The Hinata Chronicles

Chapter 3

Another chapter in the continuing journey of our heroine and her teammates. What surprises lie in store for them today? Time to load our gamesave and jump into the fray!

Chapter 3: This game's pretty interesting….I guess.

"Our lives are a WHAT!" Naruto was freaking out over the news that Hinata just told him. "What in the world is a video game?"

"I'm with the idiot on this. Hinata, just what in the world are you talking about?" Sasuke was a little calmer about the whole thing, but he still wanted an explanation.

Hinata knew it would be a long talk, but she had to do it. "If you guys will come to my house, I promise I will explain everything I know in full detail. It was a shock to me too, but it's all real."

"Whatever." Sasuke sighed, knowing that he'd have to wait for an explanation. "Hey idiot, snap out of it. We're leaving."

"What! Don't call me an idiot you jerk!" Naruto yelled back as he saw Hinata and Sasuke walk off. "Hey wait up!"

The walk was rather interesting since Naruto seemed to start talking to himself the whole time while they were on their way to the Hyuuga compound. Sasuke still thought he was an idiot, but it was something he had to get used to. The trip was quick and next thing the boys knew they were sitting in Hinata's room, wondering why there was a strange thing of light on her floor.

"Ok, this is everything I know. From what I can remember…" Hinata began her explanation of how she remembered starting the game, remembering certain events from the last time she went through her last lifetime, and how she changed the course of events by keeping her mother alive. She even showed her bracelet and quest log to show everything that has happened. Finally she showed how she could unequip her jacket and re-equip it, making it all happen in an instant. Sasuke seemed to slowly understand about everything, while Naruto…well…

"Holy cow that is so cool! So does this mean you know what exactly will happen and can change the future?" Naruto was wide eyed like a kid in a candy store.

"That I don't know. I mean I did remember that the last time I waited to get my team assignment, you and Sasuke ended up accidentally kissing. That's why I called out to you to congratulate you." Hinata said softly. "Other than that, I know things that may happen immediately, but if it was something you did then I wouldn't know because I wasn't on your team last time."

Naruto and Sasuke both took a minute to think about the fact that they ended up kissing each other in Hinata's past life and were both thankful it didn't happen. "Uh…thanks for…ya know, preventing that whole kiss thing."

Sasuke was trying to play cool the whole time, not wanting to admit that he was thankful as well. "Yeah what he said." Trying to get back to things, Sasuke figured it would be good to learn just what they were into now. "So, since we know this is a game and we have life bars, what happens if they run out and hit zero?"

Hinata thought of the only thing she could, "I think you die. And if all of us lose our Hit Points it's game over. But I do remember that if we do die, we start back at the last point we saved and we will retain all memories before we died. So if we get into a battle and lose, we have a second chance to think things over."

"Well dying sounds like it hurts, so I don't want to do it if I don't have to." Naruto said crossly.

"The idiot's right. Well Hinata, you seem to have the most knowledge so why don't you tell us what all we can do?" Sasuke started thinking this may help him get stronger and help him kill a certain man, so he was all ears to pay attention.

Hinata had thought about showing the guide book to the duo, but changed her mind and explained things herself. The first thing she did was pull up the menu and went to the Partner option. Now pictures of Naruto and Sasuke had lightened up and she could select each one. "Ok Sasuke, here's what your profile says. It says your Special Ability is "Rookie of the Year".

Sasuke's Special Ability-Rookie of the Year: Sasuke proved he was the best of the best and graduated as number 1. Showing off his ability, he'll prove that he's the best. When in combat all weaker enemies focus on Sasuke and become intimidated, losing 10 percent attack, defense, and speed. If Sasuke has his Sharingan unlocked, enemies lose 20 percent. If Sasuke is equipped with his Ultimate Gear, enemies lose 30 percent, and he gets to attack first in battle.

Sasuke looked over this and thought it wasn't too bad. His enemies became weaker just from facing him. He felt he could use that to a definite advantage. "Ok Hinata, what else is there?"

Hinata touched the skills tab on his profile, showing his two skill trees. "From what I know, we're all supposed to have three skill trees, but I don't know how to get the third one yet. But as for your two trees, you have Sharingan and Fire Style, so I guess your primary element is a Fire type, right?"

"It is. Uchiha have specialized in Fire Style for ages." Sasuke replied as he looked over the skills. "What do the dots mean, and what are these gray boxes?"

"The dots are what level the skills are at, and the gray boxes are skills you can't access until you either do a quest or increase your skill level in other techniques." Hinata explained carefully. "Now as for your skills, in your Sharingan tree you have Sharingan Eye, Illusion Breaker, Mangekyo Sharingan, and I don't know what the other four are. However the way the skill tree is, you have to have unlocked Mangekyo Sharingan to access three of those other skills, and it says that is a Quest Skill. So for now you can only power up Sharingan Eye and Illusion Breaker in that tree. As for Fire Style, you have Giant Fireball, Phoenix Flower, Flame Dragon Missile, Fire Dragon, Blaze Style, and two unknown skills that most likely require Blaze Style."

"Amazing." Sasuke became more intrigued and just what power he could gain. He knew he had to train hard if he wanted access to all of these skills and do whatever it takes to unlock the advanced ones.

"As for how you are now, you have 1 point in Sharingan Eye, 2 points in Great Fireball, and 1 point in Phoenix Flower and have 1 point to spend." Hinata explained. "Do you want to go ahead and put your point into something?"

"Put it into Sharingan Eye. What does the explanation say now?" he asked.

After allocating his point, Hinata checked the description.

Sharingan Eye-Allows Sasuke use of his bloodline, the Sharingan. When active, Sasuke has a chance to copy one jutsu to temporarily use on his own during the battle. His accuracy improves with each level.

