floating in the air. "What is this?" She scanned the area, trying to get her bearings for where she was. The only thing she saw was white. There were no trees, no mountains, no sky, nothing. Not even any other people were around to talk to. "All I remember is fighting Madara until he cast the Infinite Tsukuyomi and that tree root started wrapping around me."

Hinata resigned herself to realize one of two things. She was either dead or she was stuck somewhere she really shouldn't be. All she knew was that she was alone. Figuring she should take a little bit of time to assess the situation, she took a deep breath and sat down to meditate. "I figure Naruto-kun might do this…or might not. Right now I really wish he was here. Holding his hand after Neji died felt so comforting."

With one more sigh she took another look around, this time with her Byakugan activated…well….

"What's wrong with my Byakugan? Why can't I activate it?" Hinata began to feel even more worried now. She tried her best to keep calm but something didn't feel right. That's when she noticed things getting brighter…and brighter…and hotter for some reason. She covered her eyes as best she could until she felt herself being pulled…and it was a strong pull indeed!

"Ok move fast guys. At least get her something to wear." Hinata had no clue what was going on. All she knew was that she was somehow still alive, but where. Oh and for some reason she couldn't feel her clothes on her. That was when she started feeling people grab a hold of her and heard someone speak in her ears. "Don't open your eyes right now. They need time to adjust since you just had a large dose of light exposure. Also don't worry, these are females helping you into something more comfortable." The voice was obviously male as Hinata soon felt herself wearing some sweatpants, a short sleeve shirt, and some socks. She also felt someone place a shade over her eyes and slowly guide her to a chair. "Alright Hinata, can you hear what I'm saying? Just nod or say yes." Having no clue what was going on, Hinata nodded her head in agreement. "Ok good. I'm going to take the blinder off now and I want you to open your eyes slowly. On three…one…two…three." Hinata felt the blinder taken off her face and slowly opened her eyes. She soon saw the world coming back into focus, noticing she was no longer in a completely white area. The first thing she saw when her vision finally cleared was that she was around people again.

"Where…am I?" She checked her surroundings and noticed that there were lots of computers and what looked like some strange telescope device. Checking some of the people she saw a strange man come toward her. He didn't look like any shinobi she knew and was definitely dressed differently.

"Would you believe that you're dead and you could probably consider this the afterlife?" The man spoke to her. It was the same person who told her that she was being helped into some clothes. "Well I figure you probably don't know what to believe, especially what just happened to you in the last hour or so." He handed her a warm cup. "Here, it's green tea. It helps." He took one himself and went to a computer console. "I guess the first thing is to fill you in on what's going on."

"That would help." Hinata slowly took a sip of her tea, noting it tasted exactly like her favorite kind at home. "What is all this?"

"Well…it's essentially where you were created." The man told her as he took his glasses off. "And I guess I'm who you call Kami or God or whatever. I also go by Neokenshin but all my friends call me Kenny so you can call me that too." Kenny as he was now called put his tea down and helped Hinata to her feet. "This place as you call it is NK Studios where we produce video games."

"Video…games?" Hinata wasn't sure what that was. "What are those?"

"Well, they're games that people play for enjoyment. Unlike board games like Shogi and Go, video games are played on your TV." Kenny replied as the two walked around. "The game we've been working on for the past few years has been a big one. It's something that we really never thought could happen."

Hinata was still confused more than ever and knew she needed to find out more information. "I still don't understand."

Kenny knew she was lost and figured the best way was to just get it out in the open. "Hinata, what if I told you that your entire life was nothing but a video game and you've been pulled into the world of the people that created it?" Hinata froze in place. Her life was a game that people play? But how? "What if I also told you that the world you live in was originally designed to be a self-evolving game to help progress the development of artificial intelligence?"

Hinata stood with her mouth wide open, flabbergasted at what she just heard. She was artificial? But everything she knew was so real! "I…but…how?"

"Why don't I show you." Kenny took her and sat her in front of a console with a large screen. After entering a few commands, the screen now displayed some words.

