The Hinata Chronicles

Chapter 2

Time to get the game rolling! How will Hinata in her new story? Hope she makes the right choices! And really...we all know the disclaimers so...yeah let's just get to the story.

Chapter 2: Party up!

Opening her eyes, Hinata realized she was now back in her bedroom at home and now back in her pajamas. She turned to look at her mirror and saw she was now 12 years old again.

"Hmm, I guess I miss my hair long. I should stop getting it cut now and let it grow back out." She frowned at seeing her hair cut short as it was. "Maybe I should also go back to my purple outfit. It seemed more comfortable than this coat. Speaking of which…"

Hinata looked around for anything that might help her out. She did see there was a white glowing circle by her bed. Piqued by interest she walked over to it and when she stepped on it, she heard a chime. That's when she noticed a message appear on a bracelet around her wrist.

You've found a save point. Use these to save your progress during the game. You can also rest to restore your HP and Chakra. Save points are located in a character's bedroom, inn rooms, or in various places in town. You can also save your game when in the field, but you won't be able to rest unless you find a campsite. To save, access your menu and choose the option of Save in the Systems menu.

Hinata wondered first how she had the bracelet, but figured it was part of the game itself. She closed the message box and opened the book she had in her hand. "Ok, how do I access the menu?" She turned to the early pages and found out that she simply had tap her bracelet while concentrating on the menu. Doing so, she opened her menu and figured it would be a good time as ever to start learning about what she could do. (A/N I plan to do a guide to go along with this story, fully explaining each character's skills so I can try to add more story instead of explanations here. However if a character learns a Secret Skill like Hinata learning Rasengan, I'll do an explanation of the skill right after they get it.)

Menu Options





Quest Log



Hinata chose the first option and saw a listing of her skills. She noticed there was 15 skill points available for her to allocate skills. She saw that some skills were grayed out, probably due to not being able to be accessed yet. She had two different trees, one titled Gentle Style and the other titled Medic Boost. Checking over her skills she saw she had 7 skills for each tree.

"Ok let's see what I can learn. For Gentle Style I can learn Eight Trigrams 64 Palms, Rotation, Eight Trigrams Air Palm, Gentle Step Style, Eight Trigrams Mountain Crusher, Byakugan Boost, and Twin Lion Fist." Hinata looked at each skill carefully. "I already have two points in 64 Palms and Rotation, but why do I already have Gentle Step unlocked? I didn't start learning that until I was a Chuunin?" Hinata decided to get more info, so she opened her guidebook and checked her skills. "I'm supposed to have three skill trees. Why does it say Elemental style? Does this mean it has something to do with my chakra element?"

She scratched her forehead and went back to her skill trees. "Alright for Medic Boost I have Medicine Potency, Mystic Palm, Pressure Point Boost, Pressure Point Disable, Chakra Recovery, Heal Booster, and Life Stream. Right now I have two points in Medicine Potency and one in Pressure Point Boost. I'm guessing that's what helped me make my healing creams." Taking her time she thought about things carefully. "I think I want more healing skills this time and I have 15 points, so here we go. I have to be Chuunin Rank to unlock Mountain Crusher and Air Palm, and I need Air Palm to learn Twin Lion Fist, so those are out. As for Medic Boost I can't learn Mystic Palm until I find Lady Tsunade, and that prevents me from learning Chakra Recovery and Life Stream as well. Lots of choices." Carefully allocating her skills she now had a new setup.

Eight Trigrams 64 Palms (3) +1

Rotation (3) +1

Gentle Step (3) +2

Byakugan Boost (5) +5

Medicine Potency (5) +3

Pressure Point Boost (3) +2

Heal Booster (1) +1

Hinata confirmed that she wanted her skills set and then went to check her stats. Upon viewing the screen she saw a picture of herself, her rank, and her Special Ability. She also saw there were 5 different stats she could allocate points to. "Ok so my special ability is 'My Ninja Way'. What does it do?" Tapping it brought up the description.

My Ninja Way-Vowing to never give up in anything she does and to never go back on her word, Hinata has a 50 percent chance of surviving a fatal hit in battle with 1 HP left. When Naruto is in the party, this chance increases to 75 percent. If Hinata is equipped with her Ultimate Gear, this chance rises to 95 percent.