Level 1-50 percent chance to activate the Sharingan in battle when Sasuke takes damage. When active he can copy one Level 1 skill, and gains a 10 percent boost to accuracy.

Level 2-75 percent chance, Sasuke can copy one Level 2 skill, and gains a 15 percent accuracy boost.

Level 3-First Tomoe Unlocked. Sasuke can use the Sharingan freely now and can copy one Level 3 skill, and gain a 20 percent accuracy boost.

Level 4-Second Tomoe unlocked. Sasuke can copy a Level 4 skill, gains a 25 percent accuracy boost and a 10 percent speed boost.

Level 5-Third Tomoe unlocked. Sasuke can copy a Level 5 skill, gains a 30 percent accuracy boost, a 15 percent speed boost, and reduces effects of Genjutsu by 25 percent.

"I think I'm going to focus on that skill for now. " Sasuke seemed to have a plan for what he wanted to do. "How are my stats?"

"Hey why is it all about Sasuke, huh? What about me?" Naruto was in a grumpy mood since it seemed he was being ignored.

"I d-didn't forget about you Naruto-kun!" Hinata squeaked out in shame. "I'm sorry. I promise I'll get to you next ok."

Naruto rolled his eyes and just went along. "Oh alright. As long as he's not stronger than me, then I'm fine."

"Of course I'm stronger than you idiot. I'm 4 levels higher than you are." Sasuke said proudly. "So my stats?"

"Here they are." Hinata said, going over his build setup.

Strength 40 (5)

Agility 40 (5)

Vitality 20 (3)

Intelligence 30 (4)

Dexterity 32 (5)

"It says you have 18 points to spend. The level up message said you only got 16, so I guess you had some left over. Hmm, I think we can save status points over levels and let them stockpile if we're doing ok." Hinata said to the two. "So what would you like to level up?"

"Didn't you say that Strength boosts any type of Fire Skill?" Sasuke asked, getting a positive nod from Hinata. "Raise Strength by 3 points and Vitality by 1 point.)

Hinata did the adjustment, now giving him 43 Strength and 21 Vitality. "I guess we really won't see the changes until our levels get much higher. So are you ready Naruto-kun?"

"You bet! I wanna see how cool I am!" Naruto said in excitement.

"Whatever idiot." Sasuke brushed off the excitement while Hinata began her explanation.

"Ok Naruto-kun, it says your Special Ability is Will of Fire." Hinata read the description.

Naruto's Special Ability-Will of Fire: Naruto's determination to never give up drives him to fight for his friends, his village, and all those who are special to him. Naruto will fight to the bitter end and use every ounce of strength in his body. When in battle, Naruto's attack power is proportional to his teammates' health. He can gain up to a 200 percent attack boost as his teammates' health decreases. If a teammate falls in battle, Naruto will enter into Berserker Mode and immediately gain the 200 percent bonus. He will attack his enemies uncontrollably and if he is not careful he can even attack his allies. If Naruto is equipped with his Ultimate Gear, the attack boost increases to a maximum of 400 percent, and he will only attack enemies in Berserker Mode***.

"That is awesome! So if you guys get hurt, I get more power! Let's see anyone stop me now!" Naruto cheered in victory.

"Hinata, what's up with those three stars at the end of the sentence?" Sasuke was intrigued and knew something was up.

"I'm not sure. Maybe it means his ability could change as he gets stronger?" Hinata replied, although she had an idea of what it was.

"Whatever, what about my skills?" Naruto stayed excited over what he might be able to learn.

"Ok…um…Naruto-kun, don't be upset ok." Hinata said when she saw his skill list.

"Why would I be…" Naruto took a look at his skill list and saw it was pretty much empty. "What the crap! Why don't I have skills?"

"Well it says your first skill tree is Naruto's Style. The skills you know are Shadow Clone, Shadow Boost, and four more that are blacked out." Hinata said, noting that he only had 6 skills. "Also your second skill tree is blacked out as well."

"No way! This is so not cool! I don't think I like this game Hinata." Naruto sulked angrily. "I mean I get shorted a skill and don't even have my 2nd skill tree available."

"I think maybe these are quest skills Naruto-kun. Maybe we just have to do the right quests to unlock them." Hinata tried comforting him as best she could. "Also Quest skills can sometimes be stronger than normal skills since you have to do a lot to get them."

"You might be right, Hey thanks Hinata." Naruto pepped up more. "So what's up with my stats?"

Hinata flipped the screen and showed off his stats. Apparently the game really didn't like Naruto for some reason. "Uh, well…." She read off his stats hoping he wouldn't be too upset again.

Strength 25 (3)

Agility 25 (3)

Vitality 30 (3)

Intelligence 20 (3)

Dexterity 25 (3)

"Not only that, but you have 129 points to spend as well. Maybe that's why you're not as high level because your stats didn't adjust accordingly. And look at this! Beside your Hit Points you have a multiplier of 3 and your chakra has a multiplier of 5." Hinata noticed the differences, wondering what it could be. "Does this mean you have three times more health and five times more chakra?"

"Whatever it is, we can find out later. Just up the idiot's skills and let's go." Sasuke said impatiently. He was ready to get back to the academy and back to training.

"Gee thanks jerk. I was actually learning something." Naruto grumbled back.

Hinata hoped to make things better and give Naruto some hope, "Um Naruto, if I can recommend, put some points into Agility. I think you'd be great as a faster ninja."

"Give him some Intelligence too. That idiot needs all the help he can get." Sasuke laughed a bit over his snide remark, getting an evil look out of Naruto.

"Shut up Sasuke." Naruto paid no heed and turned back to Hinata. "Yeah you might be right. So why don't you set my points Hinata. I'm still kinda confused."