"Naruto: The Hinata Chronicles. Press Start." Hinata read as Kenny followed the directions and pressed start. The screen now changed to more text scrolling across the screen as Hinata began to read. "I once knew of a legendary shinobi. He was a hero to so many people. To me, well he was so much more. He was funny, brave, kind, and even cute. He was also somewhat dimwitted and really didn't get things but that's who he was. His name was Naruto. He had the worst life in the world. People didn't like him, he struggled in school, but there was always something about him that inspired me. Maybe it was his smile, his courage, or his nindo…To never run away and to never go back on your word. That meant so much to me. I always wondered if I could show him just how much it changed me. I guess this is my chance…my story to tell…"

The screen changed to show what looked like a 3 year old Hinata, a 12 year old Hinata, and her current 16 year old self. The words on the screen said "Choose your story." As Kenny pressed some buttons, each Hinata lit up so she decided to read the descriptions. "3 Year old Hinata. Start your story at the beginning and see how things can change. Starting stats: Beginner level" He then moved to the middle character, "Genin Hinata. Graduation is over so now it's time to handle the main story. Starting stats: Intermediate level". Finally she was shown the third character, "Chuunin Hinata. Three years have passed since becoming a Genin. You're well on your way to forging your destiny. The Great War lies ahead. Starting stats: Advanced level." Hinata looked at Kenny, wondering what all of this was. "I don't understand. My life was just a game?"

"Oh you bet it was! And somehow you were really kicking ass in it too!" one of Kenny's assistants called out. "Dude check out the stats of her last play through!"

Kenny and Hinata walked over to the assistance who was checking the stats. "So what do we have here?" Kenny asked as he looked at the final stats.

"Let's just say it was pro dude." His assistant moved aside to let the two see. The stats read as follows…

The Hinata Chronicles: Final Score

Survived Kumo abduction: 500

Saved by Naruto Uzumaki: 500

Showed kindness toward Naruto: 800

Never defeated Hanabi in combat due to holding back: 1000

Completing Genin Exam: 1500

Naruto decides not to cheat off you: 800

Survive Forest of Death: 1000

Feel inspired by Naruto to fight Neji harder: 1000

Boost Naruto's confidence before his match with Neji: 600

Not participate in Battle for Konoha 1: -300

Don't visit Naruto in hospital after Sasuke Retrieval Mission: -500

Avoid Naruto seeing you naked in moonlight: 500

Create Protective Eight Trigrams 64 Palms: 2000

Naruto compliments you on completing Protective Eight Trigrams: 500

Don't say goodbye to Naruto when he leaves on his training journey: -400

Become Chuunin: 2000

Faint when Naruto meets up with you again: -600

Participate in Three Tails sealing before reaching Med-nin status: 800

Don't comfort Naruto after Jiraiya's death: -700

Finally confess your true feelings of love to Naruto: 3000

Fight a losing battle against Pein to save Naruto: 1000

Survive Pein's attack: 400

Receive Naruto's praise when he returns to the 4th war battlefield: 400

Become powered up by Naruto's chakra: 500

Finally perform the Eight Trigrams 64 Palms: 700

Become super powered and use the Tailed Beast Rasengan with Naruto: 900

Allow Kurama to be ripped from Naruto: -2000

Fail to reach Naruto to try and keep him alive: -700

Allow Madara to use Infinite Tsukuyomi: -1000

Fall victim to the Infinite Tsukuyomi: -2000

Receive Hiashi's recognition: 1000

Gain 20 percent of all collectables: 200

Reach Final Battle using one skill tree: 400

Reach Final Battle without recruiting companions: 300

Reach Final Battle without using Ultimate equipment: 700

Ridonkulous Ninja Mode Difficulty: Score x 10

Final Score: 148,000

Rating: WOW! Either you had the strategy guide the whole time or you're seriously a pro, especially since you played on Ridonkulous Ninja Mode! Great job!