"Hmm, never give up. Thank you Naruto-kun." Hinata felt comforted knowing that Naruto continued to influence her positively. "Now for stats. I have 500 points I can distribute over my 5 stats. But what do they do?" She looked at each stat carefully to make sure she didn't mess up.

Strength-influences attack power of physical attacks and Taijutsu based skills. Also increases the effectiveness of Fire based jutsu.

Agility-Increases your attacking and movement speed. Also increases your evasiveness to attacks. Boosts the power of Wind style jutsu.

Vitality-Increases your Hit Points and increases the rate in which you heal from wounds, also increases your resistance to status effects like paralysis and poison. Increases the power of Earth based jutsu.

Intelligence-Increases your chakra capacity and increases the power of Medical based skills and Genjutsu. Water Ninjutsu are improved by Intelligence.

Dexterity-Improves accuracy of weapon based attacks like shuriken and senbon. Also improves the strength of traps, improves trap disabling skills, and increases the power of Lightning Ninjutsu.

"Hmm, I said I was going to go more medical skills this time, but I want my Gentle Fist arts to still be effective too. I hope this will be ok." She began allocating her points accordingly. (A/N I will explain how the stats system works at the end of the chapter)

Strength 20 (3)

Agility 22 (4)

Vitality 20 (3)

Intelligence 60 (7)

Dexterity 30 (4)

"I guess this is good for now. I should save and get started figuring out what to do." Hinata clicked on save to save her progress and decided to get started with the game. "I can check my equipment and other things later." She felt happy with her choice and made her way out of her room, only to have Neji run into her.

"Lady Hinata, it's time for breakfast." Neji said calmly as he walked toward her.

"Brother…thank you. I'll be down shortly." Hinata nodded in thanks as Neji started walking off. Before he left he turned to her. "One more thing."

"Yes Brother?" Hinata looked back and saw Neji…smiling?

"Congratulations on graduating. If you ever need help with your Gentle Fist skills, let me know and I'll be glad to train with you." Neji sent an honest smile back at her before continuing down the hall.

"Sure. Thank…you." Hinata was more than surprised. Neji was being nice to her. He didn't look at her with a cold glare. She knew that Neji didn't open up and become friendlier toward her until after he lost his match with Naruto in the Chuunin Finals. What happened to him that caused this change? Upon Neji leaving, Hinata heard a ping and looked at her bracelet.

Mission Available: Training with Neji. Reward: 100XP, Neji gains 1 point of affection toward you. This is a repeatable quest that can be done once a day.

New Partner Found: Neji Hyuuga. Talk to Neji to recruit him.

"Hmm, I can recruit Neji already? I still don't understand why he's nice to me, but I'll have to find out later. I shouldn't keep Father waiting for breakfast." Hinata put the thought to the side and hurried downstairs for breakfast. Once she got to the dining area she saw her father and her sister Hanabi, but there was someone else there as well.

"Hinata dear, good morning! Did you have a good night's sleep?" the person addressing Hinata was a woman she knew shouldn't be here. "Hinata? Are you ok?"

Hinata was completely stunned. This person shouldn't be alive. "M-m-mom? Is…is it really you?"

"Hinata, are you ok?" Hanabi looked at her sister wondering if she stayed up too late. "Of course it's mom. Did you eat some bad cinnamon rolls or something?"

There before her very eyes was Hinata's own mother Hikari. She didn't look sick or weak at all. Then it hit her. "That's right, I changed it so she didn't die! The game said things would change because of that! Tears slowly began to form in her eyes due to the fact that her mother was right there, alive. "I'm ok. I'm just happy to see everyone."

"Well come sit down and enjoy your breakfast. Your mother felt you should have something to congratulate you for graduating so enjoy your cinnamon rolls before they get cold." Hiashi said calmly as he ate some rice. "Also make sure you're not late today for your team assignments."

"Of course Father. I'll make sure to be on time." Hinata sat down quickly beside her mother who handed her a plate with two cinnamon rolls on it.

"One more thing." Hinata looked over at Hiashi who had put his bowl down. "If you end up on a team with the Uzumaki boy, try not to faint. Why you have a crush on him of all people, I'll never know."

Hikari gave her husband a light bump on the shoulder, "Hiashi, leave her alone. Naruto is a very good boy. He tries so hard, so give him credit." She looked over at her daughter warmly. "It's perfectly fine if you like Naruto. Now go ahead and finish up, then head upstairs and get a bath."