Hinata felt a little flush as Naruto asked her to handle things. "Ok, I'll handle it. I'll boost your Agility to 45 and your Intelligence to 27 for now."

Naruto still looked a little hurt about his stats and skills but figured he'd get over them. "Well that's cool. But I'm kinda hungry. Can we get something to eat now?"

Hinata remembered she was treating the two for lunch when she heard a knock on her door. "Hinata dear, are you in?"

"Mom? Oh yes, I'm here." Hinata replied as her mother opened the door.

"Oh hello Naruto, Sasuke. So are these your two teammates?" Hikari asked warmly.

"Yup we sure are Ms. Hyuuga. Hinata was about to take us out to lunch to celebrate." Naruto said with a smile. One thing that had changed was that Hikari was a very close friend of Naruto's mother Kushina. After Kushina's death, Hikari did what she could to help out Naruto, even bringing him some home cooked meals when he was younger every now and then. It wasn't much, but she felt even the smallest bit of kindness could go a long way. She even tried to do the same to help Sasuke as well after the loss of his family.

"I see. Well I have some lunch prepared already. Why not save your money Hinata and have your friends enjoy with us today?" Hikari asked, noticing a smile on Naruto's face.

"Oh really! You bet! Hinata, your mom is an awesome cook!" Naruto said happily. "I say we stay for lunch!"

"For once I agree with you. Thank you for the offer Lady Hikari." Sasuke gave a small bow of respect to the host.

"Well boys feel free to get washed up in the bathroom down the hall then head to the patio. I'll have lunch brought there. You come quickly as well Hinata dear." Hikari took her leave to prepare the lunch. Naruto was about to take off running but Sasuke snuck in before him to get out of Hinata's room. Before he could leave, Hinata grabbed him.

"Hey what gives?" Naruto wondered why she had his arm.

"Naruto, look about your skills. I think I might know why they aren't active. I think it's due to a secret of yours that you don't feel comfortable telling me about yet because you really haven't gotten to know me that well." Hinata said slowly as she removed her hand from his arm. "Look, I don't want to force you to do anything you don't want, and I want you to tell me when you feel you can trust me ok."

Naruto had a feeling she may know about the Nine Tails, but he was still skeptical. "Really? You're not going to be all in my face with questions?"

Hinata took hold of his hand, "I promise. This will be the last I say something about it until you are ready to speak about it yourself."

Naruto looked at her hand and somehow felt her sincerity, "Thanks Hinata. I trust you when you say that. I do have a secret, but you're right about me not feeling comfortable speaking about it yet. But I promise when I feel better about it, you'll be the first to know."

Hinata smiled at his response, "Thank you Naruto. Well, I'll be down in a bit ok. I might change clothes before we go."

Naruto walked out of the room and closed her door part way, "Alright. See you down there." He closed her door and headed down for lunch. As for Hinata, she heard another chime.

New Mission: Naruto's Secret. Naruto's secret may be the key to unlocking more of his abilities. Prove to him that you can be trustworthy of his secret. Reward: Unlock Naruto's second skill tree

Hinata then took out her guidebook and turned to Naruto's profile page. She noticed a lot more text than what the profile screen showed.

"So what will you reveal to me this time?" Hinata said as she looked over the page. She saw one note at the bottom of his story profile.

Naruto is a unique character as he starts off weaker than the other partners. However due to the Nine Tails and his Uzumaki blood, he gets a permanent increase in his health and chakra. In addition his health and chakra recovery are naturally double the speed of other partners.

Naruto's second unique characteristic is that a majority of his skills are quest skills, making them more powerful than other skills. He can also tie skills from his first skill tree together with his second skill tree to boost the power.

Naruto's third unique characteristic is that he's missing his 7th skill from his Naruto's Style tree. This skill is hidden and can only be unlocked by building his stats correctly, getting his Ultimate Gear, completing the right quests, and finding a secret accessory. This may be the most difficult task to do, but if you complete it, Naruto will have access to what could possibly be the most powerful skill in the game.

Finally due to Naruto's power, he levels slower than everyone else. Naruto suffers a 25 percent experience penalty. It may be hard to level Naruto early, but if you never give up on him, he has the potential to become the most powerful character in the game!

Hinata then saw that the three stars by Naruto's Special Ability had another message at the bottom. It said Naruto's Special Ability will change once he unlocks his second skill tree. Finally turning the page she confirmed what she knew all along. Naruto's second skill tree said 'Nine-tailed Jinchuuriki Style'. Closing the book and putting it back in storage, she felt more determined to help him, "Naruto, I promise I'll do everything I can to help you. You did so much for us last time, well this time it's my turn." She went over to her dresser, opening up her underwear drawer. Taking a deep breath, she went for something that she knew would boost her affection with Naruto a lot faster.

Orange Lace Bra and Thong Panty set-A very racy set that Ino convinced Hinata to buy in order to make her feel super sexy around Naruto. Hinata sometimes regrets having bought it since it was so expensive and very revealing. Increased Naruto's Affection level by 5 points each level. Adds an additional 3 points to any Naruto Affection Quest Reward. Lowers Sasuke, Kiba, and Neji's Affection by 3 points per level.