Sound Test

Video Library

Ultimate Gear hints

Increased Inventory

Increased Experience/Money mode

Double Damage Mode

Do you want to save?

"Yes we're going to save that." Kenny said, initiating the game save. "Unbelievable. You did all of that? Well I can definitely say the game has improved a lot more than we expected."

"It sure has chief! Plus we had gear stats, costume mode, secret abilities, skill builds, and Ultimate Gear all disabled as well. She did all of this on her own!" Kenny's assistant chimed in. "It's a shame we don't have the game fully finished. I would have loved to see what she does in the final battle."

"Final battle? But I thought that's where I was?" Hinata questioned his remark. "And what do you mean by not finished?"

"See, this is what we use to build your world. We're working with the creator of Naruto in order to build this game." Kenny pulled off a book from the shelves. "We may have created you in the game, but you were really created by Masashi Kishimoto."

"I…this…" Hinata began shaking in utter fear. "This can't be real at all!"

"It is." Kenny took the book back and led Hinata to another console. "See right now we're right up to the part where you get caught in the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Technically you beat the game since we don't even know what Kishi's gonna do next. Until we get more material from him, we're stuck."

"All of my family, my friends, Naruto-kun…all of them are just fake." Hinata could barely swallow at the rush of information she got. "Even I'm not real."

"See that's where you're wrong." Kenny pulled up a screen on another console that had what looked like a massive hierarchy map. "Every choice you made in the game wasn't programmed by us. It was your AI that made every single choice. All we did was program you to be as real as possible."

Hinata did her best to try and take in the information but she was still in shock. "So…what do I do now? I mean I'm not even supposed to be in this world."

Kenny looked at her and just smiled. "What if you could go back and relive your life differently? We had a lot of things disabled so we didn't see how they played out. But what if you decided you wanted to learn medical skills or maybe even get a chance to learn the Rasengan with Naruto. Or what if you were finally able to make it so that Naruto fully acknowledged you and you could start a relationship with him…or with any other character?" Kenny then took a book off the console and put it in Hinata's hands. "What if you could even make it so your mother never died? Or maybe you could save Neji from dying in the 4th Great War? Better yet….what if you were the one that beat him in the Chuunin Preliminaries?"

Hinata couldn't believe what she heard. She could really go back and make that much of a difference? She would have so much power to change things in her hands. Could she really do it? "I could do all of that?"

"Yes you can. In addition, we can set you to start wherever you want in your life. If you want to start at the very beginning, we can do that. We can even make programming changes as well. We can even create missions and quests that don't normally occur in the story line." Kenny explained as he got his tea mug. "We could even make a quest for you to try and find the identity of Naruto's parents and have the reward be his Ultimate Gear. Plus that little book I gave you will help you."

Hinata looked at the book and saw the title of the game. Opening it she saw what looked like core fundamentals of the game and how things like stats and armor work. Turning further she saw the listing of characters, including herself. It gave a rundown of every skill she could learn, even hidden skills and secret skills she could learn. "Wait, I really can learn the Rasengan, or learn Lady Tsunade's Super Strength? I can even learn the Water Dragon jutsu?"

"If you plan your skill build accordingly. As you can see, you have a path that branches. It shows pre-requisite skills needed to learn new ones. Each skill can gain 5 levels for more power and effectiveness. In addition, skills that aren't attached to the tree are ones that can be learned upon completing a mission quest or by fulfilling special conditions." Kenny began to explain as he pointed things out. "Also you'll notice you have what's called a Secret Ability. This is something that only you will have. Each character has their own. These abilities add a unique twist to gameplay and some abilities may have boosts when you're paired with other characters."

"What's this Ultimate Gear?" Hinata asked. She noticed a picture of Naruto's headband with the description "Naruto's Headband". "Is this something for everyone?"