"Thanks Mom." Hinata blushed slightly while eating her cinnamon roll. She took her time, enjoying being in her mother's presence once again. After she was finished she left to get ready for her bath. Deciding it would be a good time to learn some new things, when she got to her room she opened the Equipment Menu option. She was now shown a display of her full self with her current clothes. There were slots for an Upper and Lower headgear, Upper Armor, Lower Armor, Cloak, Shoes, two Accessory slots, and finally one slot entitled Ultimate Gear. Deciding to see just what she had, she tapped on her Upper Armor which showed her short sleeve pajama top. It then opened a menu that showed all of the shirts she owned. "It's like my entire wardrobe is in here. This might really come in handy especially on missions." Though when she said that, she received a notification, all with the familiar ping.

Notification: Full Gear Wardrobe is only accessible in your bedroom. You must take any armors with you to access them outside of your bedroom.

"So much for that idea." Hinata sighed in defeat, realizing she wouldn't have another advantage. "Hmm, interesting. There's a description on my clothes."

Hinata's Pajama Top-Hinata's favorite top to sleep in at night. The satin fabric is cool and comfortable. When worn with Hinata's Pajama Shorts, there is a 2 percent chance to wake up in Refreshed Mode after sleeping. When in Refreshed Mode, HP and Chakra Recovery speed are tripled and Hinata earns 10 percent more experience and money in combat. Effect lasts for one hour.

Hinata was amazed that her clothes would give her such a bonus. Wondering if there was anything else like it, she picked up the guidebook from her desk and flipped through, finding a listing of all equipment available. "So everything I have will have some kind of a bonus stat and it looks like some equipment combinations will give me more bonuses." Turning the page she then saw something even more interesting. "What is all my underwear doing listed here! This is everything I have!" Hinata was surprised it listed every piece she had, including an extra racy set that Ino had given her to in hopes that it would boost her confidence when talking to Naruto. She did notice some text under the title which did change things up.

Hinata's underwear collection- One thing that Hinata does is make sure she always wears matching bras and panties. These will always be equipped as a set and will be hidden by wearing armor. Each set will help raise affection levels of a partner. Use dyes to change the color of your armor to increase the affection level bonus.

"Affection levels? Is this how much someone likes me?" Hinata wondered just what element this was. Wondering what kind of boost she had now, she decided to just see what she had on. Returning back to her equipment menu, she tapped on her top and saw an option to remove armor. Tapping it, her top instantly vanished and was now hanging in her open closet. Doing the same for her pants, she now stood only in a simple white pair of panties and matching bra. Tapping the combination on her equip screen displayed a new set of text.

Hinata's basic bra and panty set-There is nothing complicated about this set except that it is very comfortable to wear with any outfit. Adds 1 points of affection to all characters with each level. Adds 1 extra point of affection with each Affection Quest completed.

"I guess that's good, but I still need to know what affection is." Backing out of the menu, Hinata went back to her guidebook and flipped near the beginning to read up on basics.

Affection Levels are what draws other characters to Hinata. This causes them to wonder what was so interesting that they needed to be around Hinata to learn more about her. Every character has a base level of affection that can be raised or lowered depending on the outcome of events. Certain events may open once you reach a certain level of affection for characters. Also when a character has a high level of affection, they may trust you with more information, which can lead to new Quests and Missions. In addition you will receive a small bonus stat from your partner. Sometimes you may even be offered to learn a new skill or skill set from your partner.

Finally, if you raise your partner's affection level gauge to 91 percent or higher, your partner may start to find you attractive and even more trustworthy. You may learn additional hidden information from your partner, or even have a chance to unlock a Secret Skill or your partner's trademark skill. Your partner may even fall in love with you and if you accept their confession of love with one of your own, you can become a couple and the power of your affection bonus with double. You can also gain extra bonuses in addition to standard ones from your new boyfriend/girlfriend. Be on the lookout for items that you think your partner may like. Check each character's profile to find out their likes and dislikes to help you raise and lower their affection. Finally, wearing the right kind of underwear beneath your clothes can help. Every girl wants to make sure she is her best, so pick something to make you feel more confident towards that person. Also make sure to pick out a cute swimsuit for your partner whenever you'll be training in water or spending time at a beach or pool. A one piece is good, but take the risk and show a bit more skin with a cute bikini for a bigger affection bonus!