She took a deep breath and opened her equipment window. She tapped the first tab which showed her in the Orange Bra and Panty set she put on this morning. Quickly double tapping the image opened her inventory. She found a small icon of the Orange Lace set and pulled it toward her image. Letting go, she saw the image change and now her picture was wearing the Orange Lace set. The regular Orange Set had now been placed in her laundry hamper and a small clock appeared over the icon of the Orange Set. Reading the description, it said it would be 24 hours before the stock was replenished to 7 items. That probably meant it would be a day before her laundry was done. Looking back at her image, Hinata immediately blushed and herself and felt slightly uncomfortable for a bit. "Ok that's why I only wore this set on very rare occasions. I forgot how thongs can be! Oh well, Naruto is at 44/200 Affection Points. I'll go for 50 points and see if it changes anything." Before she closed the up the menu, she switched back to Naruto's skills. Remembering that she didn't ask him what he wanted, she noticed he had 1 point in Shadow Clone and none in Shadow Boost, and had 10 points left over. She didn't want him to suddenly think he was now overpowered so she increased Shadow Clone to 3 and Shadow Boost to 3, leaving 5 points for later. Satisfied with her actions, she closed the screen, saved the game and went to lunch.

Lunch moved fairly quickly and the team made it back to the academy where the other 6 rookies had been waiting for their sensei. Hinata took a seat and decided to just wait things out. The other two teams were carted off while she, Sasuke, and Naruto were left waiting.

"Really? We've been here an hour and he's still not here?" Naruto was pacing back and forth, grumbling at how bad it was that they had to wait. "What kind of Jounin leaves his team waiting?"

"The idiot's right. This is not cool at all." Sasuke agreed with Naruto, once again getting a strange look from the blonde. "What, sometimes you actually say stuff that makes sense."

Hinata got up from her seat and walked over to the bookshelf, figuring she could read something to help pass the time. As she checked all the books, she found one quite interesting. "Hmm, Academy Basics." Once she took the book, a familiar chime went off, getting both Naruto and Sasuke's attention.

"Hinata, what was that?" asked Sasuke as he looked around. "I mean you did hear that chime right?"

She nodded, "I did. Whenever something happens, that chime goes off. I guess you heard it as well since we're all in the same room." Hinata looked at her bracelet to check the notification.

Key Item found-Academy Basics. A text to help refresh you of core skills. All characters Intelligence +1

"Whoa, we get a permanent stat boost just for finding items?" Naruto asked as the book somehow disappeared.

"Seems like it. There are probably more of these key items all over the place. Hinata, do you have any idea where more might be found?" Sasuke asked.

Hinata took a minute to think, "Well, we should check our rooms to see if anything is there. Also there may be things in some of our favorite places as well."

Both boys thought it was a good idea and resolved to check places when they had time. For now they still had to endure with waiting for their Jounin to arrive. Naruto was getting fed up with having to wait, so he had other plans. He decided to set a trap for their Jounin for being so late. His idea was to set up an eraser on the door to have it fall on the Jounin's head. This of course was a simple prank that would do nothing but cause mild irritation. Of course when their Jounin finally arrived, it got a laugh out of Naruto, but Sasuke looked at him like he had gotten more stupid and Hinata just sighed, feeling slightly embarrassed.

After introductions were done and the group met their Jounin Kakashi Hatake and receiving the 100XP reward for completing another quest, the team decided to try their hand at completing the quest to get Naruto leveled up. After getting more quest details, the three learned that they had to train with Naruto for two hours in order for him to go up a level. During that time neither Hinata nor Sasuke would get any experience. Sasuke complained a bit over not being able to get any stronger through the ordeal, but Hinata hoped to change his mind by saying the team would be better if Naruto was even leveled with everyone. It took the rest of the day, but Naruto was able to gain 3 levels. With his points he had Hinata raise his Agility to 50 and his Intelligence to 30. He opted out of spending his skill points since he only had two skills open and didn't think much on boosting them.

The group figured they could complete the quest the next day, but knew they had to prepare for another mission received after doing introductions with Kakashi. After all returning home, Hinata changed into her pajamas, saved the game and went to sleep. The next morning when she woke up, she got herself dressed/equipped and took a look at the Mission they got.

Mission: Kakashi's Genin Test. Kakashi's test is designed to prove you are ready for regular missions. Kakashi placed a stipulation that you were not to eat before the mission starts. All party members are struck with hunger status, reducing HP and Chakra by 50 percent. Complete Kakashi's test and prove Team 7 is ready to go! Reward: 2000 XP, Unlock Genin Missions, Unlock Sensei: Kakashi.

Bonus Objectives

Find a way to overcome hunger status

Don't let Kakashi tie up one of your partners

Force Kakashi to get serious and use his full ability

"Hmm, so some missions have bonus objectives. I guess we'll get more experience completing those." Hinata had finished up preparing her equipment and was about to head out. "Well I just hate that we can't eat. I'm kinda hungry." As she made her way downstairs, her mother was in the kitchen preparing breakfast with some of the Branch Family staff.

"Hinata, are you on your way to your training exercise this morning?" Hikari had grabbed a towel and wiped her hands before putting a plate of cinnamon rolls on the table. "Here, eat up so you won't be worried about when lunch will be."

"But Mom, we're not supposed to eat anything. That's what Kakashi-sensei said." Hinata replied. "He made it clear we're not supposed to eat at all."

"That may be true dear, but remember, you're a Genin now. Tell me, why on earth would a Jounin tell three Genin to come to training and not be able to give it their all because they're hungry?" Hikari just had a look on her face that said 'Don't believe that one-eyed yahoo for a minute.'

Hinata took a minute before she remembered just what the mission parameters were. "I get what you mean mom!" In a flash she was now in the kitchen herself, preparing three breakfast boxes. "Mom, what's really good to pack when you need energy?"

"Well dear, anything with lots of carbohydrates are good. That includes rice, pastas, bread, and potatoes." Hikari said. "Here, take these as well." She held up three bags full of nuts, raisins, cranberries, dried bananas, dried apples, and granola. "This will be good for a little extra boost if you need it."

Hinata finished up the three breakfast boxes and wrapped them up. She then went and wrapped up three cinnamon rolls, and got the three bags of trail mix. Getting them all in one good bundle, she knew she was ready. "Thanks a ton Mom, this will help a whole lot!"