"No the Ultimate Gear is a piece of equipment that is unique to each single character. It's something that can really change the tide of the game. When you have your Ultimate Gear, you get a significant boost to certain stats, and you're rewarded with certain abilities. Sometimes having an Ultimate Gear before a boss battle can present different options." Kenny explained as he turned the page to Naruto's bio. "Like see this with Naruto's gear, Kushina's Headband and Minato's cloak gives Naruto a major boost to his Rasengan power, gives him a few stat boosts, and as you can see, it says 'Special ability unlocked during Power Struggle battle'."

"I guess I should try to find those as quickly as possible." Hinata figured she may start planning ahead for what's to come.

Kenny nodded negatively, "I wouldn't do that just yet. They're not called Ultimate Gear for nothing. It takes a lot to get those items and the quests are not easy. Also for some Ultimate Gear, you may need to find another Gear first."

Hinata thought about this and realized it would be something good to try, but not focus all her attention to it. "Ok I think I get it. But something confused me? What are affection bonuses?"

Kenny chuckled slightly before turning the pages in the book to the inventory section. Hinata looked closely and noticed that the title said 'Hinata's Underwear'. "Well Hinata, affection bonuses are how much a person is interested in you. Someone with a low affection level may not want to become a companion and you may not be able to recruit them. On the other end, someone with a high affection level sees you as a close friend and will join your team instantly. Also you get slight bonuses for having high affection with other characters. It's also a requirement to have a character fall in love with you. To give you a bit of a bonus on affection, your clothes and underwear have hidden stats based on something other characters like. See here?" Kenny pointed to an orange bra and panty set, "The orange set of course makes it slightly easier to raise Naruto's affection because his favorite color is orange. But don't worry about having to show off in your underwear. It always stays hidden under your clothes unless you unequip yourself. In addition, swimsuits will give a similar effect when you're at beach areas. There's a lot to choose from depending on who you want to boost your affection with."

Hinata took this in and realized that depending on what she does…she may not…"So you're saying I have a chance not only to fall in love with Naruto, but with anyone else? Even other girls?"

Kenny nodded, "Even other girls. But there's a benefit. Once you fall in love with someone, you get various bonuses depending on who it is. Say for instance you ended up falling in love with Tenten. You would receive a boost to all of your ranged weapon skills and a bonus to gear enchantment as well. It all depends on how you want to play things out."

Hinata didn't say anything as she flipped through the book and took everything in. Just an hour ago she was on the battlefield fighting for her life and now here she was in a strange world with a person who supposedly created her. And she learned her life was just a game above all things. While she was taking all of this in, she noticed lots of boxes being placed by the telescope device. A beam came out and soon everything started fading away until it was gone. "What was that?"

"That is our Digitizer. It's how we get new things into the game. We just uploaded the Ultimate Gear and Costume data. It's also how you ended up here. But we don't know why it brought you here and nuked your clothes." Kenny replied. "It's also the way we'll send you back."

"I see. So what do I do now?" Hinata looked to see what was left for her to do.

"Easy. Just press start and begin again. This time make the world your own. You can change your own destiny." Kenny said with a smile. "The sky is the limit."

Hinata kept the book in her hands and stood up, breathing deeply. "I guess I should be lucky, getting to see my creator. Will I ever get to hear from you again?"

Kenny led Hinata back to the Digitizer where she would be sent back into her world, "Maybe. Never know what changes we'll make. But you just have to get back to the end to see them. Everything else is done for now. But I do have some information for you before you go back."

Hinata knew it would be important so she made sure to listen well. "Okay."

"First, only you will know about everything being a game unless you tell those you recruit. Otherwise people will think you're kind of crazy. Second, the guidebook will change once you get back in the game so it doesn't spoil everything for you. You'll still have the basics guide, the character list, and the equipment list, but nothing else. You'll have to find quests and missions on your own." Kenny explained carefully. "Third, save and save often. You may never know when you'll run into a battle you can't escape from and you can't win. If you die, you'll be sent back to your last checkpoint or save and if you feel like you might be risking a lot, then you probably are. Trust me, losing a lot of gameplay because of a stupid mistake isn't fun. Fourth, every time you die, you and your party members will remember everything that has happened even after you reload a save. That means if you lose a battle, you can redo it with better knowledge of how to win it."