Hinata scratched her head slightly after taking in all of the information. Talk about a lot just to get a person to like you. But she knew she had a target. Only one person was the one she wanted to raise the affection level for and that was Naruto. So that meant she had to pick out lots of orange colors and find out just what his likes were. But then now that she thought about it, it couldn't hurt to raise the affection levels of her other teammates since it could give her the chance to learn more skills and abilities, and the idea of bonus stats didn't hurt either. She'd have to plan very carefully on what she was going to do. For now she decided to go a little bit towards her original plan. She closed the equipment window and finished undressing naturally, changing into her bathrobe. Going over to her drawer she saw that everything was organized and noticed she had a lot more underwear than before.

"I guess even in a game wearing clean underwear daily is standard." Normally she'd only have one pair of each color, but she had seven of everything she could wear. She found an orange set and placed it on her bed.

Orange Bra and Panty set-A gift given to Hinata from her mother. It had a note saying "It might give you a bit more confidence around your crush. Love Mom. Increases Naruto's affection by 3 points each level. Adds 2 extra points of affection to any Naruto Affection Quest Reward. Lowers Sasuke, Kiba, Neji, and Choji's Affection levels by 1 point each level.

Quickly getting a bath she returned back to her room to change. Instead of equipping herself, she dressed normally and pulled up her window just to see what stats everything had.

Lower Headgear-Hinata's Headband: Given to all Genin level ninja. This is proof of completing the Academy. Reduce physical damage by 1 percent.

Upper Armor-Standard Shirt: A comfortable short sleeve shirt with thin mesh weave armor. Basic gear for a new Genin. Adds Vitality+1

Lower Armor: Standard Pants: Lightweight and comfortable pants. Adds Agility+1

Cloak: Hinata's Jacket: A large jacket designed not to be revealing. The crest of the Hyuuga clan is on the sleeve. Adds Vitality+2

Shoes: Standard Shoes: Everyday shoes that provide good support. Adds Agility+ 1

"One more save just in case and it's time to see if I'm on Kurenai-sensei's team again." Hinata straightened her headband around her neck and saved her progress. Leaving her room she made her way downstairs and was just about to leave when she ran into a girl with Neji.

"Oops, sorry about that. I wasn't paying attention." The girl apologized quickly.

"Tenten, are you ok? You need to be more watchful." Neji replied. "And you Lady Hinata, are you ok as well?"

"I'm fine Neji. Who's this? Is she your teammate?" Hinata asked.

"Yes, Tenten is one of my teammates. She's very good with weapons." Neji replied.

"So you're Neji's cousin. I've seen you around town before. Heading off to the academy to get your team assignment huh?" Tenten asked as she fixed a bun in her hair. Hinata nodded. "Well hopefully you'll get a good team."

"Thanks. Well I have to go. It was good meeting you Tenten. Hope to see you again sometime." Hinata said as she took her leave.

"Sure thing. And if you need any weapons, come by the armory. I work there part time and will be glad to help you out."

"I will. Bye!" Hinata left quickly only to hear another chime.

New Partner Found: Tenten. Talk to Tenten to recruit her.

Mission Available: Fortune Telling with Tenten. Reward 100XP, Tenten gains 1 point of affection toward you. This is a repeatable quest that can be done once a day.

Taking note of the new information, Hinata made it to the Academy in record time. Inside she saw all of the other graduates all waiting to find out who they'd be assigned to for their ninja careers. She quickly took her seat, noticing that Naruto was sitting in the same row as Sasuke. She remembered how he didn't pass the exam but told everyone he did extra credit with Iruka and was able to pass. "This time I'll congratulate him properly and try not to be shy around him." She said to herself warmly. As she waited she overheard Ino and Sakura come barging through the door, talking about who got to the class faster. That's when it hit her. Last time she remembered that Sakura pushed Naruto out of the way because she wanted to sit with Sasuke, and the rest of the girls followed close by. Naruto then jumped on the desk and stared down at Sasuke, only to have the boy in front of them lean back and bump into Naruto, causing him to kiss Sasuke! The entire scene was unfolding right before her eyes and she couldn't let that happen.

"Naruto!" She stood up quickly and called out to him. "Hey Naruto!"