"Good luck Hinata. Go out and do your best ok?" Hikari smiled as Hinata took off out the door. "Honestly did Kakashi really think he could get away with having them be hungry? Well let's just say when he finally gets their test started, he'll think twice about making them starve. I know if Kushina was here, she'd have knocked him from here to Suna for pulling that on Naruto."

Hinata quickly made her way through town, headed for the assigned training ground. Upon getting to the training ground, she saw Naruto and Sasuke waiting for her. Sasuke looked as if he didn't have a care in the world while Naruto looked like he was in pain.

"Naruto are you ok?" She hoped nothing bad happened to him.

"Huh, oh hey Hinata. I'm ok. Just really hungry." Naruto held his stomach as it growled.

"Well, I think I can fix that." Hinata set down the three meals she prepared.

"But we're not supposed to eat anything. Kakashi-sensei clearly stated that." Sasuke said. "Why would you of all people want to go against a rule?"

"Before I answer, why not look at your health and chakra bars?" Hinata said, causing Naruto and Sasuke to look up and see their health. They looked at Hinata's as well and saw what she meant.

"What the hell is this? Why is my health and chakra in half?" Naruto shouted in anger. "This is messed up!"

Hinata opened up the quest log and showed the boys the details of the quest. "When Kakashi-sensei told us not to eat, it put us in a hunger state, making us weaker. But look at the bonus objectives. We get a mission bonus if we overcome that status. That's why I made these." Hinata handed a box to both of the boys. "This way we already start off with a bonus complete."

Naruto and Sasuke looked at the boxes carefully. There was what looked like a text bubble so they each tapped it to read a description.

Hinata's breakfast box. A delicious breakfast prepared by Hinata. It's fortified with carbs and tastes delicious! A great meal to start off your day. Restores full health and chakra. Special Bonus: Gives a 50 percent health and chakra overcharge! Great for getting in some extra training!

The boys opened up the box and saw everything she put in. Taking a bite, both boys felt great eating. To finish it off, Hinata gave them each a cinnamon roll her mom made.

"Wow Hinata! That was amazing!" Naruto rubbed his belly in joy. "You made all of that?"

"I did. I've been learning from my mom ever since I was little." Hinata had a small blush on her face from Naruto's compliment.

"Well, that meal did wonders. I feel great." Naruto said as he got to his feet. "Hey check out our health bars." He saw that it had filled up to maximum, and had a second green bar filling up to half way. He then noticed it started slowly decreasing.

"I guess the overcharge slowly counts down until we're back at 100 percent. We should use this to our advantage if Kakashi isn't here. We can try to train Naruto and finally get him up to our level." Sasuke said as he got up and stretched out. "So idiot, ready to level up?"

"You bet!" Naruto got to his feet. The two were about to start sparring when Hinata stopped them.

"Wait guys, take one of these. My mom said they'd come in handy." She handed each one a bag of trail mix.

Hikari's trail mix. A great snack to have when you don't have time for a meal. There's even enough for two servings! Restores 25 percent health and chakra.

The boys each put the trail mix in their equipment pouch. "Maybe having you on the team won't be bad at all Hinata. I don't know if we'd have info like this if Sakura was on our team." Sasuke said, actually looking a little happy.

"Hey Sakura-chan might have done this for us. I think." Naruto said, scratching his head.

"Come on idiot, let's get to work." Sasuke said as he and Naruto got into a good warm up. Hinata herself decided to get stretched out and loosened up so she wouldn't cramp up herself. About three hours passed when Kakashi finally decided to show up.

"Yo, sorry I'm late. Got lost on the walk of life." Kakashi had a dumb smile on his face as the three Genin didn't believe it one bit.

"Yeah right! What's the big deal for being this late, huh?" Naruto was pretty mad that he had to wait so long. It wasn't without benefit as he did finally level up to lvl 16, boosted his Dexterity to 29, and decided to increase Shadow Clone and Shadow Boost to maximum, leaving him with 5 leftover skill points.

"Not important. Well, as you know your test is to decide whether or not you will become full-fledged Genin ready for missions. You must get these two bells from me before time is up. If you do not, one of you will be tied to the post over here and not be allowed to eat these lunches. Also the ones that get a bell will be allowed to pass. The one that fails to get a bell will be sent back to the academy. Any questions?" The trio shook their heads negatively. At that moment a big logo appeared in front of them.


It flashed a bit before fading when Kakashi officially started the mission. Before anything else happened, Sasuke grabbed the two and pulled them in a huddle while Kakashi just stood there.

"Ok what in the world was that?" Sasuke asked. "What's an Emergency Code?"

"You'd think we were stuck in a boss battle or something." Naruto said, getting an eye out of Sasuke.

Hinata took a bit to think, "Naruto might be right. I mean he is at a much higher level than us."

"Hinata do you know of any more information on him?" Sasuke asked, hoping she could shed some good news.

"Give me a second." She activated her Byakugan and looked carefully at Kakashi. She then saw a lot more she didn't expect!

"Hinata, are you ok? What happened?" Naruto saw her shaking her head.

"Apparently I can now see a lot more. But why?" Quickly pulling open her skill window, she checked all of her skills for anything when she saw it.

Byakugan Boost-Enhance the power of the Byakugan to reveal important information like weak points. Lvl5-Byakugan Range increased to 10km, Reveals Enemy Level, Stats, Strengths, and Weaknesses. Can even locate some hidden items.

"It's my Byakugan Boost skill. When I started the game, I maxed it out and now it's giving me a lot of information. Here's what I learned." Hinata said, going over all of Kakashi's stats.