"Alright, I'll remember that." Hinata said, clutching the book she got tightly. She looked up and noticed that the Digitizer was powering up, ready to send her back.

"Finally, once we send you in, you won't remember being here or meeting us. If we contact you, it will be like it was the first time. The only thing you'll remember is that you know about your life being a video game, and that you have the guide book. Also that guide book will become bound to you, so you won't have to worry about losing it."

Hinata nodded in thanks. "Thank you for giving me another chance. But I just have one thing to ask."

"What is it?" Kenny asked.

"The quest about discovering Naruto's Parents…can you please make that real? I want to be able to tell him who his parents are, or at least be able to show them to him." Hinata asked just as the Digitizer reached full power.

"Actually, that quest was already activated. We figured you would want to do that. Well Hinata, good luck and enjoy the game!" Kenny said with a smile.

"Thank you!" Hinata said as the Digitizer went active, engulfing her in a bright light. Within seconds she no longer was in the studio, but now in a white room with a menu in words before her.

"I guess I'm back at the start of the game." She looked at the menu and saw what options are available.

New Game

Load Game



"Hmm I guess I better go with Options first. So I can see what I have open to me." Hinata touched the word Options and a new menu appeared.

Difficulty: Ridonkulous Ninja Mode!

Notifications: Off

Auto Leveling: On

Ultimate Gear: Off

Costume Mode: Off

Hints: Off

"Hmm, well I don't think I want to do this Ridonkulous Ninja Mode. That sounds like it's at maximum difficulty. Also I think I want to choose how I level up. Plus I think Costume Mode might be kind of fun too." Hinata looked over all of the options and knew she wanted changes. After she was done she was quite pleased.

Difficulty: Normal

Notifications: On

Auto Leveling: Off

Ultimate Gear: On

Costume Mode: On

Hints: On

Backing out of options, she went to Extras to see what was available.

Sound Test

Video Library

Ultimate Gear Hints

Increased Inventory: Off

Increased Experience/Money: Off

Double Damage: Off

Hinata thought to herself what might be good. She figured checking the Ultimate Gear Hints would be worth it, but she decided against it. "Naruto-kun would want to challenge himself for something like that, so I'm going to do it too. However being able to carry more things is always handy so I'll turn that on."

Hinata finalized her options and backed out to the main menu. Seeing nothing else to do, she pressed New Game and was taken to where a story of text played out. After watching the opening, she was taken to the character select screen where she saw herself in three places. "Ok, where do I want to start? If I start at 3 years old, it will take me a long time before I can start using my ninja skills or even get to do anything, but I don't want to rush all the way to the end. I wish there was a way I could start midway and make changes to the early game."

She pressed her 12 year old self and saw that a few more options pulled up.

Past events that can be changed-caution will change gameplay from the standard deviation.

Hinata went through all of the various events that happened and saw one in particular…"The death of Hikari Hyuuga…the day mom died…" She touched the picture and was prompted,

The option to let Hikari die was chosen as default. Do you wish to change this event?

Hinata thought long and hard and realized that a lot of things could change if her mother were still alive. All she could do was see that day over and over…holding on to her mother's hand as she faded away. Hinata decided she wasn't going to keep that memory. Touching the picture again she noticed the text change.

The option to let Hikari live is chosen. Gameplay will now be set accordingly.

"I guess that's it." Hinata took a slow breath and backed up to the selection menu. She had one final choice to make.

Do you want to start at Genin Hinata's story? You will start just after completing the Ninja Academy. Your character will start at lvl 15. Do you wish to begin? Yes? No?

Hinata knew this was it, no going back. "Time to write my own story!" She pressed Yes and felt herself being pulled back into the place she called her world.

New Game...START! How will our blue haired princess handle a world where she has more control than she knows! How will things change now that her mother is alive and well? And how will her life turn out this time? Will she be stronger than ever? Gotta play the game to find out! Can't give spoilers out now, can I?

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