Naruto and Sasuke paused, as did the angry mob of Sasuke's fan girls and all turned back at Hinata. Naruto was a bit confused since he wondered why she of all people would call out to him. With that he jumped off the desk and walked through the angry mob and went to see what she wanted. "Hey Hinata, what's up."

"I…well that is…" Hinata started to speak but instantly started stuttering again. "Why am I doing this again? I gotta get my words out!"

Naruto turned his head a bit, wondering what was going on with her. "You ok?"

Hinata took one more deep breath. "It's your story remember! You have the power to make the change. Don't let the past stop you!" She exhaled and smiled. "I wanted…to say congratulations on graduating. You looked depressed yesterday and I'm sorry I didn't come talk to you."

Naruto was stunned a bit, but it wore off quickly. He then flashed a large grin on his face. "Gee thanks Hinata! Don't worry about not talking to me yesterday. It's cool. Congrats to you too. Hope you get a good team!"

"You too!" Hinata smiled back with her reply as Iruka entered the room to give out assignments. Naruto went back and took his seat while Hinata heard a familiar chime. She was going to check the messages but figured she'd wait.

Iruka began his congratulatory speech on how well everyone did and how proud he was of everyone. He then got into the team assignments and once he got to Team 7, Hinata remembered all too well what was going to happen. Naruto would be assigned to a team with Sasuke and Sakura, the top male and female rookies. She'd be assigned a team with Kurenai, Shino, and Kiba.

"Now for Team 7. This team will be comprised of Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto Uzumaki…" Iruka said before Naruto cut him off.

"Why am I with this stuck up jerk?" Naruto shouted angrily.

"Well Naruto, The top male and female graduates and the bottom graduate are paired up. Sasuke graduated 1st while you were last. This is how it's always been. As for the top female, we actually had a tie this year. It seems that both Sakura Haruno and Hinata Hyuuga tied for top female." Iruka replied to calm Naruto. "It was tough to see who would be your third partner and there was a lot of talk going on."

"I tied with Hinata?" Sakura looked back and wondered just how in the world that happened. She always knew Hinata was quiet and reserved.

As for Hinata…"I tied with Sakura? But last time I was sure she beat me out of the top spot, even though I was holding back!" She thought about how this could have all happened until it hit her. "Was this an aftereffect of having my Mom not die? Just what else changed because of that?"

Iruka continued with the team announcements. "As I was saying, we all thought hard and balanced your various skills. Therefore the final member of Team 7 is…."

Things seemed to completely slow down in front of Hinata. Somehow all the lighting dimmed and the room became darker. She even noticed that everyone somehow stopped moving. What then appeared in front of her was a large wheel that had Team 7 and Team 8 in various divisions. Above the wheel it said "Destiny Spin: Decide your team."

"So choosing my team is all up to luck." She saw that each section was even so she had a 50/50 chance. "Ok here we go. Please let me be on Naruto's team!" She closed her eyes and spun the wheel. She decided that she wouldn't see the result and just wait for Iruka to call out the result. She could hear the wheel slowing down until it finally came to a stop.

"Hinata Hyuuga, you're the third member of Team 7." Iruka announced. Hinata's eyes opened wide as she couldn't believe her luck. "It was tough choosing between you and Sakura. In fact we had to go pretty far back as the two of you were evenly matched all year. To be honest we checked everything from your Taijutsu scores, ranged skills, and even went back to your kunoichi classes as well."

"So how did you choose Iruka-sensei?" asked Sakura, wanting to know how she got edged out.

"Well it turns out during your Cooking Class midterm, Lord Hokage liked Hinata's cookies a little better than yours Sakura." Iruka said with a dumb smile, causing Sakura to face plant on the floor.

"YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME! I LOST BECAUSE OF SOME COOKIES?" Sakura was furious that she could lose out due to something so stupid.

"Hehe gotcha Sakura. Sorry, Lord Hokage wanted me to do that." Iruka quickly apologized to get her to calm down. "In reality the reason Hinata was chosen is because with her background in Gentle Fist style, it would complement Naruto and Sasuke's physical fighting styles, while you're better suited for Team 8 with Kiba Inuzuka and Shino Aburame. Your quick thinking, intelligence, and strength in Genjutsu make you more suited for their team. It really came down to your skills, that's all."

Sakura sat back down, feeling slightly down that she wasn't on Sasuke's team, but she accepted his reasoning. "Fine, I'm ok with that."