Kakashi Hatake

Jounin Rank

Lvl 78

Strength 65

Agility 81

Vitality 64

Intelligence 68

Dexterity 80

Strengths: Lightning, Fire

Weaknesses: None

"Level 78! Holy crap! There's no way we can beat him!" Naruto instantly felt a rush of fear run over him after seeing just how outmatched they were. "We're all lvl 16! He could take us all out in one hit!"

"You're right idiot, he could, but he won't. I don't think this is a battle that we'd die in. Also, he doesn't know that we're at full health because we ate something. So why would he tell us that if we don't succeed, two of us get to…" Sasuke questioned before it hit him. "This test…it's not about beating him. He's trying to divide us and conquer us."

"Divide and what?" Naruto looked even more puzzled.

"Divide and conquer. It's a battle strategy designed to break up teams. He separates us and gets us one on one, then takes us out because he's much higher level than we are." Hinata explained carefully. "The purpose is for us not to be divided and to work together. Otherwise we don't stand a chance."

"Well, anyone got any ideas? And why the heck is he standing there reading that book? Does he think he's really got us that beat?" Naruto asked, hoping someone would have an idea.

"Book…that must be one of the bonuses." Hinata remembered that the final bonus condition was to get Kakashi to fight at full strength. "If we get that away from him as well, it may make him fight at full power and we'd get another bonus."

"Yeah but if that happens, we're gonna lose for sure!" Naruto answered back.

"Not if we keep working together idiot. Besides, did you already forget your special ability? The more Hinata and I take damage, the stronger you get. Plus if any of us hit 0 HP, you go into Berserker Mode at full power remember? That would be more than enough to hold off Kakashi." Sasuke commented as he tried to formulate a plan. "However since we don't know what will happen if any of us hit 0 HP, we should try our hardest to survive. I know Hinata has a 75 percent chance of surviving a fatal hit with 1 HP right now, so I have to be careful myself. Ok, let's try this and see what happens.

Sasuke began to come up with a plan in the hopes that he could do something to give their team the win. Since he knew Hinata had her healing creams, she could do minor healing if needed, while he and Naruto attacked. And if Kakashi went for her first and her ability kicked in, then she would immediately go into hiding while Naruto attacked at boosted power. The three were in agreement and before they started, Hinata gave everyone a large Strength Boost and a small Vitality Boost with her Pressure Point Boost skill. Sasuke liked this more since more Strength meant more powerful Fire Arts.

"Ok guys, let's take this guy down! Go for it Naruto!" Sasuke commanded as he and Hinata jumped back while Naruto went in first.

"My pleasure! Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Naruto summoned about 50 clones and sent them all in for attack. Of course Kakashi wasn't bothered one bit.

"Really Naruto? You're going to need a lot more than clones to stop me." Kakashi kicked the first clone and noticed something different. It didn't dispel after it was kicked. Naruto smirked as he knew the reason.

"Hehe, I gotta thank Sasuke and Hinata for telling me to max out Shadow Clone and Shadow Boost. Finding out that both skills at level 5 add one additional hit of damage to my clones before they dispel really helps a lot." Naruto felt his confidence rise a bit as he kept up the attack. He looked out of the corner of his eye and saw two more clones run out, realizing Sasuke's plan was about to kick in. "Is that not enough for you Kakashi-sensei? Well have some more!" He summoned another 25 clones to mix in with the two rushing in. Kakashi of course took his time blocking each clone and working his way through the mob without breaking a sweat…or so he thought.

"You know Naruto, if you keep this up, you're never going to improve." Kakashi finally managed to dispel all of the clones except for four. Though he did wonder why two of the clones didn't dispel after three hits and why his other clones suddenly felt a bit stronger.

"Oh really? Well I'll be the judge of that." Two of Naruto's clones went in for an attack when Kakashi nailed them with ease. The two tumbled back and landed on their feet, revealing Hinata and Sasuke in disguise. Both looked like they had been through the ringer as Naruto saw their health bars were around 25 percent. Hinata was breathing hard while Sasuke kept his eyes closed. Naruto brought his two clones back and helped his teammates up.

"You guys ok?" he asked, helping Hinata brush some dirt off her.

"I'm fine." Hinata took a deep breath to calm down.

"Same here idiot. In fact I feel a whole lot better!" Sasuke opened his eyes, revealing he was able to activate his Sharingan from taking damage.

"So, you were hiding things, hmm?" Kakashi was unmoved. "That was good, but not enough. You'll need to do better."

"Oh really?" Sasuke held up something Kakashi was surprised to see. "That little book of yours must be important. I'm surprised that the three of us distracted you long enough with Naruto's clones to pull a switch."

Kakashi looked at the book in his hand and saw it poof in a cloud of smoke to reveal a small shrub. "Good job. But you're supposed to get the bells."

"We know. Hand over the bells and we hand over the book. Even trade." Sasuke held out the book carefully.

Kakashi was a little intrigued at the teamwork so far, but he wanted to be sure of his convictions. He took the bells from his side. "Very well, at the same time we throw to each other."

"Agreed." Sasuke counted down and at the same time, he and Kakashi threw the items to each other. "Naruto, NOW! Fire Style: Great Fireball Jutsu!"

Since Naruto's Agility was now higher than Sasuke's, he could move slightly faster. Naruto ran in and got the bells while Sasuke's fireball incinerated Kakashi's book.

"Got 'em!" Naruto got back to his team only to watch Kakashi's eye go wide. "Sasuke, I hope you're right about this!"

"Yeah I hope so too!" Sasuke had planned to burn Kakashi's book in the hopes that it would help unlock the third bonus item of getting Kakashi to fight at full strength. "Be ready! Hinata, can you heal us a bit?"