As for Hinata, "I'm on Naruto's team! This is great! I wonder how things will be this time." Hinata looked over at Naruto and saw he looked somewhat defeated. "That's right. Naruto still likes Sakura. I guess it's ok for me to try and change things for my benefit. But I can't act like a fan girl. I have to be considerate of his feelings too. Yeah that's what I'll do."

After hearing all of the team announcements, each team had an hour before they were to meet their Jounin. Naruto wanted to go out for ramen as usual, and Sasuke looked at him like he was a blasted idiot. Hinata knew of the tension the two had and felt that it might be better to start things off on a good note. "Um, if it's ok, I'd like to treat both of you to lunch to celebrate. I know that Naruto wanted ramen, but would it be ok if we all went out for barbecue today?"

Naruto and Sasuke both looked at her in surprise. Sasuke was especially surprised since Hinata wasn't one of the girls that fawned over him every waking moment, and that she actually took her training seriously. Naruto looked a little down, but was happy over getting free food anyway. "Really Hinata? That sounds great. Thanks for offering!"

"I'm fine with that." Sasuke nonchalantly agreed as well.

"Thank you." Hinata bowed politely. "Um before we go, could you please excuse me? I need to go to the girl's room." Both boys nodded and she took her leave, hearing a chime while she headed for the bathroom. Upon arriving, she noticed it was empty and went to a stall for extra cover. She pulled up her notification display on her bracelet.

Affection Quest: Prevented Naruto from kissing Sasuke: 100XP rewarded. Naruto gains 3 points of affection toward you. Sasuke gains 1 point of affection toward you.

Achievement Unlocked: Girl Envy: All other girls are envious because you were placed on Sasuke's Team. 100XP rewarded. Ino loses 1 point of affection toward you. Sakura loses 1 point of affection toward you.

New Partner Found: Naruto Uzumaki. Talk to Naruto to recruit him.

New Partner Found: Sasuke Uchiha. Talk to Sasuke to recruit him.

New Partner Found: Shino Aburame. Talk to Shino to recruit him.

New Partner Found: Kiba Inuzuka. Talk to Kiba to recruit him.

New Partner Found: Sakura Haruno. Talk to Sakura to recruit her.

New Partner Found: Shikamaru Nara: Talk to Shikamaru to recruit him.

New Partner Found: Ino Yamanaka: Talk to Ino to recruit her.

New Partner Found: Choji Akimichi: Talk to Choji to recruit him.

Mission Available: Ramen with Naruto. Reward 100XP, Naruto gains 1 point of affection toward you. This is a repeatable quest that can be done once a day.

Mission Available: Take a walk with Sasuke. Reward 100XP, Sasuke gains 1 point of affection toward you. This is a repeatable quest that can be done once a day.

Mission Available: Insect Observation with Shino. Reward 100XP, Shino gains 1 point of affection toward you. This is a repeatable quest that can be done once a day.

Mission Available: Walk Akamaru with Kiba. Reward 100XP, Kiba gains 1 point of affection toward you. This is a repeatable quest that can be done once a day.

Mission Available: Trivia Time with Sakura. Reward 100XP, Sakura gains 1 point of affection toward you. This is a repeatable quest that can be done once a day.

Mission Available: Shogi with Shikamaru. Reward 100XP, Shikamaru gains 1 point of affection toward you. This is a repeatable quest that can be done once a day.

Mission Available: Enjoy a snack with Choji. Reward 100XP, Choji gains 1 point of affection toward you. This is a repeatable quest that can be done once a day.

Mission Available: Shopping with Ino. Reward 100XP, Ino gains 1 point of affection toward you. This is a repeatable quest that can be done once a day.

Hinata was amazed at everything that she unlocked just from meeting the teams. She did like the fact that she could do a repeatable quest with everyone to not only gain experience, but to raise their affection too and if she had the right equipment, she could boost it. But she had to admit, that was a lot to deal with.

"Maybe I should turn Notifications off. That was a lot just from one encounter and I don't want to keep my log cluttered. Well I guess the first thing is to try and recruit partners. I just don't know if they'll really believe me." She sighed hoping that the next choices she made would be the right ones. Leaving the bathroom, she met back with the boys and figured now was as good as ever to try it.

"So you ready to go Hinata?" Naruto asked as she returned to the main entryway.

"Yes, but on the way, can we stop by my house? I need to pick up something. Also I need some help with a task. Do the two of you think you could help me out? You don't have to if you don't want to." Hinata asked politely.

"Sure thing Hinata. I'd be happy to help out." Naruto said happily.

"Fine with me. As long as it doesn't bother my training." Sasuke said in a cool tone. Upon both boys agreeing, Hinata heard a new chime and looked at her bracelet.

Partner recruited! Naruto Uzumaki has become your partner!

Partner recruited! Sasuke Uchiha has become your partner!

Mission Complete! Team 7 Assembled! Reward 1000XP, Naruto gains 3 points of affection toward you. Sasuke gains 1 point of affection toward you.

Level up! You reached level 16! You earned 16 stat points and 1 skill point! Naruto earns 3 points of affection toward you. Sasuke loses 1 point of affection toward you. Next level in 3600 XP

Level up! Naruto reached level 12! Naruto earns 12 stat points and 1 skill point. Next level in 2000 XP

Level up! Sasuke reached level 16! Sasuke earns 16 stat points and 1 skill point. Next level in 3600 XP

Naruto affection level: 44/200 points

Sasuke affection level: 36/200 points

Mission Available! Help Naruto get leveled up! Naruto is far behind in his levels with his teammates. Help him catch up to their level by training hard with him. Reward: Naruto gains enough levels to be even with his two teammates.

Mission Available! Meet your Jounin Sensei! Your sensei has been assigned. Meet with him to get your ninja career headed in the right direction. Reward: 100XP

Unknown to Hinata, once she leveled up an upward arrow with the words 'Level Up' appeared over her head. Since Naruto and Sasuke were now recruited, the same thing happened to them as well. Upon looking at the two, she saw a red meter, a blue meter, and the name of the person she looked at. Her two teammates saw the same thing on her.

"Uh Hinata? What is that thing over your head?" Naruto asked, looking completely confused.

Hinata let out a small laugh, "That's my health and chakra meters. You have one too. See the thing is…our lives are just a part of one big video game."

"Oh ok." Naruto nodded while Sasuke looked like he heard the most off the wall thing in the world. Then things finally caught up with Naruto. "WHAT!"

Looks like Hinata now has a good party and some quests to work with as well. But the big question is how are Naruto and Sasuke going to handle the truth? And just what all changed due to the fact that Hinata's mom is alive and well? Guess we'll know after loading the game next time!

Now to help with all of those who are confused about the Stats and Affection system. I got the stat allocation system from a game called Ragnarok Online (which is very freaking awesome! It's a good MMO if anyone's interested in playing it!) Here is the rundown on how it will work for everyone.

With each level gained, a character will earn 1 skill point to put toward new skills. The number of stat points they earn is equal to the level they just reached. (i.e reaching lvl 16 nets 16 stat points.)

When allocating stat points, the higher a stat gets, the more points it takes to increase. The number of points to raise a stat increase in increments of 10. That means from 1-10, it costs 2 stat points, 11-20 costs 3 stat points, 21-30 costs 4, 31-40 costs 5, and so on. I may implement a level cap around 99, and make it that the highest a stat can get is 99 points. Depending on how the game goes, there may be an increase in stats and levels, but that will come later.

With the Affection system, each character starts with 20 points of affection toward Hinata as a base with 200 being the maximum. Since she has to get someone's Affection to 91 percent for them to fall in love, that's going to be 182 points needed. As you saw, she earned a lot of points for Naruto due to her gear. Also with the level up bonus, it only occurs when she levels up, not when her partners do. This will make it so that she doesn't max out someone's Affection too quickly. As a start, she will most likely try for 50-100 Affection with someone. This will put her at the Good Friend level with a character and she will be able to start learning more detailed information from characters an opening up more quests. At 101-150, she hits Best Friend status, and this can cause something like Naruto revealing his Jinchuuriki status to the entire party, and she has a chance to open up Ultimate Gear Missions. 151-200 makes her a True Friend and at that point she is so trusted that a character will share lots of secrets with her, fall in love with her, or even teach her a trademark skill if her stats are acceptable(An example would be Tenten teaching her how to use Rising Twin Dragons). She'll also get a bonus stat if the person is in party (Example of Sakura being in the party and being at high Affection. Sakura would give Hinata a 20 percent boost to all of her healing skills and reduce her healing skill chakra consumption by 25 percent.)

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