"Sure." Hinata took out a jar of her healing cream and rubbed a bit on Sasuke and Naruto's hands, and then some on her own. All three regained 25 percent health. The three then each ate a serving of their trail mix to boost their health more. Finally Hinata quickly used Pressure Point Boost to give everyone a stat boost when they all saw Kakashi get really angry.

"You dare to pull something like this? You'll regret doing that!" Kakashi gave a cold stare and pulled up his headband, revealing his own Sharingan. "You want to play hardball, well you've got it now!"

"Hinata, what's it say about him?" Sasuke asked before things got insane.

Sharingan Kakashi

Jounin Rank

Lvl 78

Strength 80

Agility 90

Vitality 75

Intelligence 80

Dexterity 90

Strengths: Lightning, Fire

Weaknesses: None

Special Ability: Sharingan-Able to copy any Level 5 Jutsu, 30 percent increase in accuracy

Special Skill: Lightning Blade-Does heavy Lightning damage and has a high chance of killing an opponent in one strike.

"Uh…Sasuke…I think we might have bit off more than we can handle!" Hinata started trembling at the fact that Kakashi's stats had now increased and now they had to face the possibility of getting hit with an instant kill skill. However she wouldn't be able to say much more as Kakashi was behind her instantly.

"Oh you have that right." Kakashi nailed her with a powerful kick that sent her crashing into some trees. Luckily her special ability kicked in and she was left in critical condition with 1 HP left.

"Hinata!" Naruto screamed at his teammate.

"Naruto, remember, that hit gave you a power boost! Use it! Summon as many clones as you can to stop him! I'll cover you!" Sasuke turned back to Kakashi and readied another attack. "Here we go! Fire Style: Great Fireball Jutsu!"

"That won't work this time Sasuke! Fire Style: Great Fireball Jutsu!" Kakashi send the same attack at Sasuke's only his was ten times bigger and ten times faster!

"Sasuke!" Naruto reacted on impulse and rushed over, pushing Sasuke out of the way, taking the fireball hit in a small explosion. When it died down, Sasuke saw Naruto on the ground, his HP hit 0.

"Naruto!" Sasuke could barely react as Kakashi had him in a choke hold. Hinata barely got to her feet as she saw Kakashi ready to strike.

"Burn my book will you? Try and team up against me will you?" Kakashi's grip became stronger as Sasuke struggled to get free. Hinata was watching the whole thing as she struggled to stay standing. All she could see was Sasuke's HP slowly falling until it started flashing, signaling he was entering critical condition.

Sasuke turned to see Hinata up on her feet, lucky that she survived but he knew she couldn't win. "Hinata….get….out…of here! He's…too…ugh!" Sasuke's HP finally hit 0 and he was out. Kakashi dropped him to the ground, now setting his sights on Hinata.

Her mind was clouded. She knew that she had to run and hope she would survive. She knew if she were to die, they would have to start the fight all over again. "I…can't….I have…to keep…" She was fidgeting with her healing cream to try and restore some health but before she could use any, Kakashi knocked it out of her hands with a kunai.

"That healing cream won't work this time." Kakashi's voice was cold and sinister. Hinata became terrified that she couldn't stop shaking.

"No…I….can't…" She tried to turn and run the other way but before she could make a move, Kakashi was behind her.

"It ends. Game over!" Kakashi landed a swift strike to the back of Hinata's head, causing her world to go dark as her last HP was taken from her.

"Hinata, wake up." She heard a voice that sounded like Naruto. "Hey Hinata, come on, snap out of it."

Slowly opening her eyes, she saw that she was still in the training field, and saw that both Naruto and Sasuke were on their feet. Even Kakashi was standing there looking down at her.

"Here have a drink." Kakashi kneeled down and held a water bottle in front of her. "You know I didn't think you'd sleep that long."

"Sleep? How long was I out?" She was still somewhat cloudy about the whole thing.

"About an hour. Well since you're up now, I can give my assessment of the test." Kakashi said as Sasuke joined Naruto in helping up Hinata. "I must say I was surprised when you sent Naruto in to attack first Sasuke. I thought you were sending him to fail while you went on your own. That changed when I noticed Naruto's clones were much more durable, and the fact that you and Hinata disguised yourselves to try and throw me off. As for forcing me to reveal my Sharingan, I wondered why you would want to make this test much harder. That's when I saw you Hinata trying to assess the situation and give as much information to your team as possible to try and even the odds."

The three looked at each other, surprised at what they heard. Kakashi continued, "Needless to say, you didn't get the bells…or my book for that matter." He held up both items like nothing happened. "But you did see the real reason for the test, which was teamwork. Even eating when I told you not to eat showed me that there is a lot more to each of you, and all of that raw potential needs to be refined. Therefore, you all pass."

"We…passed?" Hinata said slowly before the chime went off. Naruto ended up celebrating immediately, at least giving her a bit of a distraction to check her bracelet.

Mission Complete! Kakashi's Genin Test. Reward 2000 XP.

Bonus Rewards

Find a way to overcome hunger status-Complete. Reward 500XP

Don't let Kakashi tie up one of your partners-Complete. Reward 500XP

Force Kakashi to get serious and use his full ability-Complete. Reward 500XP

Level up! You reached Level 17! You gain 17 stat points and 1 skill point! Naruto gains 5 points of affection toward you. Sasuke, Neji, and Kiba lose 3 points of affection toward you.

Level up! Sasuke reached Level 17! Sasuke gains 17 stat points and 1 skill point. Sasuke gains 1 point of affection toward you.

Level up! Naruto reached Level 17. Naruto gains 17 stat points and 1 skill point. Naruto gains 1 point of Affection toward you.

Affection up! Affection with Naruto has passed 50 points! Naruto is now a Good Friend! Naruto may reveal more information about himself to you if you ask him.

Unlock Sensei: Kakashi Hatake. Kakashi is now your Sensei. All Ninjutsu based skills gain 10 percent increase in ability.

Unlock Genin Missions: You can now take on Genin Missions of D and C rank. All Missions give Experience and Money.

Key Item Received! Team 7 Picture. Team 7 is now an official team! Team 7 All Stats + 2

"Yes you all passed. Starting tomorrow, we'll take on official missions as Team 7. Enjoy the rest of the day to celebrate and rest. Meet at the Hokage Tower at 8AM for our first mission." Kakashi waved then vanished into thin air.

Hinata stood there, happy at their accomplishment. But what puzzled her was how they didn't get a game over when they all hit 0 HP. Sasuke could tell what she was thinking because he had the same thought in his mind.

"I know what you're thinking. How did we keep progressing after all of us hit 0?" Hinata turned toward him. "You think this was a mission was planned that we would progress if we hit 0 or not?"

"Maybe." She rubbed the back of her neck where she took Kakashi's hit. "Ow…it may be a game but it still hurts for real. I think I need to go soak in the bath."

Naruto overheard this and actually had an idea pop in his head, "Why don't we go to the hot springs. They aren't far. This time I'll treat."

Sasuke rolled his eyes slightly, "Are you sure idiot?"

"Of course I'm sure! So do you want to go or not?" Naruto growled back. He was trying not to snap off at Sasuke, but it wasn't working very well.

"Fine, fine. Let's go." Sasuke brushed him off and started heading toward the springs. Naruto kept up, trying to get back at Sasuke for brushing him off. Hinata followed behind, even if it was a bit slow.

"Things must already be changing. I don't think I've ever heard of Naruto and Sasuke talking this much. Even Sakura didn't say much about them last time." She hoped things would keep getting better, but with so much that could change, she couldn't count on that.

After hearing the boys fuss all the way to the springs, Hinata was quite happy to soak in the hot water. One thing she noticed was that her HP and Chakra bars started filling up faster than before. She could feel all the soreness and pain flow out of her and soothing comfort flow in. She started to drown things out when she got a visitor joining her.

"Hey Hinata." She turned to see that Ino had come to the hot spring as well. "Let me guess, rough first day?"

"Hi Ino. Yeah it was pretty tough. We had a very difficult test from Kakashi-sensei." Hinata shifted over slightly to let Ino sit.

"I know what you mean. Asuma-sensei is just as rough. It didn't help that Choji kept munching on snacks and Shikamaru wanted to go watch clouds like a bum." Ino sat down letting the water flow over her. "So tell me, what's it like being on a team with Sasuke? Has he said anything about me yet?"

Hinata still remembered that Ino had a crush on Sasuke, which sparked her rivalry with Sakura. "Um, no he hasn't said anything."

"Well I still think it's not fair that you got to be on his team. I mean you don't even like him." Ino saw Hinata look away with an obvious blush on her face. "Well at least you got to be on a team with your crush. I still don't know what you see in Naruto though. I mean he's the last in our class."

Hinata could think of a lot of reasons why she loved Naruto, "Well for one, he values his friends. They're all important to him. Also, he never gives up in whatever he does. He tries so hard to succeed. I just wish I could help him more."

Ino sighed over hearing Hinata. She knew that the lavender eyed girl would go above and beyond for that blonde idiot. And strangely enough that brought an idea to her. "Hey Hinata…remember when we were at Konoha's Secrets and I convinced you to get that nice little number to give you more confidence with Naruto?" Hinata immediately remembered because she wore it today! "Well, if you try to put in a good word with Sasuke for me, I'll do whatever I can to help you get Naruto."

Hinata felt a little uneasy in her plan, but it was to help out Naruto. Just maybe Ino could find her something that would boost his Affection even more, and something that wouldn't leave her in underwear so crazy like a G-string and some orange pasties or something. "You're not going to have me in some skimpy underwear are you?"

"Ok first of all Hinata, you have the best looking body out of ANY of us girls. I mean you don't know how many of those airheads were so jealous of you. Last year, I heard so many gripes that you were already in a regular bra while they were still in training bras!" Ino saw Hinata immediately cover her chest and sink into the water.

"Ino! Why did you tell me that?" Hinata gurgled through the water.

"Face it girl, you got the goods and you need to show 'em off. Speaking of which, after we get done, we're going shopping. No questions." Ino was on her feet as if she was ready for battle. "I'll help you land Naruto even if it kills me!"

Hinata sighed in grief when she heard that familiar chime go off. Quickly looking at her log…

Partner Recruited! Ino Yamanaka has become your partner!

Costume Mode Unlocked! Thanks to Ino's impeccable fashion sense, you can now set costume gears!

Quest Unlocked: Girl Power. 1 of 3 Kunoichi found. Recruit 2 more Kunoichi to unlock Femme Fatale gear.

Ino turned to Hinata, wondering just what in the world happened. "Hinata, did you hear that? What chimed? And what's that over your head?"

Hinata sighed, knowing that someone else had just been brought in to the reality of things. "Ino, I have to tell you something and you aren't going to believe me at all. We're going to be in here for a while."

So Team 7 is ready to kick in full speed with missions, they now know that a sensei will boost their skills, and Ino joins the fray! How will she take learning the truth? And what will Hinata learn from Naruto now that he's a Good Friend and could possibly reveal some information? Will he tell her his secret and unlock his 2nd skill tree? And just what is his mysterious 7th skill? Only time will tell. Time to save the game and take off! Later guys!

And in real news...I will try my hardest to get a chapter up within at least 1-2 weeks. I know a lot of people want me to update fast, but when you're working all day and have a 5 month old, getting laptop time is a little tough. But I am so gonna try hard for you guys!

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